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  1. just because "modern medicine" has been unable to label something doesn't mean there is no underlying cause... there is cause and effect to EVERYTHING... every action has a reaction. perhaps seeking a shaman, someone who practices Chinese medicine or Ayurvedic medicine may be able to offer a clearer underlying cause to your dis-ease. modern medicine is more about fixing or masking than healing. now, i'm not against seeking advice and treatment from a hospital or MD and if you feel so guided to do so, then by all means follow that guidance! What i am offering is don't stop there! seek all the information and sources that are available to you. follow what feel right, what resonates. i do not feel that by seeking alternative means of healing, and seeking all avenues of healing is a waste of time. that is knowledge! gaining knowledge is NEVER a waste of time...
  2. holy shit woman!! Get your ass to the ocean !!!! ain't nothing better. i WISH i lived that close, but alas, i live in the Mitten so i'm surround by lake water. still great healing effect, but ocean water is by far the best. Seeing how you have no bathtub, a foot soak can work too, or a good salt scrub - mix epsom salt with organic coconut, olive, avocado or jojoba oil and scrub away in the shower! definitely what you choose to put in your body effects your emotional being as well. firm believer in that. alcohol, processed junk food, sugar all create a chemical imbalance in the body, and therefore effect your mental health as well. Speaking of mental health, I'm also a firm believer that emotional discords manifest as physical ailments in the body as well. i have a whole book on it. it's called" Your Body Speaks Your Mind - Decoding the Emotional Psychological & Spiritual Messages That Underlie Illness - by Deb Shapiro. So lets look at the throat, stomach/digestion issues for a minute, shall we? with the throat, it's a two way bridge connecting the head and body, the mind and heart. it's two major roles, to take in air, food, liquid and reality and the express outwardly your thoughts and feelings. swallowing is a form of commitment. while food is in the mouth, you have a conscious control - you can choose to spit it out, but swallowing is where you surrender control. so here are issues to do with willpower and assertiveness. in the same way as with food, you swallow your reality - thoughts, feelings, events and experiences. this may also include swallowing your feelings, doubts, fears or anger. swallowing is about allowing change to happen. If there's a feeling that it's closed off some, perhaps also it could be throat chakra - where are you not speaking your truth? stomach - digestion is the ability to absorb what you need, and eliminate what you do not need both physically and emotionally. a healthy digestion means being able to receive nourishment from food and from others and let yourself be nurtured. this is where your reaction to what you have taken in is either favourable, and therefor you continue the digestive process, or unfavourable and you reject or vomit it back out. Is something making you feel emotionally repulsed? Is it a part of yourself you are rejecting? What does that part need to be accepted? stomach/intestinal difficulties are related to stress and tension from your daily life, or to deeper layers of fear, guilt, or grief that are holding you back from releasing and letting go. Such holding creates tension and mistrust or a fear of spontaneity. the belly is the feeling center where you have intuitive "gut feelings". feelings can get locked in there unable to find expression or release. That area of the body is the 3rd chakra, the solar plexus which tells me it's out of balance right now. meditation, yoga are both wonderful in helping you deal with the emotional and physical healing. forgiveness, letting go of that which does not serve your highest good will aid in the healing process.
  3. because I live in a vegan - gluten free household (mostly) i forget about honey! it's a natural antibiotic!!! Make sure to get the most benefit out of the honey that it's local - honey that is from your general area/region. i feel that as your body begins to heal, your activity level will increase. but you're moving so that's good! being sedentary will only contribute to and prolong the healing process. and don't be afraid of the sun! getting the chance to absorb at least 20 minutes a day of some Vitamin D will do your body wonders! no commercial sunscreens. if you use coconut oil on your body, it has a natural SPF of 4 :) detox baths! epsom salt, or Bentonite Clay or both together have an amazing detox effect on the bod. at least once a week. more if you feel so guided... Milk Thistle aids in detoxing the liver as well. Like I said, i've been researching this for quite a few years. I'm chock full of info. I'm glad you found it helpful. Take what resonates with you and listen to your body. continued healing vibes...
  4. ok - to help females skip the drugs. Evening Primrose Oil is good for helping women in the - shall we say - female department? 800mg. helps with dryness, and desire. and if you're still having a cycle, helps with the PMS stuff. for me, 'sex' is about connection. the physical aspect of it is fun n all, but when there's connection - the physical labor isn't so laborious! the pheromones, the adrenaline, heightened sensitivities, the excitement that comes (pun intended) from having this amazing connection with something and sharing this energy together - that is what fuels the desire and action. You lose connection when you've lost your self. when there's a feeling of lack within ones self, it creates a discord within. by learning to be OK with what is - loving yourself as a whole regardless of who & what you are - you can then share that with those you feel guided to share that with. so ok, your physical body isn't what you would like it to - then by knowing what you don't want, you can then steer yourself in the direction of what you do want - but the choice to make change happen within, and by action. making lifestyle changes is what needs to occur. change the way you looks at things and the things you look at change... absolutely get moving in one way or another. absolutely make some modifications to your lifestyle of eating. cut out the processed crap. cut out processed sugar. cut out dairy, gluten and meat. go non gmo organic. start juicing to fuel your body and ultimately your desire. Let go of your need to perform in the bedroom and get connected emotionally with your partner. do some reading on Tantric sex.
  5. Hi darlin'. first off, positive thoughts and healing energy to you on your road to healing - because by coming on the board and posting about your discord is the first step in your healing process. Second, i am not a doctor. I have done a shit ton of research and study over the past few years and feel well equipped to share my knowledge with you on this. To absolutely confirm this, i'd be interested in knowing your eating habits and lifestyle. this kind of information is key in helping diagnose what the issue is. my first feeling was your suffering from an unhealthy gut -/ microbiome. heart burn or acid reflux is caused actually by a lack in stomach acid - not over production as some may have come to believe. the fact you have pain and vomiting after eating is a strong confirmation for me. My (ex) step-daughter is actually in the hospital right now suffering with what feels like to me a very similar situation. Now, what they are doing for her, is a fecal transplant. they are injecting her body with healthy fecal matter so it will then recognize healthy bacteria to heal her colon and stomach. she's had this procedure done before, about a year ago and it worked for sometime. i don't know how the occurrence happened, but i suspect that she chose not to make any lifestyle changes to keep her body healthy. She does also suffer from auto-immune - which i feel is a huge contributing factor in her unhealthy gut/microbiome. now that above procedure is drastic and extreme - but it's gaining in popularity and is being used more and more these days. I agree with what other have suggested in that it would be wise to cut gluten out for some time. I'd also eliminate, dairy, processed sugar and foods and meat. basically, in order to get your body healthy again, you have to detox your gut, liver, kidneys and intestinal system. A plant based organic diet. Juicing. Homemade or organic bone broth (NOT in a can!)is OK - any animal products used try to keep it organic! raise your alkalinity in your body by drinking water w/ a half lemon squeezed into it, or a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar you can also add thin sliced fresh ginger root as well ! Eat fermented foods such as (non dairy) yogurt, kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut - kefir (if you can find a non dairy kind). Probiotics. Doing these things will help your body to heal itself - AND are way more cost effective than expensive doctor & hospital visits. with any kind of elimination diet, or lifestyle change, monitor/journal what you're doing, and ;record the reactions your body is having. go gradual. it didn't take a week for this to happen to your body, it's will take a while for it to heal itself. There's a plethora of fresh herbs &/or teas you can add to aid in your healing. i hope this helps. please feel free to PM if you feel so guided to do so. Much healing to you !! <3 **edited to add - - - no antibiotics - - -!!!! that will only makes the problem worse. More than likely the swollen throat (could be) because your lymph nodes are inflamed trying to fight off what's going on in your body. another possibility is the thyroid is out of whack. you body needs to learn (again) how to build up it's own immunity. antibiotics destroy that. stay off any and all soda. stop using anti-bacterial soaps. You need to go as chemical free as you possibly can now. your health depends on it. inflamation is the bodies response to an infection and it's working to try and heal itself.
  6. Our cat Aria like watching Once Upon A Time...
  7. Thanks, Hope your doing well! All is well... :) lookey what i got on Sunday !!!
  8. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v415/amandaladi/Super-Stylish-Happy-Birthday-Metallic-Balloon_zpsjex6a7ym.png
  9. I really enjoyed our trip almost 2 years ago now. Kauai was amazing, and way more relaxing than Oahu I really want to go to Kauai, Hopefully that will work out. the Humpback whales arrive sometime in November. They are an amazing sight to see!! oh wait... you're in Alaksa. never mind.... :eyeroll:
  10. Tick, President of the Tick Cliq Army has Jelly...
  11. Did you actually call him that on the board? There's also an opportunity to work in a Wizard of Oz reference, maybe cleverly altered into a Rush reference. Wizard of ODD What is odd about him or his posts? nothing. that's just what came to mind first...
  12. oh dang ! my co worker is going to Mac island next weekend ( school field trip). i just told her to pack for cold temps !
  13. Did you actually call him that on the board? There's also an opportunity to work in a Wizard of Oz reference, maybe cleverly altered into a Rush reference. Wizard of ODD
  14. i haven;t come up with a member title yet, but did some creeping research on his previous posts - but good golly there's over 12,000 of them. he spends a lot of time posting in CFL threads, What Have You Been Listening To, likes scotch, plays drums. first 20 pages of his most recent posts are mostly what are you listening to type posts. so.... perhaps something pertaining to that? or, perhaps the fact here's been a TRF member for quite some time, and hasn't been gifted a member title all this time? http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v415/amandaladi/moving%20pictures%20smilies/icon_hmm.gif
  15. i disagree. I feel it takes an extremely strong person to take that kind of control over their own demise. most of us wait until either dis-ease ravages our bodies, or sit around waiting until a ripe old age. Few are willing or able to take matters into their own hands and choose to leave this existence on their own terms, in their own way. lord knows as many times as i have desired, requested, prayed to go home, i sure as f**k don't have the guts to do it.
  16. i have met both of them. I have a picture of me & White Trash somewhere.... Tru story...
  17. Ok. here's my take on why it isn't what it "used to be". 10+ years ago, there wasn't Facebook, Myspace had only just begun ( i think?) so message boards WERE social media. it was THE way to communicate. it was community. it was connection. it was another way outside of email for people to communicate, get together meet one another and become friends... and in some instances, more. Today there are so many different social media outlets that it's overwhelming! i mean, look at the bottom of this window/thread, there are 10 different icons of links. that didn't exist when this board first came to be. so because of that, people connected here. shared stories, pictures, experiences, music, videos, jokes, games... shared LIVES. Then a RUSH tour comes around and BAM! the meet ups started happening. although in the case of this board, meet ups with people who made connection happened between tours. look up Tick Cliq BBQ, then there was a meet up with some of us in NYC - which led to Cinco De Mayo & the Coney Island Chaos, PAGSCON I, II & III. in 2007, i went to 5 RUSH shows in the US & Canada - which i never did before - ever (and haven't since) it had nothing to do with the show or the band - it was about the PEOPLE and meeting up with those whom i had come to know and LOVE on this board. I will never forget those times, the people, the friendships gained (and lost). I treasure those memories & experiences. Peoples lives change, though man. Life gets in the way and shit happens. i know some of the "old timers" still lurk here, rarely if ever log in or post, but still browse. gotta go with the flow of life ... :)
  18. I have had my bouts here and there - especially after i was given a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis last year. - that hit me pretty hard (the two go hand in hand quite often). I've never felt the need for medication for it, though BUT i don't feel it was severe enough to need it . most of the time it was time, space, music, meditation, and dietary changes that got me through. First and foremost - You Are Not Alone. Second - I hold space for all of you. My prayer every day for you is this: May they be free from suffering and the root of suffering. May they enjoy happiness and the root of happiness. ~Aho...
  19. Who's RR? Do you remember who the first person was that joined after the founding members? And how long it took for this place to start being a happening kind of place? :) No. i think i was #86 or something close to that so that's why i don't know/ remember. this place started "happening" as soon as i joined.
  20. I don't remember a rivalry - the CP forum was a bit more "loose" of an atmosphere. A no holds barred (so to speak) hang out. We appreciate the moderation here. Some CPers were a little out there, for my taste, but I belonged to both and I just stayed out of the seedy alleys on CP. I have some wonderful friends that were way more active on CP than TRF. (Thank God for FB) referred to as the Biker Bar of Rush message Boards...
  21. Making posts in GD not add to users post counts would be easy -- one click of the mouse would do it. But that wouldn't be fair to the people who use GD for what it was designed for -- for mindless word game and goofy humor threads. We included the few spam threads to make the spammers happy, while hoping they wouldn't abuse them. that's so Jawk Jaw...
  22. oh boy! i am chomping at the bit to do some morel hunting here in the Mitten! i've read reports of them popping up on the west side of the state, as far up at Traverse City, but not in SE michigan where i'm located.... can't flippin wait!! i love morels.
  23. UPDATED. Bee Gees - February Bob Segar - March Heart & Joan Jett & the Blackhearts RUSH - June Romantics - June Whitesnake - July Rolling Stones - July Doobie Brothers - July Def Lepard - July Bryan Adams - July Nickelback - August Foo Fighters - August Van Halen - Sept AC/DC - Sept The Who - October Three Dog Night - October
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