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  1. he did that for a reason too. Someone explained it to me once but memory is foggy.. It affects the sound, I forget how exactly.. Maybe someone could elaborate.. Yes, if anyone knows, please enlighten me. I just thought he was trying to channel Pete Townsend or something trying to wreck his instrument. Channeling Keith Emerson, more like.
  2. Off topic, sorry. I want to know why the positions aren't switched, with string instruments. Picking/bowing is the easiest part, but we do it with our dominant hand. Wtf?
  3. Yeah I know, its just kind of hard to separate what are actual albums from the ones that are collections of songs compilled from other albums. I wasn't exactly clear about that I guess.
  4. They will be the first ones I buy if I ever have a job again!
  5. So I already have On the Sunday of Life, Up The Downstair and Staircase Infinities, but I'm not sure what comes next. Their early catalogue is a bit confusing. ETA: I like to get albums chronologically when possible.
  6. I can't stop listening to Please Don't Touch. Its been 3 days!
  7. Hardly. I hate that guy! Pretty much everyone on here does.
  8. I was going to like this comment, but then I read the second sentence. he'll have to clarify whether he's talking about fish or hogarth, then I'll like it or decline to like, accordingly.
  9. Nice to finally be able to read this. I think I may have joined TRF a few days after it was taken down, I remember everyone talking about it a LOT. it was so confusing.
  10. I know they've been mentioned a thousand times but I have to say the doors. Most of the songs I've heard sound like they have 3 notes in them, at best. I don't know why but they just sound monotonous to me. And if I mention my hatred of them anywhere but TRF all I get is "But Jim Morrison was a POET!!!!!! He used his POETRY for LYRICS!!!!!!". So f***ing what!? How does that make them a good band? How is that in any way related to the monotony thing? Is it obvious that this has been bothering me my whole life?
  11. I have a latch hook project I need to finish, but I ran out of colors. I'm on my first ever crochet project-just a scarf, nothing interesting. If it goes well my next one will be raven law colors. Don't know why I didn't think of that initially.
  12. yaoi_myantidrug


    http://www.amazon.com/Valentis-Soups-Stews-One-Pot-ebook/dp/B007MAXGZ2 Goober, you should get this book! (Sorry if it doesnt work)
  13. I don't hear much Page influence in Alex's early playing, he sounds more like Budgie's guitarist to me.
  14. Musically I enjoy TOtT, but lyrically I just can't get into it.
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