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  1. Yes, the gray sleeve! I was a big goof, too.
  2. Ir was awesome! The first 100 people got to write what they wanted him to write in the book and we got a fancy sleeve for the book! Best day!! He was chipper and laughing at me! :D
  3. I believe that some afflictions and complex mental disorders can be evident enough that it's pretty obvious, but the professional diagnosis is key.
  4. So glad your baby is home. I can't imagine that panic!!
  5. I didn't think it would have such an effect.....It was like my whole Rush life flashed before my eyes.......They will forever be ingrained in me! :)
  6. The same reason that Ke$ha and the like make millions.
  7. Someone (not me) should throw together a meet-up in California! :dweez:
  8. Scream through my valley... . :LMAO:
  9. Shoot towards me two lanes wide....baby....
  10. Animals are just that. Many time "attacks" make no sense to us. There is so much to a dog's behavior that we generally don't understand. Sven maybe warned Payton in the past with body language that you never picked up on and this one time, Payton didn't "submit" to Sven's warning. This body language is all very subtle. Over the past 3 years I have researched dog behavior because I recently purchased a high drive working dog ( like a GSD). He is friendly to other people and is aloof to other dogs, but I could never in a 1000 years predict what he would do with another person or animal when I wasn't there. You didn't do anything wrong. Sven was just being a dominant GSD. I'm sorry for your other pup. :( I would be devastated as well. I'm always tempted to get my boy a companion, but you never know how animals will get along when you are not home. Most of the time dogs can live in harmony and be best friends, but your situation is not uncommon
  11. Taylor Hicks and Michael McDonald have really taken over. :P
  12. It's f***ing stupid and simple-minded to insinuate that someone is being hateful or prejudice because he or she referred to Caitlyn Jenner as "he."
  13. Spun sugar? Sure. A few bites is fun, but then I'll hand it to someone else.
  14. http://i64.tinypic.com/24l4odf.jpgWheaties, you suck!!! You ignorant F#CK of a cereal! I always thought Wheaties sucked as a cereal. Cap'n Crunch, on the other hand, kicked ass as a kid! What else was sugary as hell?! Whatever they were, I probably loved it. Frosted Flakes Caitly' n Crunch
  15. who is making a joke out of transgenders? Isn't Bruce Jenner's new name Caitlyn after his Trans Gender operation? Or maybe Carrie looks a little 'man-ish' and I assumed that's what you were refering to? I think Caitlyn is gorgeous, myself.... Good for you. Getting offended because I think that they look alike seems a bit overly sensitive and is in no way an attack on Caitlyn's choices. Silly.
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