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    All the band and their music have given me over the years.
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  1. Narps, I love your animated avatar. Did anyone ever figure out who JMT was (high scorer)? Super, my brother and I "discuss" these things and haven't disinherited each other.... yet.
  2. Didn't mean to imply that a person should ONLY like Rush. A teenaged boyfriend got me into the band when I was 15. You know those hours spent listening to every album on vinyl.... yeah. After that none of my boyfriends liked Rush; they either hated Rush or were not that into music at all. Would just be nice to have this in common with someone, is all. I'm fortunate to have a lot of friends who I in turn turned onto Rush or met on the 'Net 20+ years ago so that when I have gone to other cities for shows there have always been friends there.
  3. I'm wondering if I should put it in a personal ad... ;) I am the real deal. I've met several guys (as friends!) over the years at gigs and now that I'm free.... no more gigs. :( My 75-year-old mother took me to my first gig when I was 15,and sent me the news of Geddy's 62nd birthday. We are a Rush family! lol
  4. I'll start by saying I've been a part of the Rush online community for nearly 25 years. I'd always intended to hold up a sign at a concert that said "looking for Rush fans to date!" lol (well not really, but...) Only there aren't going to be many more concerts. Sooo... have any of you met a Rush fan and started dating? I'm completely serious, but I also would never ever attract someone who's already committed. My real name is Amy and some of you may remember me from TNMS.
  5. Yes, it makes you wonder if it's something they remembered from their journeys, or something Neil saw from his motorcycle! Yep - I'm guessing that these are landmarks they've seen on their travels. :)
  6. Bit odd that they chose the Luling Watermelon Tower as Austin's symbol when Luling is an hour's drive away. I'm guessing they drove by it at some point since it's on I-10 and if coming from Houston, it's not the shortest route but an okay route to Austin along US 183. There are also tons of long-distance bicycle rides held out in that part of Texas.
  7. Had to miss my hometown gig due to an extremely rare life event that took me out of town. Was watching for another show to catch, and Denver fit into my schedule. Sooooooo glad it was good. I'd never been to Denver before (though I travel a lot) and had less than 24 hours there. The financial and physical toll of making that trip were huge, but I just could NOT miss this tour. Geddy is in EXCELLENT shape. It's so hard to think of retiring altogether from the road.... when they are this strong live!
  8. I'd love a Rush guy, so much so that I'm considering going to Europe for the Rush shows next year because a Dutch or English Rush guy would be ace. (At my age, I know what I like.) I have had exactly ONE Rush-fan boyfriend - the one who converted me 30 years ago. Since then all boyfriends and husbands have hated Rush. My current boyfriend loves the Stones, but I'm =meh= about them. The Beatles are the better band if you are a musician.
  9. I listened to "Tears" for the first time in many years and it was almost like hearing it anew but with all the sentimentality that 30 years accumulates. And I noticed the mellotron in much more detail than I had. Indeed, the chorus uses the strings voice, and verse 1 uses the flute voice, but at 2:08 a different solo voice comes in. This voice doesn't have the vibrato that the others have but I'll be damned if I can identify it! For your listening pleasure and fun, go to: http://www.mellotron.com/soundframe.htm where you can listen to the invididual voices. The closest Mellotron match I can find is French Horn. What do you think? This is a 30-year-old argument along the lines of "it's dogs barking" "no it's bowling balls and pins" at the beginning of Dreamline..... Help!
  10. Muse are already there IMO - consistently excellent live - a trio; thinking man's lyrics; and excellent musicians. Sound familiar?
  11. QUOTE (Del_Duio @ Jul 1 2010, 04:44 PM) QUOTE (shaun3701 @ Jul 1 2010, 12:34 PM) QUOTE (Funky Chicken @ Jul 1 2010, 12:33 PM) Kyla was born in 1994. As they say on Match Game- "BLANK-bait". hmm only a couple more years to go I can just picture Geddy perusing this forum and then getting to this post: O_O Nah - her parents have brought her up better than to fall for one of you lot. She's far more modestly dressed than the girls who are part of the "terrible pun" video.
  12. Was the above picture taken in Albuquerque? There were a noticeably higher number of women and girls in attendance - and they were very cute! OTOH, if I'd posted a pic of a guy I thought was hawt, what would the reaction be? and if you were born in 1970 as your user name may indicate, you are really robbing the cradle here. ;-)
  13. Alex really did look to be struggling with arthritis or some form of joint pain - as I mentioned elsewhere, he was warming up on the side with the TSOR opening riff. It is a distinct possibility that some of the setlist may have been chosen with the wants and needs of the band in mind. Geddy did peg "Free Will" last night, but they still drop-tuned 2112. I'm a bass player, not a guitarist, but I saw that Alex did simplify solos and often got a bit behind on the really fast licks. I was "playing" along, and despite being in the dry desert and me being a good 10+ years younger, found that my own finger joints were having a tough time keeping up. Perhaps he was intentionally kept down in the mix while they assessed his playing. At any rate - we'll have another batch of telegrams coming in from KC tonight and I wish I were there!
  14. At the beginning of what turns into La Villa, Alex is doing an oom-pah tuba with pedals and eventually it drops into the Strangiato theme.
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