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    California Sierra foothills
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    music, fishing, hiking in the Sierras, dog training, traveling, being creative...
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    The last show in California
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    Natural Science, 2112, Digital Man, In the End, sheesh I dunno
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    Mostly older stuff. I love CA, though!!
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    The live shows
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    Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, Kansas, Stevie Wonder
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    Trumpet, Baritone, trombone

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  1. Yes, the gray sleeve! I was a big goof, too.
  2. Ir was awesome! The first 100 people got to write what they wanted him to write in the book and we got a fancy sleeve for the book! Best day!! He was chipper and laughing at me! :D
  3. I believe that some afflictions and complex mental disorders can be evident enough that it's pretty obvious, but the professional diagnosis is key.
  4. So glad your baby is home. I can't imagine that panic!!
  5. I didn't think it would have such an effect.....It was like my whole Rush life flashed before my eyes.......They will forever be ingrained in me! :)
  6. The same reason that Ke$ha and the like make millions.
  7. Someone (not me) should throw together a meet-up in California! :dweez:
  8. Scream through my valley... . :LMAO:
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