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  1. Hi Robert, I don't see them again until Calgary which is in July, but if you haven't found someone else by then I'd be happy to help.
  2. Hi everyone, unfortunately we've had someone who has had to back out of the show so we have a great single ticket to sell. Section 118, row 8, right beside the stage so perfect for someone who is not a fan of being on the floor. We paid $150 and change (face value) through Ticketmaster, so it can either be transferred via the TM site or exchanged in person at the show. Of course we'd like to get as close to what we paid as possible, however we're also open to reasonable offers as we'd love for it to go to a fan. Please send me a message if interested, thanks!
  3. My pleasure! Like I said its returning the favor and its nice that we can look out for each other, enjoy the show!
  4. Great side seats, first section, face value! I'm returning the favor since thats how I got my ticket, thanks to another member who spotted it when they moved the stage.
  5. I had both tunes in my list for the "15 songs" thread so I'm all for this!
  6. "I don't think they "owe" us anything. They've filled the last 26 years of my life with indelible music. That's all I could ask for. This idea that we as hardcore fans "deserve" something seems self-entitled." +1
  7. No matter how many times I hear it live, when the first note hits and the crowd roars all is good for me!
  8. In no particular order other than chronologically: By-Tor 2112 (as much of it as possible) Cygnus X-1 La Villa The Spirit of Radio Natural Science YYZ Subdivisions The Enemy Within Marathon Emotion Detector Prime Mover The Pass Ceiling Unlimited Headlong Fight
  9. My two shows on this tour are one early one and one later one, so I kind of get the best of both worlds.....the early show I get to be surprised (as long as I stay off internet for that first week) and then the later show I can get into the flow of the setlist!
  10. In the Mood, By-Tor, and Bastille Day (part of it within an instrumental medley) Although, Different Stages is in the vehicle this week so I could be talked into a Disc 3 Fly By Night-In The Mood combo as well......but don't leave By-Tor out!
  11. It would be in my top 5 songs for sure, so yes I would love to see it played again!
  12. Still very good seats to be had within first ten rows on the side, closest sections to the stage, and at regular price! Or, courtesy of our friends at Ticketmaster, you can buy Platinum seats two sections further back for only $400! The lesson, as always: no matter how badly you want to see a show, always check all options before clicking on those Platinum seats!
  13. Thanks so much for the heads up limbo, I was able to grab a seat in Section 118 thanks to your on-the-ballness (if that wasn't a word before, it is now!)!
  14. That's exactly why I'm glad the Calgary show was Ticketmaster (sounds weird to say that I'm glad about anything to do with Ticketmaster!), at least I knew exactly what I was buying for my $500 (Canadian, thanks to our low dollar!).
  15. Good point, I just went into my Ticketmaster account and tried the "transfer ticket" option, put in my work email address, and I think I would have been able to transfer (but like you I didn't out of fear of something going wrong!) it, and you have to out in the name and email of the person you're transferring it to so maybe that would work?
  16. That's awesome, what a feeling when you see that front row pop up on screen! Amazement, then elation, then fear (that somehow the TM site will end up screwing you over somehow!), then relief when the transaction goes through, then all the way back to where you started, elation.....an emotional journey that take all of a few minutes, but well worth it!
  17. I purchased VIP Gold for Calgary and went with the print-at-home ticket option, and in my confirmation email it says that photo ID matching the attendee name must be presented. It also says that I have 10 days from purchase to add an alternate name for pickup. Hope that helps a bit!
  18. All fantastic recommendations! Not sure who you are attending with, but my first show was with my wife who never lets me forget (but at least in a fun, joking way) that my eyes were misty (for joy of course!) when they first walked out on stage....
  19. I live in a smaller city that doesn't get big shows, the nearest bigger city is two hours away, so when I started going to concerts it was buying tickets over the phone after begging mom or dad to let me use their credit card. So I'm torn, as on the one hand that was not a fun experience (the phone or the begging!) but prices were reasonable, whereas now the purchasing process online is much better but the prices, well, are what they are today unfortunately.
  20. Just had a peek and there is a Gold VIP ticket in Row 6 still available, someone get it before the scalpers do!
  21. I'm not crazy about the prices either, but "it is what it is" and I have to drive about 10 hours each way for one show so I want to make it totally worth it so I went for Gold VIP in Calgary and on the first try a front row seat came up.....needless to say I snapped it up and am beyond thrilled, both for myself and for there being one less prime seat to be scalped!
  22. I've got it listed on all of those, I'll just keep trying!
  23. Hi everyone, I'll take another shot at it...I still have a single ticket for sale for the Tuesday show, Section 109 Row 23 so right beside the stage on Al's side. I bought it for $163, will sell it for $140. It's a hard copy ticket, in hand and ready to go. I'd prefer to sell to someone from here before throwing it on Kijiji, so please send me a message if you or anyone you know are interested, thanks! Chris p.s. I'll be at RushCon so we could meet up there if it works better
  24. At long last, success! The tix have been sold to a great home, enjoy the show everyone who is going!!
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