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  1. Wow, that's weird. Did you get something signed by them before? From a few things I've heard, I have to wonder if someone is actually keeping track. I had an album signed on the CA tour, but that went to a different address. I'm trying to get this for someone else. I'll try again.
  2. The item I sent to Columbus came back unsigned.
  3. Hello. If you find yourself in a position to sell the Rush seats you have, I'd be interested in talking to you about them. Thanks...
  4. I think someone said Losing It will be performed 3 times. Toronto, NYC and LA. Interesting. Do you recall where that was mentioned? Thanks.
  5. I remember camping out at the mall for Signals. My friend and I got there somewhere after 9pm for the 8am sale the next morning. Somewhere in the wee hours, a helicopter landed in one of the mall's parking lots. You don't see that everyday. My ticket was $12.50. I still have the stub. Those were the days indeed...
  6. I got 116 as well! I'll have to make a point of saying hello...
  7. Greetings. I was on both Ticketmaster and the ticketstoday website from the Rush email this morning, looking for tickets to the St. Louis show. Ticketmaster was a disaster for the first few minutes, but I got into the ticketstoday site right away. There were no floor seats (so it said), so on my second search I chose the Lower Price One option. Two second row tickets (in the lower bowl, not on the floor) about halfway back came up. With fees, they were about $170 each. I bought the pair. Ticketmaster woke up by the time I was done. There were no Gold VIP seats, but a pair of Silver ones popped up. It turns out they were in the exact same section as what I bought, but they were four rows further back. And… they were $304 each. I don’t know if there were additional fees or not, but I essentially got two better seats for at least $268 less. I know I won’t get the “free” stuff, but I didn’t really want it anyway. I hope others had good luck today as well.
  8. So this is cool... http://wzlx.cbslocal...f-his-drum-set/
  9. Add to that wish list video of the 4 songs that didn't make it to the second leg of the tour. Wasn't Big Money one of them? I remember I saw 2 shows during the T4E tour and the first show had Big Money near the beginning but no Limelight, and then the 2nd show did have Limelight. Been awhile, sorry I don't remember exactly. Big Money, Wipeout, Subdivisions, and Time and Motion were all played during the first leg. Time and Motion didn't stay in the set list for very long, but it was part of the early shows.
  10. Add to that wish list video of the 4 songs that didn't make it to the second leg of the tour.
  11. Greetings. I don't know if you have Best Buy stores up there, but down here they are carrying the same set as the Backstage one (the three extra songs and all) for $100. It might be worth looking into if it isn't too late. Either way, I think you'll enjoy the set.
  12. I'm enjoying it too. It isn't as polished as the last few releases, and I like that. The colors are sharp, and the sound is excellent.
  13. I brought this up in another thread. If the Best Buy set is identical to what is being sold at the Backstage Club, then this Best Buy link is misleading. In the upper left, it states, "...previously unreleased content, available only at Best Buy." It would be available at the Backstage Club as well. http://www.bestbuy.c...cat345300050007 You're right, the Best Buy link is misleading. I phoned the Backstage Club and was told that the Best Buy sets are identical to the Backstage Club sets. Thanks for all the effort you put into this. I had a fear that the extra songs on one might be different than the extra songs on the the other.
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