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  1. The new album has really exceeded my expectations.
  2. Oh cool ..I've had a few that way , but didn't remember that this one was that way. :7up:
  3. Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley will sit in with house band, The Roots, next Tuesday, August 12th, on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. According to Three Sides Of The Coin, The Roots' proposed setlist is everything from "Love Theme From Kiss" to "Rip It Out", and one song from Space Invader. The set will be seven songs in total but it's unclear how many will be aired. One or two tracks will be viral exclusives. Stay tuned for updates. Frehley will release his first album in five years, Space Invader, in Germany/Scandinavia on August 15th and rest of Europe on August 18th via SPV/Steamhammer, and on August 19th in North America via Entertainment One Music (eOne Music).
  4. Oh man, I listened to this on the way to work today. You're missing out I love this album! Oh and I think I the song that guy transcribed is the chorus to In the Name of God :D It's just comes as a lame attempt to please a section of their fan base. When they don't really gel as metal. Then again i dislike Systematic Chaos and Blackholes too. Mick I loved that album ...just kinda wish they would quit remaking it.
  5. According to eOne, here's some Ace news. 1. The track "Space Invader" is supposed to be released to radio on July 15th. 2. Allegedly, Ace's appearance on The Tonight Show has been confirmed and will take place one week prior to the album's release in his first late night TV appearance ever as a solo artist. Apparently he will sit in with The Roots and will also play a full track as a web exclusive.
  6. Gonna see Slash and Myles in July , they're opening for Aerosmith.
  7. Max Webster (Rush) Def Leppard (Ozzy) Zebra (ZZ Top) Rory Gallagher (Rush) Queensryche (Kiss) Living Colour (Rolling Stones) Cheap Trick (Motley Crue) 3 (Porcupine Tree) Bigelf (Porcupine Tree) Alice Cooper (Iron Maiden) Eric Steckyl Band (Blue Oyster Cult) The Treatment (Kiss / Motley Crue)
  8. I loved everything through Master , but not much since.
  9. The concert schedule around here is looking pretty sad , Motley Crue and Alice Cooper ...meh just seen them both. I might do the Kiss/Def Leppard , haven't seen DL since they opened for Ozzy in '81. Of course it's another great year if you like County Pop ...which I do not.
  10. I was there ! At Rush not Tim McGraw.
  11. I can't do that ..hell I hate every Rush album the first time through.
  12. Got my copy this week and still taking it in ...loved the DVD.
  13. I see Alice is going to be the opening act for Motley Crue's Final Tour. I like Motley Crue as they put on a hell of a show , but Alice is too damn good to be their opener ...IMO.
  14. And it freakin' sucks doesn't it ?
  15. There's definitely some filler, but I was wondering if it literally is half filler, because it really seems like it. Here's the verdict! filler tracks: Starlight Believe Me Now Steppin' Out Big Wheels Sweet is the Night The Whale Brimingham Blues Wild West Hero So that's 8/17 tracks... 17's odd so we could call 8 or 9 both half, it would just be slight under or over. But how about playtime-wise? 34 minutes of 70... Damn, just barely half of the album again! You can literally say half the album is filler. The half that isn't is fantastic, but man, what a poor excuse just to get a double album out. But hey, perhaps others like the entire package. I think my Dad did. Loved that album and most of what you listed.
  16. Close to the Edge , The Yes Album and Drama are ones you need to get ...now !
  17. I think the vocals are poor on Luna Park ...great setlist but ughhh. And they do miss Pornoy's energy on stage even though Mangini is great.
  18. Good call on Black Star Riders ...I forgot that one.
  19. Riverside - Shrine of New Generation Slaves Spock's Beard - Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep Black Sabbath - 13 The Winery Dogs - (debut) Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused to Sing Coheed and Cambria - Afterman Decension Dream Theater - (self-titled )
  20. Muse Rush Blue Oyster Cult Night Ranger Yes Black Sabbath Pink Droyd (cover band) The Winery Dogs
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