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  1. I'm usually only in SoCN and we're all grumpy old men.
  2. I have taken the liberty to set up a Rush Forum 2022 group on ESPN's bracket challenge website. You can either access it at espn.com or download the tournament challenge app. The group password is Subdivisions and there's a limit of 2 entries per user. You basically have today and tomorrow morning to create a bracket and enter before the tournament starts. Get to it!
  3. Their 2nd best album of the eighties. The more I think about it I think it was their last truly great album. Maybe it's my age but I know every nuance of every song, and I can't say that that is true for any of the albums that followed it. I haven't listened to counterparts or test for echo in over 20 years. Subsequent albums had great moments but nowhere near the top to bottom quality.
  4. It's not what I was expecting at all. I actually kinda like it.
  5. Got Iron Maiden tickets today for next October. I'll be taking my son to his 1st real concert. It's mildly annoying but when I went back later in the afternoon to see what other pre sale tickets were available another section opened up that I could have saved 50 bucks with.
  6. Thats the boat i was on TODAY. Was that Kennebunkport? Yes ! ♥ I took my girls to the Bass Harbor Lighthouse to watch the sunrise a few weeks back. There were whales and seals in the water just about 50 yards offshore. I think my retirement plan is coming into place. April through July at home in Mass. August and September in Bar Harbor. October through Christmas in Mass. Then head to Tucson until April. Just have to determine whether we'll have the drivable RV or the 5th wheel.
  7. Boston won't be, Kennebunkport probably won't be either. However, if you're planning on leaving Maine any time on Monday, allocate A LOT of time. Oh wow yeah. It would probably be quicker to head West from Portland toward New Hampshire and then come South into Massachusetts around around Leominster or so. Is or even all the way across to Vermont and turn South on 91. Not sure where your end goal is to wind up but anything around Boston or even 495 is going to be a very busy road coming South.
  8. I first started watching exactly a year after it debuted, because I remember all the happy birthday commercials. I was 13 and remember some of the songs that I absolutely hated, not realizing that the artist had been in a classic band just a few years earlier. Songs like Peter Gabriel's Shock the Monkey, Robert Plant's Big Log (I still hate that one), and Frida's There's Something Going On. An early favorite was Feet Don't Fail Me Now, by Utopia. Funny to think now I was just listening through a TV speaker.
  9. I had a stop today in a Newbury comics store on my route. I've never been here so I decided to look around. I found Geddy's solo album as a 2-record set. I've been out of the vinyl loop since the eighties. Is it that readily available? Debating whether to drop 40 bucks even though I don't own a turntable.
  10. It's been done. http://www.therushforum.com/index.php?/topic/112173-les-mckeown-has-died/ Good gosh I honestly feel sorry for you.
  11. I can't even remember if I have a signature. I haven't seen the full version of this board in over a decade
  12. Same. I have no interest in seeing anyone's signatures (even mine). You lair! I know I was in your signature on CP for awhile. Now I only post with the cell phone so I don't see a thing.
  13. Too sad. Died unexpectedly at 65.
  14. Seems that way. The answer is NRVOUS. OK, here's an easier one: What did Father Brown grind to splinters beneath his feet? I know! I know!
  15. I Mother Earth? Winner! Go!
  16. Incorrect, sorry I missed it. esrlier.
  17. To make it easy, and to get the thread moving, I'll give a synonym for the band name and the correct answer gets the next question. Self Maternal Planet
  18. Incorrect. This band only open a single show, the last one of the tour.
  19. Another fine guess, but also incorrect.
  20. You must wait your turn, fine sir!
  21. A good guess, but incorrect sir.
  22. I'm going to try to resurrect an old thread that was popular years ago on CP. This is a Trivia thread about any subject, not just music. Whoever gets the question right gets to ask the next question.Try not to make it too deep, try to keep it something that somebody might reasonably be able to deduce, and of course....no googling allowed!! Since it is a Rush forum I will start with a Rush question. Not counting the SARS Concert in Toronto, who was the LAST band to open for Rush before they went to the "An Evening With..." format? Go!
  23. Have the Somali pirates been vaccinated yet? I'm after them in priority...
  24. I've played and sang Your Love in several bands, and also Since You've Been Gone at one gig in 2001. Ballbusters... I always loved the 3 part "Try to stop my hands..." part in Your Love. It contains a vocal diminished chord. Not very common.
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