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  1. Another One(order like r40 tour) Wish Them Well/The Garden Armor and Sword Freeze Dog Years Nobody's Hero(accustic) Everyday Glory You Bet Yout Life Chain Lightning Second Nature Emotion Detector/Kid Gloves Chemistry/Losing It Tom Sawyer Limelight/Witch Hunt/Vital Signs Entre Nous Different Strings Circumstances The Trees Madrigal 2112(entire song)
  2. BU2B Workin' Them Angels/Armor and Sword Freeze Carve Away the Stone Alien Shore Everyday Glory Dreamline/Bravado Neurotica Show Don't Tell/Anagram Available Light Time Stand Still/High Water Lock and Key The Big Money Manhattan Project Red Sector A Subdivisions The Weapon/Losing It Red Barchetta The Camera Eye Vital Signs/Witch Hunt Freewill Different Strings The Trees Encore 1 Xanadu Madrigal Something for Nothing I Think I'm Going Bald Encore 2 By-Tor and the Snow Dog In the End Before and After
  3. 2112 Or Caught Like a Creature in the Headlights
  4. Hurt-Limelight Heal-The Camera Eye Red Barchetta 14 YYZ 9 Limelight 11 The Camera Eye 14 Witch Hunt 11 Vital Signs 11
  5. It's probably unlikely but if you had to choose a different song in the the finale show what would it be. I think no Clockwork Angels or(The Wreckers) but they play the Garden after Headlong Flight.
  6. DEW has way more energy and a broader appeal, I think. ETA: But Alex nailed the BTW solo in Seattle. Just killed it!!!! Very true. DEW is one of those songs everyone knows and always gets a great reaction live. I got BTW both times I saw them and Alex nailed the solo perfectly. Geddy does talk before they play it, so that's why i'm thinking he may have introduced the wrong song and Alex and Neil just went with it. Tha is not it because don't talk when they play The Wreckers or Clockwork Angels. my guess is someone from the Seattke tour probably personally asked them for set B
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