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    I think of it as a prelude to Wish them Well. I don't really know if it's a song or not.
  2. R30 Snakes R40 Time Machine Rio CA Tour (these are judgments of the DVDs, not the tours)
  3. Hey me too! We can be TM fanboys!
  4. My opinion on the Tom Sawyer performances: Rio - Sounds great. Still has a bit of shriek in his voice. R30 - Sounds great again. Voice deeper than Rio but still solid. Snakes - A lot deeper here, his voice sounds richer and fuller than R30 and Rio IMO. Time Machine - Sounds like he's struggling a bit, can still belt it out pretty well but his voice cracks all over the place. Clockwork Angels - Ugh. Sounds like he's in pain trying to sing it. Yodeling a bunch and it's painful to listen to. R40 - Best vocal performance since Snakes. His voice still cracks, but he seems to have his voice more under control than the previous two DVDs.
  5. Its pretty hard rockin thats for sure. Maybe their most straightforward heavy album. It's the hard rocking plus the angry/sad emotion that can be heard in the songs that makes it great to me.
  6. Some of Rush's hardest rocking songs came on this album and I love them. Earthshine, Secret Touch, Peaceable Kingdom, Freeze, and Vapor Trail kick major ass. The other songs are also fantastic. Top ten album for me.
  7. My bet would be that Alex and Geddy have written a bit and Neil is focused on his upcoming book.
  8. I can't believe it's been a year. I remember how exciting the night was with the awesome setlist and the first periscope feed. I hope we hear more from them sometime this year.
  9. I listened to My Favorite Headache for the first time recently. There are some really great vocal moments on all the songs from the album!
  10. How has it been almost a year since this show? I remember it like it was yesterday. I miss those guys :(
  11. I have a Rush poster in my bedroom. I've listened to all of their albums and own 18 of the studio albums. I own all of their live DVDs from 2002-2015. I've listened to every live album plus bootlegs. I enjoy all eras of Rush even though some are definitely better than others. Am I a fanatic???
  12. Can someone share a new link or files of the whole show? The soundcloud link doesn't work anymore.
  13. Cold Fire is another song about love and relationships. I think it's horribly underrated.
  14. I listened last night, and there are great songs. But I go to the live versions for most of the songs I like from HYF. Mission from S&A Live is fan f'in tastic!!!
  15. BU2B - Caravan (Single) This version sounds so much better than the album's.
  16. The basslines are insane as well. I think HYF was Geddy's peak of bass playing, songs like Open Secrets and Prime Mover have some amazing bass lines.
  17. 1) Open Secrets 2) Time and Motion 3) Ghost of a Chance 4) Kid Gloves 5) BU2B
  18. Just listened to this album for the first time in a while recently and I have to say that I never noticed how great Neil's drum work is on it! Some of the fills on HYF are insane!
  19. No, it's definitely Presto. It's the part right after the second "Don't ask me, I'm just improvising" after the guitar solo.
  20. Show Don't Tell Chain Lightning The Pass War Paint Scars Presto Superconductor Red Tide Anagram (for Mongo) Hand Over Fist Available Light Got them all right! :D Next: Counterparts
  21. The angry crowd moves toward him with bad intent
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