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  1. Then I think I may be on to something when I say that someone at Anthem is pulling them off as soon as they show up on youtube. There are pages and pages of vids from that nights show on the Tube.
  2. Wow, The audio they used of that clip was spectacular. I need the complete track!
  3. Are you sure? I only see one and a couple from 2010. You are correct. My view lists 2 Irvine shows together. Top one from 15, the other from 10. I just didn't check the dates... assumed 2 sources of the latest because of different tapers. Cool, I would love another source, with better sound.
  4. Are you sure? I only see one and a couple from 2010.
  5. I would figure someone would have done some good taping for the last live show. Anyone see anything?
  6. From what I have read/surmised, they were getting so many returns from anal nitpicky buyers that they stopped selling this. People returning 2,3,4,5 LP's for a tiny nick on the sleeve. Became a loser for Amazon.
  7. Nice! How the heck did you manage to get this?
  8. They were not with him for anywhere near 50 years.
  9. Cinderella Man Circumstances All of Grace Under Pressure!
  10. Same thing most do here, bitch and moan about something.
  11. Anyone get this or the LP and have an opinion on it? The MFSL was pretty damn good and the original release was nice as well. Wonder if it's worth the $15 or so.
  12. You must be the least observant person on here. I mean that with the utmost respect. The picture posted earlier couldn't be more clear.
  13. Huge thanks to Bill for scoping the Forum show. It was really fantastic, amazing view as well.
  14. Neil was upset, look at his eyes! He left as quick as he could. I am sure he felt overwhelmed and vulnerable. It was not a dick move by any stretch. If you understand and accept Neils personality, you could easily understand this.
  15. All Clockwork Angels songs. I really had a hard time getting in to this album as I really dig everyone from Hold Your Fire and prior, but hearing these live and now really like the three songs The Anarchist, Clockwork Angels and mainly Headlong Flight. I also dug Roll The Bones, like it before, but now it's just better.
  16. Spot on. I was at the Irvine show. Took my wife who was not a Rush fan, only had heard a handful of radio tunes. I said to her, this is an event, not for the light hearted, it will be long and it will be great, but it might be tough if you don't know the music. I gave her a cd with 80% of the set list C about 2 months prior. We got to the parking lot at 5 and parked closest to the back of the stage-about 200+ yards away. Within minutes I could hear them doing Subdivisions for soundcheck. Chills hit me and I got an all over body buzz that never went away until 12:30 that night waiting to get out of the parking lot from hell. The show was amazing. I have never seen so many fans all in sync with their love for the band and positive energy, it was surreal. I wept 5 separate times during the show just from pure joy and knowing this might be the last time I see them. I never stopped singing as the tears formed. I had crappy seats but it did not matter and it didn't matter to everyone in my section. Hard to put in to words how these shows really are and how they impact certain people, but for me it was a religious experience. The feeling inside was electric. It was like nothing I have felt. The time went by so quickly, I could have stood there another 3 hours and not noticed. My wife was blown away at the musicianship, the feeling communicated through their music and band in general. She finally got what we have all known for the entire time. Magic. This is what life is all about. I watched the entire Forum show on Periscope and got choked up again. Bill is the man for broadcasting the entire show.
  17. The handheld is not going to be for a DVD most likely. They would have used rigs for that.
  18. Awesome! What camera did you use? I'd love to see the other pics.
  19. With how well they play, how much the fans love this band, I can't see not playing ever again. Even if they can muster a couple of mega shows now and then. It's just too damn good to stop.
  20. Fantastic show last night. Even from my crap seats! I got teary eyed on at least 5 songs.
  21. It's in the script. Fortunately Geddy dropped the "Thank you, Thank you very much." a long while back. You know, That actually makes sense. They played something and now they're going back to it to play more. Maybe I'm just delirious. It's 1:30 and I'm trying to hold out to the end things being what they are and all. Makes perfect sense.
  22. I'll be there. Hope the weather holds up. Are we guessing set list C for tonight?
  23. Why not just watch the show instead of annoying the people behind you having to stare at your smart phone blocking their view?
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