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  1. 7, going on 8. Daylight savings = my body thinks it woke at 4am this morning, no 5am as the clock says. I've already reached my coffee limit for the day.
  2. Take - as I will assume my loving husband LEFT the last one for me. If I don't find a last cookie, this obviously was not the case
  3. Well, I love fashion, dressing up, following trends, etc. I know for many on this board, this is a foreign concept, but it's something I enjoy. It's a way to express myself and my personality, plus when I dress well and enjoy what I am wearing, my whole day is different. Basically, if I feel good in what I am wearing, I feel good about other parts in my day. If I am dressed sloppily, I find it tends to reflect my actions, and others on me (fair or not). This is why I am 1000% opposed to wearing pajama pants in public, but that's another story... Do brands and designers matter to me? Yes, but only from personal experiences with those brands (i.e. positive ones): Personally, it really depends on what type of clothing and how much I pay attention to brands and cost/quality. For good quality basics, I am willing to spend more and go for a better brand because I know it will last longer (style and product). Examples are LL Bean clothing, my Michael Kors handbag, a good interview/work suit and most of my running gear - particularly winter running gear since keeping warm while running outside for an hour plus is very important. Running shoes is something else I can not cheapen out on given my injury history. When it comes to trendy items, I can go as cheap as they come. I recently bought a cute belt a few weeks ago in a mint color - it wasn't even $10. Now, if I wanted a rugged brown wear-everywhere belt, I would be willing to spend more, but since mint is a trendy color, why spend all the money on that? It suits my needs for the "time being" and I am rarely short a buck because of it. Each season I usually go shopping to stock up on what's hot, but I am anal about the budget - hitting sales, using coupons, getting items for cheap, but that don't look cheap. It's a science; consider me a PhD holder
  4. 1-3 depending. Always 1 first thing in the morning, but it really measures "2" on the coffee pot BUT fits in one normal sized cup. Then, if I am needy during work, I will buy a small. Trying not to drink as much since it can wreck havoc on my tummy..
  5. I don't watch a whole lot of TV so I am going to list 3 for now, which are: Friends Sex and the City The Golden Girls I guess another, while short lived, is Providence. That was good, at least the first season or two.
  6. Oh my gosh. How sad, and what beautiful work he gave us of the band. Think back to the days before the Internet when his were the only real pictures that could be accessed but so many fans. May he rest in peace
  7. For those in Central NYS: The A&ES Surgery Center commercials. Every. Goddamn. Morning. during the news, they have been playing these commercials for years now. It's for cosmetic surgery and they show these twits on the beach (man and women) with glistening smoothed and tan skin, and I swear they look like brother and sister (yuck!). Every friggin commercial break, they are on with that damn music in the background. Makes me want to scream every time I see them!
  8. QUOTE (1 of the 7 @ Jan 10 2012, 11:37 PM) Mint is an absolutely disgusting flavor (unless paired with chocolate). Can you imagine brushing your teeth for a lifetime with something that tastes like you shouldn't be putting it in your mouth? Yes, I'm aware there's toothpaste flavored with something other than mint, but it's four or five times as expensive. Ggggrr. I honestly hate brushing my teeth. I do it, yes, but I find it gross... Have you tried Toms natural toothpaste? It's probably pricier like you said though.
  9. QUOTE (EmotionDetector @ Jan 23 2012, 04:48 PM) like I said before...it was a great move by them. If I had to sit there and watch Rush lip-synch and pretend to play, then I would've lost alot of respect for them. It was the RIGHT move, and only assured me why I truly love this band.
  10. What bothers me about the legislation is, at the core, suggesting piracy takes jobs away from the U.S. which SOPA/PIPA would prevent. Ok - BUT plenty of other actions and situations that I won't mention here take away U.S. jobs and good from being produced - I'm not seeing any legislation to prevent that. As for using images online - there is a fine line with copyright. In educational institutions, most copyrighted images can be reproduced under "fair use". If you are not publishing or making money off copyrighted images, you can sometimes slide by. It's really a case-by-case situation. Does posting an image to a blog or forum really constitute "publishing" the image? Is it wrong since it is being disseminated through a forum? What if the image you took was used in another setting - and that place "stole" the image from the original source? These are questions I can't really answer (I know basics of copyright in regards to my job) but - in most cases, it's better to be safe than sorry. Ask permission or at the VERY least, cite and credit the source of the image or any copyrighted material. One thing I love about the Flickr Commons is you can discover tons of images that can be reproduced under certain guidelines according to the originator. If you do an advanced search in Flickr and look only under "creative commons", you will find images that spell out exactly what you can and can not do with the image.
  11. My local paper is doing a history of the War Memorial in Syracuse, NY which has hosted a ton of acts over the years - including Rush. It appears they are seeking footage or programs from those who attended a couple dates back in 1977 and 1979. See link for more information: http://blog.syracuse.com/musicscene/2012/0...r_memorial.html I haven't checked YouTube yet - maybe something on there, but I thought I would put the open call out to the TRF arsenal of Rushstory first
  12. QUOTE (danielmclark @ Dec 21 2011, 02:54 PM) QUOTE (iluvgeddy05 @ Dec 21 2011, 09:53 AM) 1. Shipping prices. If there is free shipping involved, and usually a minimum expenditure (or none!) involved, then no problem. Spending upwards of $10 on something that isn't that expensive to begin with is less money in my pocket - at least that is how I look at it True enough, but consider this: You buy 5 items online and pay a total of $20 to ship them all. Or... You spend 3 hours shopping locally, driving a total of 20 miles between the seven stops you have to make to find everything, and you spend $12 on lunch. Time spent + 20 miles worth of gas ($3?) + $12 lunch... you're not saving all that much money and you're spending *way* more time getting the task done. That's obviously not an ideal case. Ideally, you pick out what you want, you figure out where to get it, and you just go and get it done before lunch... but local stores don't always have everything in stock, traffic can be a killer... Personally, I'd rather spend the $20 I suppose, but rarely do I buy 5 things at once. 2 maybe, but not 5... Also, online browsing for some stores isn't as enjoyable as in person. I am mostly speaking about clothing, shoes, etc. which I need to try on before deciding whether to spend money. LLBean ships and returns for free so I don't have an issue ordering there. Other places have a minimum. I'm still a cheapskate - $50 min purchase is a lot for me (I'm the $20 and under kinda gal lol)
  13. Heard this song on the radio last night, I believe it was by Silversun Pickups? No clue the name of the song but it reminded me a lot of Rush - time changes throughout. Pretty neat. I've heard other songs from this band and have always listened to them on the radio. Not sure if it's enough to go out and purchase anything by them though...
  14. I'm slowly getting accustomed to shopping online but there are many issues I have with it: 1. Shipping prices. If there is free shipping involved, and usually a minimum expenditure (or none!) involved, then no problem. Spending upwards of $10 on something that isn't that expensive to begin with is less money in my pocket - at least that is how I look at it 2. Shipping times. Some places are great; others - well, let's just say I did a little Cyber Mondaying this year and as of today, it's 4 days before Christmas - and am STILL waiting for packages to arrive. Some places give you a tracking number and carrier, others don't (international orders are trickier) 3. Items are not as they appear: Online pictures, size descriptions, etc. are hardly accurate... 4. Returning: unless they offer free returns (I think most do nowdays but wasn't always so..), that's more money to spend - and time to get the item you need in the correct sizing, color. Particularly with clothing and size discrepancies. Bottom line: I'm frikkin impatient and online shopping doesn't help my ansty-ness I'm much better off getting up early, arriving at the stores when they first open and getting out before the crowds arrive. Seems to work for me.
  15. If a book seems to daunting, starting a blog is a great way to get your feet wet. Oftentimes, blogs turn into books in the long run and blogs are more accessible in this culture than books. The only catch is there are SO many blogs out there and it's hard for the reader to pick and choose. Also, you need to be open to comments - good, bad and ugly.
  16. some nice Google+ Pr in there too
  17. Actually, it is a good practice to get into. Nothing worse than sending something electronically - and it's too late to retract. Particularly to the wrong people, like your boss.
  18. Guilty as charged, mostly when I believe it's just going to open up a whole 'nother can of worms, or add fuel to the fire.
  19. Does he have a car? If yes, lots to feed off from that: GPS (I know this seems like a big ticket item but you can get one relatively inexpensive nowdays, less than $100) Car wash tickets AAA membership Any sort of emergency car kit. Again, nothing someone would want but something people are reluctant to buy themselves since it's need over want.
  20. Any restaurants he and his friends like to go to? I'm thinking anywhere from Starbucks giftcards, to ones for Applebees, etc.
  21. Pickers for me! Remember: Antiques Roadshow was one of the original shows of this type - more of an appraisal process than anything, but still had the whole "that's worth what?!" delight to it.
  22. QUOTE (Mara @ Dec 1 2011, 11:34 PM) As I mentioned in the other Christmas tree thread, I have a white fiber-optic tree that is just about the coolest thing going, IMO. I put all blue lights on it. Ornaments are blue, silver, and clear glass mostly. Not to offend, but that sounds like my Christmas tree nightmare, between the fiber optics and all blue lights, I hate blue Christmas lights
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