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  1. Nah.......still think there shit
  2. yep,courtesy of lerxster.....time for my sleep
  3. classic rock interview alex....appologies if already posted. Classic Rock Mobile Login | Join Subscribe to Classic Rock Home News Features MUSIC & VIDEOS Blog Podcasts Archive Shop RSS Newsletter Join us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Home > Features > Lifeson: Vapor Trails is an important record – our return after a horrible nightmare Lifeson: Vapor Trails is an important record – our return after a horrible nightmare Comments 10 gbarton at 04:00pm September 18 2013 LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - MAY 25: Alex Lifeson (L) and Geddy Lee of Rush performing live on stage at the O2 Arena on May 25, 2011 in London. (Photo by Joby Sessions/Rhythm Magazine) Alex Lifeson;Geddy Lee. CONTACT: Future Publishing Limited 30 Monmouth St, Bath, UK, BA1 2BW +44 (0)1225 442244 licensing@futurenet.com www.futurelicensing.com, www.futureplc.com Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee of Rush: (not so) happy Trails Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson has explained why the band’s 2002 album Vapor Trails is being reissued in a remixed form – and why, 11 years on, drummer Neil Peart still can’t bear to listen to the record. Words: Paul Eliott Vapor Trails was always a problematic album for Rush. It marked a comeback for the band, and for Peart in particular. It was the first album they had made together since the double tragedy that Peart suffered in the late 90s – his 19-year-old daughter Selena killed in a car crash, and his wife Jacqueline succumbing to cancer. In the aftermath, Peart told Lifeson and bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee that he was retired. He didn’t play drums for three years. But when he agreed to rejoin the band, they spent 15 months working on Vapor Trails, and the result was an album described by Lifeson as “filled with raw emotion”. In his lyrics, Peart wrote about the pain he had experienced. And the music had a similarly heavy vibe. “We wanted it to be hard-hitting,” Geddy Lee said. But over time, both Lee and Lifeson have felt that Vapor Trails didn’t sound right. “It really bothered us that it didn’t sound like it did when we were making it,” Lifeson says. “Now we’ve remixed it, it’s the way it should always have been. But Neil still won’t listen to the record.” What do you remember most about the making of Vapor Trails back in 2002? Alex Lifeson: We invested so much of our hearts into that record. It was hard work for the 15 months we worked on it, and there were times when we didn’t think we’d get through it. There were moments when we hated it. We threw out a bunch of songs and we re-wrote one song, Earthshine, three times. So the whole process was a struggle? There was no other record that was rebounding off such a difficult period. Just getting to the point of agreeing to do the album was monumental. The first days in the studio, it was January and grey, a cold Canadian winter, and it just didn’t bode well. It was uncomfortable and difficult to get into a groove and a rhythm. You say that the sound of the finished album ‘bothered’ you and Geddy. What exactly was wrong? The original mastering was the problem. It was poorly done. At the time we should have remastered. It bothered us forever – particularly Geddy, who had the task of remastering of the original album and feels responsible for it. It irked him for many years. The original version is hard on your ears, because the mastering was pushed so hard, there’s distortion and so much compression – I found it very difficult to listen to it. But why go back and remix it – why rewrite history? There was so much invested in that record and it just didn’t sit with us that we had this blemish on our recording history. We wanted to rectify that. I’d like to remix every record we did – maybe update some parts. But that’s crazy, you know? You don’t do that – records are moments in time, markers of these different periods of progression and growth. But this one was a very important record – our return after a horrible nightmare. And it deserved better. Given the circumstances, is Vapor Trails one of the most important albums Rush have ever made? I think it is. It deserves a very special place in our repertoire. Who has remixed it? David Bottrell. He produced Tool for a lot of years and I loved that stuff. There was talk about him producing Vapor Trails in 2002, but everything was so fragile at the time that it didn’t work out. But we stayed in touch. He’s a Toronto boy. In fact he lives not too far from where I am. When was the remixing done? We started in May of this year, when we were touring in Europe. We did all our approvals long distance. We had a few people remix a couple of songs and they were all really good, but there was something about David’s that really felt right to us. He found things in the tracks. David’s was the most interesting approach to remixing it, and the more he got into it, the more he got a sense of overall unity. To me it sounds so good. It’s blossomed. It’s a really great Rush record – some great playing and great ideas. And now that it all knits together in a much more complete way, it feels right. In layman’s terms, how does the remixed version sound different? It’s much more pleasurable to listen to. Now, everything’s open, you can hear everything, and everything has its place. It’s so well-balanced. There’s a sort of creaminess and a smoothness to the sound of it. It’s so much more dynamic. Before, everything was just balls to the wall. Now it breathes. But the remix hasn’t made it any easier for Neil to listen to the album… I don’t think it makes any difference to him at all. He wasn’t involved in the remixing. He basically said, “I tried but I can’t do it.” It just churned up so many memories for him when he listened to the first remixes. He said, “I trust you guys to do it, but I can’t be a part of it.” And we totally understand that, of course. It was what we expected. Does this new version of Vapor Trails feel like closure on a difficult part of the band’s history? I don’t know. That’s a question for Neil. But I think he’s doing well. He’s happy in his life. What he feels deep down, he doesn’t really share. You can only speculate how he is. Rush Clockwork Angels live DVD And what next for Rush? There’s a live DVD from the Clockwork Angels tour. It’s coming out just after Vapor Trails. We’re all still waiting to see the final cut for approval. Apart from that we don’t have much planned. Have you discussed when you will tour again? No. There are no definitive discussions about it at this point. Right now it’s only been a month since we got home and we really need three or four months to get it out of our system and then see what we feel like doing. But I think we’re looking at spring of 2015 as the probable time to get back going again. And the next Rush album? I don’t know. But Ged’s been collecting bass guitars like a madman. He’s covered the walls with all these vintage basses. He’s playing them, and he’s not one for playing when we’re not touring. So I’m wondering if maybe he and I will sit down in the new year and do something. I’m just speculating. I’m not saying there are any plans for writing or anything like that. But if he’s goofing around with his basses, that’s a good sign for me. * Rush will release the remixed version of Vapor Trails on September 30. A seven-disc box set, The Studio Albums 1989-2007, will appear on the same day. Tags: Alex Lifeson, featured, Geddy Lee, Neil Peart, Rush, Vapor Trails From around the web: Strange Facts About Richard Branson Strange Facts About Richard Branson (Celebrity Toob) 13 Signs You Are Too “Old” to Enjoy Concerts Anymore 13 Signs You Are Too “Old” to Enjoy Concerts Anymore (Pop​Hangover) A Sensitive Rap Star Toughens Up A Sensitive Rap Star Toughens Up (The New York Times) Memphis: where to find the blues Memphis: where to find the blues (Guardian) Memphis: where to find the blues A Sensitive Rap Star Toughens Up 13 Signs You Are Too “Old” to Enjoy Concerts Anymore ​ Strange Facts About Richard Branson Recommended by Popular Comments Latest Comments Login or Register to use our comments system. Kev Moore's avatar Kev Moore says: 03:31pm September 18 2013 "Geddy goofing around on his basses." All is right with the world. :-) Rate Up (0) Rate Down (0) Spam (0) Reply user has no avatar warptek says: 04:29pm September 18 2013 Not only was VT "balls to the wall" it also sounded rather primitive stripped down and naked. I guess I was getting used to having all these extra "events" triggered at various moments in the music. I still liked it more than any other lp out at the time though. Rate Up (0) Rate Down (0) Spam (0) Reply Burt K Arthur's avatar Burt K Arthur says: 04:31pm September 18 2013 I have had my moments of seperation from Rush...today I truly believe they are Immortal! I have never seen them 'Live' but did see the Live in Rio...DVD and was so overwelmed by their Dymanics I couldn't stop telling those I spoke to about how I felt and how they too should see them! My very first all original Rock Band in the early 80's, our drummer was an avid Neil Peart follower...and both Geddy and Alex have influenced me tremendiously. I remember reading a bit about Neils loss...it hurts to think of what he might have gone through and yet realizing that he had to move foreward...the air must have been heavy and the sky was crying...for his and the Bands efforts! So good to know they have survived...Peace and continued success to Rush, one of my very favorite Bands, I am a fan. thank You very much! Rate Up (0) Rate Down (0) Spam (0) Reply user has no avatar Gaf Stafford says: 06:03pm September 18 2013 They certainly chose the right guy for the re-mixing process, as the albums that Bottrill made with Tool (Aenima & Lateralus) are two of the most incredible, extraordinary & otherworldly albums that have ever been made, in my humble opinion. Rate Up (0) Rate Down (0) Spam (0) Reply user has no avatar Valhalla says: 03:42am September 19 2013 As they say, you cannot polish a turd! It is a woeful album, it really is, poor songs & that is unusual for Rush. At least re mixing it might make them feel a little better though, well at least Lee & Lifeson! Apart from their debut album (they had to start somewhere), Vapor Trails is their worst album easily! Rate Up (0) Rate Down (0) Spam (0) Reply user has no avatar the tragically hip says: 04:06pm September 19 2013 In many , many , many more people's opinion V.T. , is one of RUSH'S best , ever. I can't wait to HEAR IT sounding right!!! All of the songs are there. If you liked CLOCK WORK ANGELS , you will just love Vapor Trails [re-mixed / 2013]. Spam (0) user has no avatar PorkLord says: 06:10pm September 19 2013 Well, I find there's a general correlation between age and intelligence on the one side, and a Rush fan's favorite records on the other. Younger kids seem to stick with the obvious early 80s records. Older fans with an IQ above 20 (or an appetite for curiosity) tend towards the more recent records. It's really about personal evolution, just as it is with the guys in the band. I've aged with them, so the new records have more to say to me. In terms of feel, arrangement and instrumentation, Vapor Trails scarcely has any peers. I'll actually throw on Signals, HYF, Moving Pictures and other Rush records, immediately pull them off and shift to Vapor Trails. Fear Part IV is one of the best rock tunes ever. The whole record is a litany of remarkable rock music. Nothing like it. Musical taste is hard to nail down. All I can say for sure is a healthy human brain craves newness and innovation. Thank goodness the boys in Rush agree. Otherwise, they'd be like ACDC - same record over and over again. But then, you're probably an ACDC fan (no offense meant). Hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But I will suggest you not claim something is terrible merely because you cannot understand it. Spam (0) user has no avatar TONYA says: 04:23pm September 19 2013 I am probably one of the only people on the planet that actually love VAPOR TRAILS unmixed, unremastered and that includes the creators it seems. In fact I was jamming on it this morning while driving to work. That said, I can not WAIT to hear this - especially my favorite song How it Is. I do completely understand how this is a hard album for NEIL to listen to, on the emotional side. I lost someone to suicide so i know what NEIL means by not having things remind him... Happy Note... RUSH tour 2015 (possibly)- who is a HAPPY HAPPY Girl.. that would be me... #rushforever - Thanks RUSH - I love You!! Rate Up (0) Rate Down (0) Spam (0) Reply user has no avatar Valhalla says: 08:34pm September 19 2013 PorkLord, ACDC fan, now that is very funny indeed! It actually works the other way around, the earlier Rush, (up to the mid 90's) is actually where the intelligent factor is! Rush have run out of ideas, it happens to all songwriters, Snakes & Arrows has some 'more intelligent" music on it, but really? Oh, by the way, I understand lame songs no problem, & I am not the only Rush fan who thinks VT is a weak record! How you can mention, Moving Pictures, HYF & Signals in the same sentence as VT? One thing that you have correct, is that, yes, it is a personal opinion, from any individual! Geddy's vocal melodies are so predictable & devoid of the melody & emotion of the 'classic' Rush these days! And the song writing is mundane, it happens! Rate Up (0) Rate Down (0)
  4. Hey Hatchet,im good thanks..more of an observer around here in recent times but still inclined to jump in occasionally, Gillan is (was )more of a screamer and a damn good one to boot but plant sounds like he spilled his cement. Ahem, this is why I don't talk much
  5. its been a year and a half since I instigated this potato during which time I have not altered my opinion in the least, each time I try to listen to them I find myself reaching for the skip button and its mainly due to plants moaning and squealing,its fukcin intolerable!! ......PURPLE RULE!!
  6. Hey Tel! long time no hear, how's things? all good mate,the conversation was getting a little stale so I decided to go into hibernation for a while.
  7. the power windows material dident work imo and neils chopped up solo was a bad idea, drop 2112 and give us la villa........otherwise great show
  8. I was also in 113 for the Manchester show and the sound was fine,my brother who bought a ticket outside was at the other side and again he said it sounded fine. My only complaint soundwise would be the orchestra,could hardly hear them.
  9. What’s New What is iTunes What’s on iTunes iTunes Charts How To iTunes iTunes is the world's easiest way to organize and add to your digital media collection. We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. To download from the iTunes Store, get iTunes now. Already have iTunes? Click I Have iTunes to open it now. .iTunes for Mac + PC. Rush 2112 by Rush, Neil Peart, Geddy Lee & Alex Lifeson View More By This Author This book is available for download on your iPad with iBooks or on your computer with iTunes. . Description Rush's landmark album 2112 is expanded with new album art by Hugh Syme and the first ever complete album comic book for the band. All six iconic songs are visualized in story art form by accomplished artist Tom Hodges using only the lyrics of each song to tell the story. See the story of the futuristic dystopian society ruled by tyrannical priests unfold. Witness the discovery of the ancient miracle that could change humanity's cold and empty life to a thing of beauty. Behold the power of the elder race as they take back what was once there's. As a bonus, the pencil sketches and black & white ink drawings are also included for nearly every cell to enhance the interactive nature of the iBook format. Liner notes by David Fricke (Rolling Stone) and unpublished band photos not in the physical book are presented along with lyrics and original album credits. Lastly, samples of all six original album songs and the three 2012 reissue bonus live performances are showcased in their brand new Mastered for iTunes audio fidelity. The 2112 iBook is the perfect visual compliment to the greatest concept Rock album of all time! . Screenshots . .. . . View In iTunes $4.99 Available on iPad. Category: Music Published:Dec 18, 2012 Publisher: Universal Music Enterprises Seller: INscribe Digital Print Length: 66 Pages Language: English Version: 1.0 Requirements: This book can only be viewed using iBooks 3.0 or later on an iPad. iOS 5.1 or later is required. Customer Ratings We have not received enough ratings to display an average for this book. .. .
  10. yep me too,brilliant show and still one of the best live albums ever
  11. except perhaps this......http://youtu.be/LbC0evIHkDo fukc it......try this
  12. except perhaps this......http://youtu.be/LbC0evIHkDo
  13. r40 featuring carress of steel in its entirety...(you can dream cant ya?)
  14. QUOTE (Ancient Ways @ Oct 8 2012, 06:27 PM) they're only legit in that everyone seems to accept that they are legit. Kind of like how everyone agrees gold is valuable even though it is just a rock we dig up from the ground. gold is made of rock??
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