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  1. High Water from Hold Your Fire. GREAT song... lyrics are excellent. Find it on youtube with the lyrics scrolling.
  2. I’ve been saying it since the final show of R40… “Well, I guess that’s it.” Neil is retired and Rush as a band, is too. But, if the boys were someone how convinced to give their fans one last show, where should it be? No question, Toronto is the city, but the venue? Three obvious choices: One is the Rogers Centre (or whatever the hell they call it these days), the place could hold 60,000 which would easily sell out. Two, the Air Canada Centre, which is the hockey arena that holds about 15,000. Or, finally and for nostalgia sakes, how about Massey Hall? This legendary 3,000 seat theater has great acoustics for sound, but as most know, it’s where All The World’s A Stage was recorded back in 196. A full circle… So?
  3. I call this the "Leap Forward" album because the musicality between AFTK and 2112 is massive. Almost like a new band... synthesizers, Taurus pedals, 12 string guitars, and Neil's additional percussion instruments make AFTK a HUGE album for them and brought them the boost they needed after 2112.
  4. I have seen this "net worth" website and I find it very disturbing that people's personal wealth (or not) is out there for all to see. How much money someone has (or not) is none of anyone's goddam business but their own. Also, I don't know how anyone could even know about someone's personal wealth. Did someone call Neil and ask him? Thank you, Internet. And, no, I doubt very highly that Neil needs or wants more money. He is a retired drummer. Leave him alone.
  5. Counterparts Tour, Target Center, Minneapolis. During Roll The Bones, someone through a pair of fuzzy dice (on a string) on stage and it hit Lifeson in the head... and kind of hung there, around his neck for a second or two... he just started laughing. And, so did I. Also, on the Hemispheres Tour, Civic Centre in Ottawa, it was December 21 and their last show before their very short Christmas break. They played and sang "the First Noel"... mainly Neil on his tubular bells. 8,000 people sang along. Everyone was happy... and laughing. Then, they cranked into the encore!!
  6. Wow! Hard to believe these guys are now senior citizens. I remember seeing Geddy in 1976 and he was probably 23. We ALL get old. Even famous people.
  7. The title of this thread... Captain D Bag? No wonder Neil stays away from fans whenever he can.
  8. You may have seen this before, but maybe not... a behind the scenes look at putting together a Rush show. Snakes and Arrows tour. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpSyUovlv3I
  9. Watchiing this, one can sure see how much Neil improved this band...
  10. I wish people would just leave Neil alone. He's 65... he's retired. Stop being so selfish and ridiculous. No wonder he stays away from fans. I would too.
  11. Wicked talent.... not too many people are equally skilled on three instruments AND can sing that good. Something I just noticed... he's left handed (guitar) but his drums are set up for a right-handed drummer... and he plays drums like a righty too. Unusual.
  12. I think BU2B is Neil doing a Doug Stanhope! I'll bet Neil loves Stanhope. I do... smart guy.
  13. This one brings back a lot of great memories... the Hemispheres Tour, my fourth (and most favourite) Rush show. THIS was Rush...
  14. I beg to differ. It may not be La Villa Strangiato or Cygnus Book I...but I would venture to say that Entre Nous, Different Strings, The Pass, and Bravado (and a host of others I'm not thinking of at the moment) are all much simpler than YYZ. Yes, there are quite a few songs that easier to play than YYZ, but, even still, YYZ is very easy to play on drums... the solos are very basic.
  15. I live about an hour from Halifax where they shoot some of the Swearnet shows... and I got to know John Dunsworth quite well... I was invited to his 70th B Day party last year and he invited me to do a show with him and Pat Roach (Randy) on their Swearnet Channel... "The Jim Lahey Show and Randy." I've done a lot of TV in my life, but that was one of the funniest days of shooting I've ever had. Ended up in a big scrap of course... Ended up choking Mr Lahey and throwing a cheeseburger at Randy... hit him in the gut. Those guys really are nuts!
  16. I was in a grocery store here in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia last week... I saw a dude with an R40 T shirt, so I just had to ask him... how many shows? 206, he told me. TWO HUNDRED AND SIX! Turned out he was from Michigan. And, I thought I was cool, having seen 28 since 1976...
  17. Would love to see footage from AFTK or Hemispheres tour... not sure if any is out there.
  18. The Weapon is a wicked prog rock song. Best on Signals... at least I think so.
  19. I like the lyrics and meaning behind them, but the music... nope. Too much synth... I hated seeing them play it live because the sequencers never seemed to stop. They really needed a keyboard player to do that one live.
  20. No. The drum fill in In the Air Tonight is cool and perfect for that song, but nothing like some of the Neil stuff. Example, as simple as it is, the five stroke rolls that come tumbling down after the first verse in Lakeside Park are way cooler than the fill by Phil. Phil was a monster drummer in his time though... check out some Brand X.
  21. I've read some of the nonsense on this thread... which is about the 300th time Rush (and Neil's) retirement has been talked about. I've kept telling myself to ignore this... don't bother ... But, I can't, so here it is: Neil has retired, the guy gave 40 plus years to his profession, and now he has his new life to live. LEAVE THE GODDAM GUY ALONE.
  22. I thought this was a Rush forum for Rush fans... This, along with the Neil bashing is ridiculous.
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