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  1. Lifeson also plays an SG, a white one, from time to time. What's the double-neck SG called? Also, known to play the SG often is Myles Goodwyn of April Wine. Kim Mitchell played one often when he was back with Max Webster. It would be weird seeing Iommi playing something other than an SG... or Angus Young with a Telecaster? That would be funny actually.
  2. Yes, always going out of tune... I've seen about five or six times on various videos of live shows, where Jake Kistka (GVF guitarist) had to turn off his volume and retune in the middle of a song. I would imagine that he will end up with a Gibson sponsorship this year and he'll have as many guitars as he wants.
  3. The Birkenstock’s and striped pants are a little hokey. You gotta love the SG and the Jazz though. That guitar that he uses is actually a Les Paul. I also thought it was an SG, but in a interview talking about his guitars and his rig, he said that the first year or two of that model were called Les Paul... 1960 or 1961 I think he said. The bass player uses that Jazz and a Precision with a Jazz neck put on it. That's not an SG? No, it's not an SG... I thought it was too. I'm not a guitar player, so I don't know much about the history of Fender, Martin, or Gibson. Fast forward to the 17:30 mark of this youtube video where Jake explains his SG looking Les Paul.
  4. The Birkenstock’s and striped pants are a little hokey. You gotta love the SG and the Jazz though. That guitar that he uses is actually a Les Paul. I also thought it was an SG, but in a interview talking about his guitars and his rig, he said that the first year or two of that model were called Les Paul... 1960 or 1961 I think he said. The bass player uses that Jazz and a Precision with a Jazz neck put on it.
  5. I used to think I was hard core, seeing 28 shows since 1976. Then, I ran into this dude at the airport in Minneapolis who was wearing a Rush T shirt. We started chatting and he told me had seen 278 shows. And, the way he was talking, I believed him. THAT is hard-core. 28 shows is soft-core.
  6. I've heard of Muse, but I have never heard them on radio, at least that I'm aware of. I've only heard GVF on Nova Scotia radio once, that was a rock station in Halifax. As much as the Internet is a double edged sword for many bands, GVF has become huge so fast, mainly due to the... better edge of the sword. I've read a few youtube comments about GVF also sounding like Yes, which to me, is nonsense. Some people compare the band to any band where the singer has a high range. Josh's vocals are his own. He can't change the sound of his voice. I think he sounds more like Dio than Plante. But, give this guy some time. He's only 22 and he will develop, so will the rest of the band. Someone above mentioned about Rush developing. Look at the difference between the first Rush album and AFT Kings. It's not even the same band if you really think about it.
  7. Thunder Bay Rush


    Bravado is my favourite song from Roll the Bones... LOVE the guitar solo and steady, heavy beat. Neil really holds it down on this one and let's Alex blast through.
  8. A bunch of fair comments here. A couple people said that Josh's vocals are way too much... he can hit some insanely high notes and hold them for a long time; he does scream a lot but he is good at it if you like that style. Ronnie James Dio a bit? Not Plante. But, I still don't see much of a Rush sound to them. Their full length CD that came out in October is a big step away from the LZ stuff and it shows (how someone above mentioned) that they will find their own sound and mature. They're VERY young... I don't remember ever seeing such a young band being this good. One example, the bass player also plays organ and piano on stage and at the same time, plays a full bass line with his feet by way of a set of bass pedals. The kid is now 18... or maybe 19, but he was doing this when he was even younger. You can see a HUGE difference in their live act (between videos from 2017 and today) how they have improved their presence and playing. They'll be booked into the arenas by this coming summer, mark my words. This one has a LZ feels to it, especially, since it's mostly a jam. I do hear a little bit of Rush... maybe the guitar?
  9. Watched it, great job. Also, watched B of B. I have the whole series on DVD, so I know the story. I've mentioned this before, so sorry if I sound like a broken record but - how can someone just go ahead and use an artist's music, re-edit video footage and make a new video without permission? I wonder if Hanks / Spielberg have seen this? Or, any of the Rush team? I'll bet they would all approve, but still... where does all this end?
  10. Yes, we Rush fans can be a little pushy... I am sometimes. I actually FORCED this non-Rush guy to listen to the entire Villa Strangiatto. And, I won him over! But, Fleet does sound a little like LZ at times, but what is wrong with that? Many bands sound like others, especially when they start and they're still young. I heard one of their newer songs and it sounded a bit like Rush, but that was the music, not the vocals. Speaking of vocals, that kid in Fleet can really, really, REALLY sing.
  11. I have a lanyard that I keep my duck and goose calls on, along with a few leg bands. I have a feeling that's not exactly what you're looking for...
  12. Great article... many young dudes went through a similar thing with Rush, or their favourite band, which could have been anyone.
  13. I just heard about this band about a month ago and most of what I read was about them sounding like Led Zepp, which they do a bit at times. I hear several influences in their sound, especially, the singer’s. Plante, Dio, Johnson (AC/DC) Joplin, Chris Cornell, Joe Cocker… but NOT Geddy Lee. I’ve been reading a lot of comments on-line about how singer, Josh Kiska, sounds like Geddy and how the whole band sounds like Rush. I don’t see it at all. They sound like Greta Van Fleet, a band that has been influenced by late 60s’ – early 70s rock music. They just sold out 3 nights (tickets sold out in minutes) at the Fox Theater in Detroit, which is 15,300 seats in total, so they could have sold out Little Caesars arena where the Red Wings play hockey. Most of their tour dates are now sold out to the end of July, 2019. Astonishing when you know that they just released their FIRST full length CD in October. Prior, they were selling out 3,000 – 8,000 venues all over North America and Europe on the back of just an 8 song EP. They are just kids… two of them are 19 and the other two, 22. I think they are the hottest band anywhere right now, but they don’t sound like Rush.
  14. Kind of a shame that he didn't interview Paul McCartney. Was there a more popular bassist at that time? Probably not... and his Hofner bass and Vox amp were seen on many stages after he became famous in 1964. Love the bass line "baby, you can drive my car." And, in Hey, Bulldog.
  15. Here are the answers... see if I goofed on any of them - 1. A tricky one... Wales, 1977, AFTK. BUT - some consider Wales part of England while some do not. 2. Moving Pictures tour, 1981. 3. Dirty question... first album, Rush. He mixed it, he did not co-produced it. 4. AFTK album. 5. AFTK Tour. They opened for a few shows early in the tour, but then became the headliner - arenas in Canada and parts of the US and theaters in other regions of the US and England. 6. Max Webster 7. Grace Under Pressure Tour 8. Hemispheres Tour. Tama drums for the Permanent Waves Tour in 1980. 9. AFTK went gold first, then 2112 shortly after. 10. Permanent Waves tour, St Louis, Keil Centre, 1980, 10,000 seater. 11. AFTK Tour, white and Redwood or Cherrywood? Not sure the correct name... 12. Howard Ungerleider 13. Pittsburgh, 12,000 or so. 14. In the courtyard of the studio in Wales. 15. AFTK Tour, Xanadu. 16. Sao Paulo, Brazil 60,000 17. AFTK Tour 18. Never played in Australia, oddly enough. 19. Hemispheres Tour 20. Alex looked so "rock" on the Hemispheres Tour with his curly hair. ALL 3 females in the audience nearly lost their shit...
  16. Bill Wyman was a great part of the Stones, underrated. I'd love to try his restaurant, but... kind of far away for me.
  17. I don't think they are trying to imitate anyone. It's not the singer's fault if he sometimes sounds like Plante, or the guitar player like Page. They have drawn from many bands of the late 60s and very early 70s... and who the hell hasn't? These kids are SO young and look how good they are already. I hate to say it, but when the guys in Rush were 19 - 21... they weren't very good at all. I just watched a youtube of a Greta concert that was played just two weeks ago and in comparison to their early shows of one year ago, they have matured their stage craft and live sound beyond words. This is the real deal. I just hope they stay out of drugs, booze and stupidity because there will be a ton of pressure on them this year to be "cool rock stars."
  18. To some people, music or whatever his/her career is or was, isn't everything. The guy wants to retire... he has a family and a life beyond music. He is 66 now... I cannot understand why people don't get this. He doesn't need the money. Maybe he just wants to do nothing. That would be me after 40 something years of being in the spotlight, touring... all of it. If he was 76 and wanted to retire, some people would still say he bailed on them. How selfish.
  19. Mike Portnoy once said, "There is no best drummer just a favourite drummer," or something to that affect. I didn't bother to look at the list... okay, I started to and then stopped when I saw Tommy Lee as number 24. Okay.........
  20. If you don't think these kids are good, check this out. It's one song live... a jam of 26 minutes. The guitar player will freak you out.
  21. I was living in Collingwood, Ontario. So it was an easy drive to see Rush on that tour at the old Maple Leaf Gardens in TO. Red balloons falling from the ceiling at the encore...
  22. A little late coming to the party, I just found out about this band last week. UNREAL band! So young and talented. I also happen to like the fact they aren't covered in ink and piercings just to try to look cool. Clean cut kids, who just like to play honest rock. And, who cares if they sound a bit like Zepp or any other band. Rush did at first... They sold out two nights in Toronto (their first time there and with only two EPs, no full album at that time out yet) with 7500 per show. Mark my words, they will be one of the world's biggest bands in three years if not sooner. They're up for FOUR Grammys... holy shit!
  23. Being "good with 50%" was my theory all through high school. Mom to me - "You lazy little bastard!" Me to mom - "I passed, didn't I?"
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