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  1. A few points, which might raise some hackles: I understand the intention behind raising funds to "aid Ukraine refugees" during this conflict. Who can argue with that premise? That said, who can guarantee this money will actually reach those in need? After all, corruption in Ukraine is broadly recognized as among the worst globally. Alex has Serbian heritage, so it seems a bit odd why he (or perhaps his record company) would side with the Ukrainian side in this conflict. Serbia and Russia undeniably have longstanding historical and cultural ties, as shown most vividly in the Yugoslav wars. More recently, Serbia and Russia have maintained constructive relations, agreeing to continue oil imports at a VERY low price via pipeline. This will ensure Serbia's economic survival while most of the rest of the EU commits economic seppuku Clearly, the Candian government is extremely pro-Ukrainian (look into Freeland's background). So although it makes sense from a PR standpoint, I don't get why Alex or his record company feels a need to get involved in this $hitshow. Political pressure to toe the political line is clearly immense in Canda and the US nowadays. And it will probably continue for a couple more months until Russia's military victory is undeniable. That said, I'm not longer shocked by whatever involvement the Canadian or US governments have in world affairs nowadays.
  2. "Polar Bear" Pete Alonso has adopted Working Man as the song played through the PA at Mets home games prior to his plate appearances. I wonder if this has been the case for any other MLB player. Clearly there have been other Big Leage Rush fans.
  3. The organist at Truist Field in Atlanta is clearly a Rush fan. During a pitching change in a Mets-Braves game back in May, he played the intro to Limelight. And then the next inning he was playing the main theme to La Villa Strangiato.
  4. What is also remarkable about this album is apparently how difficult is was to complete, according to the band members. Which is not too surprising given the complexity of the arrangements. I wonder what tracks made this masterpiece so hard to bring to the finish line.
  5. I just ordered my hardcopy. Along with Hugh Syme's Art of Rush. Cost more for shipping to Moscow than the book itself! "We will pay the price, but we will not count the cost" ;)
  6. This album had a different production quality that really stood out for me at the time. There is a depth and breadth to this recording that I hadn't heard before. Remember that this was 1987 and still at the cusp of the vinyl to CD transition. Yeah, they were still inspired by the keyboard-synth approach to song writing, but I really liked what they were doing at the time. Saw them at Joe Louis Arena in April '88 and they were as dynamic live as I had ever seen them. Nostalgia means I'll always love this album, but it really is a fine recording.
  7. Thanks for the behind the scenes shot of the GUP photo sessions. Looking at Alex, it reminds me of when I, as as 15-year old, went to the hairstyler that year with a copy of Guitar for the Practicing Musician. Asked for a similar haircut!
  8. What an awesome guitar. I have a Les Paul Standard, also Ruby Red but without the quilt pattern. What caught my attention was the locking tremelo bar. What I have learned is that Les Pauls are notorious for going out of tune, and this appears to be a feature - not a bug. Alex obviously took care of this problem the right way) Having seen this guitar, I am now encouraged to attach one to my Les Paul. That Gibson sound is key to so many of the '70s albums. I have an '84 Kramer that I recently had restored. Bought it when I was 15 and sounds so great on the early to mid-80s material. Black and white like the model we see in the Exit Stage Left video from Montreal '81.
  9. That was a cool video) I had no idea Alex was such a wine collector/conisseure. Turning a sauna into a wine cellar...now that is a good quality of life
  10. Steven last week announced he will be working on remastering the Black Sabbath catalogue. From his Twitter: "Honoured to be working on the catalogue of the mighty @BlackSabbath with the announcement today of an expanded reissue of the band’s classic album Vol.4". This.Will.Be.Awesome
  11. Another complicating factor for this poll) Does my purchase of a FBN vinyl signed by all three band members count as ownership? Purchased this after the R40 show in Las Vegas) https://scontent-arn...d31&oe=5F6DF2FC
  12. My introduction to the debut (and FBN/CoS) was the double cassette version of Archives via the legendary Coumbia House 10 albums for 2 cents deal (along with 2112, Hemispheres, MP, AFTK and ATWAS). Later on I bought Archives on vinyl, but only owned the separate releases on CD years later. Not sure how this complicates the poll in this thread). Archives and the other Columbia releases crammed a lot of Rush into my 13-year old head in the summer of '82 on a three-week bicycle tour in the countryside surrounding Cologne, Germany. Along with the Sabbath compilation We Sold Our Soul for Rock 'N Roll (!). And Diary of a Madman (just months after Randy's demise). Archives doesn't get much love as a compliation, and I always envied my friend who had all the separate vinyls. Such awesome artwork and photos! But it will always hold a special place in my heart as a lifelong Rush fan)
  13. No doubt it's brilliant, but I don't think there's a single "quintessential" Lifeson sound. He had too many different ones. Limelight itself features I think three different tones. You make an excellent point. Perhaps what I was getting at with "quintessential" is that Limelight really highlights his ability to vary tones and textures within a particular song. Clearly there's no single tone that we all could agree on as our favorite. Purely subjective. Perhaps a better question is what song best showcases his ability to vary tones within a single composition. So far we have Limelight with three different tones. Are there songs where he has 4+ clearly identifiable tones?
  14. My vote goes to Limelight. The tone on the opening riff just pulls you in and never lets go. Not to mention the bridge and the solo. Just quintessential Alex. Some great suggestions in this thread, but Limelight wins it for me.
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