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  1. My kids LOVE Rush. I'm so glad they do...keeps them away from today's crap until better new stuff comes along for them to enjoy when they are older.
  2. I have the series on DVD. :) Absolutely love it!
  3. I just started watching this yesterday. I'm only 2 episodes in, but I'm just not sure what to think of this series yet...
  4. OK, I figured as much, but you never know with some people. LOL Yes, how do you get a photo pass?
  5. Would love to know how you smuggled that kind of gear into a Rush concert...even in the UK. I have all Canon gear: 5D and professional L glass ranging from 17mm to 200mm. Would LOVE to have a chance to actually use that for a good concert...'tis but a pipe dream.
  6. Into what, sane, rational, objective human beings? Better that than the rabid fanboyism we usually have to suffer. Into whiny babies. They're not doing anything new, so apparently there's nothing to compliment on. All the criticism comes out over really dumb stuff. It's funny, really. Great social experiment. ;)
  7. People complain he's too closed off. Then they complain his entries are too long. Is this what this forum turns into when the band is between tours?
  8. Miley is the Michael Scott of performing. What she did on stage is what, probably, 99% of teen girls look like when they prance around in their rooms pretending to be rock stars. She should have kept it in her bedroom. Embarrassing to those who actually have talent and can perform.
  9. not a liberal? you'll fit right in No thanks. Trying to enjoy life. :)
  10. Not even if you paid me. And I'm certainly not a liberal.
  11. So, so very sorry for your loss. Music is an amazing thing.
  12. Apparently in the land of Stranding Preposition. ;)
  13. I'm actually surprised he recovered it rather than just let it fall and grab one out of his back pocket like he does when one breaks.
  14. Woohoo! The only man who can seriously pull off a soul patch AND a froofy scarf! :)
  15. Coordinator of Christian Education at my church. I absolutely adore my job!
  16. That was a pretty graceful reaction and recovery. I can't even begin to imagine the lack of feeling he has in his hands due to callouses...and then the pain he has when those callouses break open. I have nerve damage in my right index finger and even that makes me fumble with the littlest things. The sad part is he's the type of guy that will recover gracefully then dwell on it for a while after the show (per his books, he's very critical of himself). Though, I can relate. I embarrass very easily and just want to crawl into a hole when something embarrassing happens.
  17. Well, whaddya know...Neil is HUMAN after all. :eyeroll:
  18. I thought she looked pregnant, but I think it was her open jacket just playing tricks on the eyes at that angle. I had seen some photos of them from February, I think, where they were at a premiere of something (or the photos appeared to be of that nature) and she appeared very NOT pregnant. The clip I saw during the RRHOF ceremony she looked VERY pregnant, and in two month's time she couldn't have changed quite that much. :) ETA the photos I referred to: http://www.rushisaband.com/blog/2013/02/25/3516/Neil-Peart-and-wife-Carrie-Nuttall-attend-Global-Green-USAs-10th-annual-Pre-Oscar-Party-last-week
  19. Sorry, my OCD made me post this. Now all three posts show on my updated topics list and all is again right with the world. Carry on. :)
  20. As long as they can end on THEIR terms, it is what it is (and whatever). I would be very heartbroken if it were something out of their hands that forced them to stop.
  21. Straight up vodka... ;) Take it slow in this heat!
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