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  1. I hear Gary Weinrib and Alek Zivojinovic have started playing music together. They'll probably start a band. I predict they'll call the band Wein & Ziv. If their friend joins, they could name it Wein & Ziv in a Rut.
  2. Fantastic video! My Golden Retriever kept tilting his head, listening to it. Wait, that was me. Counterparts is absolutely brilliant. Not a miss on it. "Cut To The Chase", as I have posted previously, is my absolute favorite Rush song. Brilliant! "Leave That Thing Alone" is my fav instrumental. Where would I rather be? Listening to Rush!
  3. It's been a year now. CA was released June 12, 2012, and it's now June 12, 2013. I've had CA rotating in the car player pretty much continuously since it was released. After a couple of months, the only songs I would sometimes skip were Caravan, BU2B, BU2B2 and The Garden. That's right, "The Garden". Now, 365 days after the albums release, I've really gotten into "The Garden". BU2B2 still usually gets skipped. I still can't figure out why the guys thought it was a good idea to sink everything into a feeling of despair and regret directly after the thrill and force of "Headlong Flight". "HF" is my favorite on the album and has been since I first heard it. Also absolutely love "The Wreckers". To me, these two songs are true Rush classics. Not gonna make it to the show this tour (first tour missed since I first saw them during the Moving Pictures 1981 tour.) Can't wait for the DVD coming out next fall. I just hope it's not another 4 years til we get the next new Rush.
  4. Never heard of these guys prior to this posting. Compared to some voices I've heard attempting Rush, this singer wasn't so terrible.
  5. What the? I'm on here every day. How did I miss this when it was first posted? This was absolutely FAN-F***ING-TASTIC!!! Twain doing that guitar solo was awesome. The keyboard keys keying and the drums drumming was great. The Space He Invades Space Invader - Crazy I'd never thought of that before! Seriously, somebody has got to some how let the boys know about this video. More Rush fans deserve to see it! Damn brilliant work, mindnotforrent!
  6. tangy, you nailed it. I got out my Signals tour book and checked. Here's part of what Alex wrote regarding the equipment he was using for the Signals tour: "In the guitar department I'm down to four; a black one, a red one, a white one and a brownish one. They all have six strings and a long wooden piece sticking out from the body. I also have two acoustic guitars both with six strings, one steel string and the other plastic (or something like that). Both the guitars have rounded bodies to make them impossible to play sitting down. They also have holes all over the sound board which is sort of like a diving board I think. My double neck guitar was recently crushed by an elephant. Too bad." GeddyLeeGenes here again now. I have to admit, I'm kind of proud that I recalled something that I probably last read about 32 years ago!
  7. I'm recalling Alex saying somewhere a long time ago when asked about why he no longer played that doubleneck, that an elephant had sat on it. Maybe in one of the tour books? MAN, now I bet he was lying.
  8. Yep, I use AOL's free email. I hadn't gotten any emails for I don't know how long. That includes email responses for my request of having my password sent to me. I've been requesting that for months. Every time I did, the site would respond, "an email with your password information has been sent to you. It should arrive in about 10 minutes. Sometimes faster" (or something like that.) The email never arrived. So while I've been reading posts for a long time as a "guest", I haven't been able to post. I tried to start a new account, but the site would only reply with, "that email account already exists" and I couldn't go any further. But today, 4/10/13, an email was finally there with the password info. Really happy to be back. (Not really understanding why having an AOL email account is "so yesterday". Maybe it is, but it's not something that really matters to me. However, if it was AOL that was screwing things up for me, then that's gonna make me think twice about it.) Thanks for getting me back on here!
  9. Yeah, I don't know who determines what the "official" classics are. Somebody somewhere at sometime decided that "Stick It Out" is a Rush classic. It's a good song, but I don't think it's up there with "Spirit", "Tom", "Barchetta" or "Sub", etc. I think that ten years from now (or so) when Rush and the label release a "Best of"/"Greatest Hits" including newer Rush songs, the two from "CA" that will definitely make their way onto a compilation will be "Caravan" and "Headlong Flight". "BU2B" and "The Wreckers" would be back-up possibilities. That's not to say that "Caravan" and "Headlong" are the absolute best songs on the album. I myself think that "Headlong" is right up there with "Working Man" and "Spirit" and the biggest Rush songs. Others think "The Garden" and "Clockwork" rank up there. I think it will take at least one more studio album to get a "Best of the latest era" release. The songs that would appear on that? "One Little Victory", "Earthshine", "Ghost Rider", "Nocturne", "Far Cry", "Working Them Angels", "The Larger Bowl", "Main Monkey Business", "Caravan", "BU2B", "Headlong Flight", "The Wreckers" and 4 songs from the 2017 album.
  10. Looks like we've got a bit of a consensus going on this one. This video is awful. I love the song. It's my second favorite on the album after Headlong. As someone above posted, the video for Headlong was good and fit the song. This one for Wreckers is just absolutely boring. I've only viewed it once, but it seemed, while watching it that one time, that I'd already seen it over and over and over. Really cheap. This is one of those which makes you ask the question, "Why did they bother if they weren't really going to bother?" The video that has been playing in my head for the last couple of months while listening to this song is a thousand light years better!
  11. Went with 2112. Is "Hemispheres" a title track? The name of the album is "Hemispheres" but the name of the song is "Cygnus X-1, Book Two: Hemispheres". Wouldn't the album have to have that same title for it to (technically) be a title track? Not that it matters or that I would have let that stop me from voting for it. I just like "2112" that little bit more. How many realize (or remember) that "Cygnus X-1" on "A Farewell To Kings" is actually titled, "Cygnus X-1, Book One: The Voyage"?
  12. Rush - Here Again Fly By Night - Beneath, Between & Behind Caress of Steel - Fountain of Lamneth (especially "No One At The Bridge") 2112 - 2112 A Farewell To Kings - Closer To The Heart Hemispheres - La Villa Strangiato Permanent Waves - The Spirit of Radio Moving Pictures - Red Barchetta Signals - Subdivisions Grace Under Pressure - Red Lenses Power Windows - Mystic Rhythms Hold Your Fire - Time Stand Still Presto - Scars Roll The Bones - Roll The Bones Counterparts - Cut To The Chase Test For Echo - Time and Motion Vapor Trails - Ghost Rider Snakes and Arrows - Far Cry Clockwork Angels - Headlong Flight
  13. I can understand all the votes for HYF and I agree it's a bad cover. I probably would have gone with that if it hadn't been for the awful cover of... "Snakes and Arrows" - I just find it a huge disappointment. Not even a Hugh Syme creation. Just a print of an old work. Nothing exciting about it. Too light in color. Other artwork associated with the album is so much better. The cover of SAA Live is great. I wasn't so hot on "Clockwork Angels" either until I realized that the twisted face of the Watchmaker is smack in the middle. Now that's cool. (I know. I know. Others don't see it. I do and I always will!)
  14. Decided to try it. First though, here's how I rated the albums without doing the numbers: 1. Moving Pictures 2. Permanent Waves 3. Counterparts 4. 2112 5. Clockwork Angels 6. Power Windows 7. Hemispheres 8. Rush 9. Caress of Steel 10. Roll The Bones 11. Vapor Trails 12. Fly By Night 13. Signals 14. A Farewell To Kings 15. Test For Echo 16. Grace Under Pressure 17. Snakes & Arrows 18. Hold Your Fire 19. Presto Here's after I crunched the numbers: 1. Moving Pictures - Stayed at #1 2. 2112 - Moved up from #4 3. Permanent Waves - Dropped from #2 4. Hemispheres - Moved up from #7 5. Rush - Moved up from #8. 6. Clockwork Angels - Dropped from #5 7. Vapor Trails - Moved up from #11 8. Counterparts - Dropped from #3 9. Power Windows - Dropped from #6 10. Fly By Night - Moved up from #12 11. Roll The Bones - Dropped from #10 12. Caress of Steel - Dropped from #9 13. A Farewell To Kings - Moved up from #14 14. Grace Under Pressure - Moved up from #16 15. Signals - Dropped from #13 16. Test For Echo - Dropped from #15 17. Hold Your Fire - Moved up from #18 18. Snakes & Arrows - Dropped from #17 19. Presto - Stayed at #19 I definitely knew my most favorite Rush album and my least favorite. Biggest surprise for me was "Counterparts" moving from #3 down to #8. My absolute favorite song, "Cut To The Chase" is on "CP" so obviously, it carried a whole lot of weight behind it. "Mystic Rhythms" is my second most favorite Rush song, so it also had been supporting some weaker songs as "Power Windows" dropped from #6 to #9. Also surprised that I like "Vapor Trails" more than I thought, up from #11 to #7, above "Counterparts". Even though the overall muddy sound of "VT" leaves me wanting, favorites on the album like "Ghost Rider", "Earthshine", "One Little Victory", "Vapor Trails" and "Nocturne" bring up other, weaker songs. The other albums all stayed relatively close to my original thoughts, although everything from #2 to #18 did move around. Great idea here, JohnnyBlaze. I don't know how I missed this when it was originally posted a month ago.
  15. QUOTE (OGr8imL84AD8inF8sBlackSedan @ Aug 4 2012, 05:11 PM) QUOTE (greyfriar @ Aug 4 2012, 07:00 AM) QUOTE (OGr8imL84AD8inF8sBlackSedan @ Aug 4 2012, 11:39 AM) Rutsey...Definitely Rutsey...I've a lot of questions about what he's been doing for the past couple years. Nothing - he died in 2008 - R.I.P. Yes...but he could answer a lot of lifes mysteries....If ya believe in that. This is exactly what I was going to say. You beat me to it. Hah!
  16. Had to go with "Different Stages". There's just so much happening on those stages. Great selection. Plus, on the Chicago recordings, I was in the audience along with the Rush-girl who would become my Rush-wife and I can hear us clapping.
  17. From "Caravan", I swear Geddy is having a laugh and is actually saying: "In a world lit only butt-fire" I mean, put it on and listen to it. He doesn't say "by". He says "butt".
  18. So a "favorites" of the last three studios, eh? Interesting to see the lists that others have come up with. Ceiling Unlimited Ghost Rider Earthshine Nocturne Far Cry The Larger Bowl The Main Monkey Business Malignant Narcissism Clockwork Angels Seven Cities Of Gold The Wreckers Headlong Flight Wish Them Well As for the order in which I would place them: Nocturne Clockwork Angels The Larger Bowl Ceiling Unlimited The Main Monkey Business Seven Cities of Gold Ghost Rider Far Cry The Wreckers Wish Them Well Earthshine Malignant Narcissism Headlong Flight To the originator of this topic, Thanks! This gave me the idea and now I'm going to burn myself a CD for the car.
  19. Caravan - 8/10 BU2B - 9/10 Clockwork Angels - 9/10 The Anarchist - 9/10 Carnies - 9/10 Halo Effect - 6/10 Seven Cities of Gold - 9/10 The Wreckers - 10/10 Headlong Flight - 10/10 BU2B2 - 4/10 Wish Them Well - 9/10 The Garden - 5/10 Been trying to see in "The Garden" what so many others see. (Or "hear" rather.) It just isn't happening for me. Absolutely love "Headlong Flight". Too bad there's no such thing as great radio anymore, otherwise that song would be all over the airwaves. It's right up there with Tom, Spirit, Sub, Lime, Closer and Working. I would have to say that for me, this album ranks a great 9/10.
  20. Wow. Some really great, thoughtful responses. I'm glad there are others who understand my original post and know where I'm coming from with my thought of "Headlong Flight" being a great conclusion to the album. Others expressed their reasons why they think the song line-up is perfect as it is. I'm also looking forward to the book to see how it all plays out there and hope that it clears things up for me. Oh, and the idea that HF should come first and everything else follow as a flashback... well, that is a truly inspired thought!
  21. I've been thinking this for a week or so now. I think (and yes, I acknowledge this is strictly personal opinion) that when it comes to the song, "Headlong Flight", it would have made more sense if it had been the last song on the album. I've read in other posts here that some are a bit puzzled as to why there is such a positive song after "The Wreckers", and then that same positive song is followed by "the real downer of a song", "BU2B2". I have to agree. "BU2B2" is such an opposite to "Headlong Flight". "HF" is so positive and so enlightening. Then "BU2B2" comes along and starts speaking of life going from bad to worse. I understand the main character being upset with belief having failed him and optimism having abandoned him. But there's more to the despair in that song than that. Besides that, I think "BU2B2" should actually have come after "Wish Them Well". "WTW" pairs well with "The Wreckers". The Wreckers is all about all those nasty people who dig at you and try to tear you down. "Wish Them Well" teaches to forget (and forgive?) those people and get on with life. Had "BU2B2" been after "Wish Them Well", then it would have led nicely into "The Garden", and the album would have concluded with "Headlong Flight". So the song line-up would have been: Caravan BU2B Clockwork Angels The Anarchist Carnies Halo Effect Seven Cities of Gold The Wreckers Wish Them Well BU2B2 The Garden Headlong Flight "The Garden" is a great song, but it concludes the album "quietly". (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) I just believe that "Headlong Flight" would have been a really great way of ending the album (and the hero's life) on a brilliant positive. Totally rocking out to the end. Anyone else?
  22. 8. Bob 7. How Low Can You Go? 6. Severe and Progressively Worse Self-Admiration 5. Cornelius Institute For Human Study, Inc. 4. Have You Seen A Whatchamacallit Around Here Any Place? 3. Pardon Me While I Fly My Aeroplane To A Large Canadian Metropolitan Area 2. An Exercise In Self-Indulgence 1. An Hysterical Steve Martin/Bill Murray Saturday Night Live Sketch
  23. If you get a Best Buy ad, but there's no Best Buy nearby, bring the Best Buy ad into Walmart, and they'll price match it. Of course, Walmart's price might already be lower.
  24. I'm waiting. It has nothing to do with me being silly though. Enough said.
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