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  • Number of Rush Concerts Attended
  • Last Rush Concert Attended
    Milwaukee 2004
  • Favorite Rush Song
    Red Barchetta
  • Favorite Rush Album
    Moving Pictures/Power Windows
  • Best Rush Experience
    Power Windows concert March 1986 Rosemont Horizon
  • Other Favorite Bands
    Eagles Pink Floyd The Who
  • Musical Instruments You Play
  1. Same here, very disappointed about ESL.
  2. People chanting “Rush,Rush,Rush” during Marillion at the Power Windows tour in Chicago. By far the rowdiest Rush concert I ever attended. Someone also had an earasol can and a lighter, that flame was huge. Good times.
  3. I don’t care when it comes out, As Long As They Do It RIGHT!
  4. Alex is a good Brewologist but nobody beats “Brewmeister Smith”
  5. Covid-19 is here to stay. we're gong to have to learn to live with it.
  6. This has nothing to do with the Auburn Hills show. Rush Filmed "Moving Pictures" "GUP" &"HYF" Tours how come they didnt Film "Roll the Bones". Just wondering.
  7. Pink Floyd just remastered and re-edited "A Delicate Sound of Thunder" video. It looks and Sounds Awesome! Why cant Rush do that with The Exit stage Left video. Anything less than the FULL Moving Pictures concert would be a Waste of money for me. How many times are you going to remaster these cd's.
  8. rocketom


    Never heard of SOCN, if you're a Liberal then there are plenty of places on the Internet you might Like, They even Censor those Evil Conservatives, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Etc Etc Etc.
  9. Tasteless. Congratulations, though, if that was your aim. Huh?
  10. How about getting your Ass in the studio to record new music. It's only been 8 years!
  11. Ray Daniels is an Asshole! He is one of the worst managers in the Business. He only cares about the bottom line. Doesnt want to spend money to make money. RUSH should have been a lot more popular than they were. They are just as Good if not Better than Pink Floyd, AC/DC maybe even Led Zeppelin. Other than touring there Asses off never did much promotion for there albums. I Did Not see the Tom Sawyer video until 1996 on Much Music. I never have seen any of there old videos (from the 70's) on MTV ( not now but back in the early to mid 80's) RUSH should have been on a Heavy Rotation in the early 1980's on MTV, not just the ESL videos. So this doesnt surprise me. Anything Less than a Full Remastered and Re-Edited Exit Stage Left video is UNACCEPTABLE. If they try pulling this crap on Moving Pictures and ESL, They can Kiss My ASS!
  12. Instead of releasing the 1997 video, how about releasing the 1981 Footage, Full Concert. GUP and a Show of Hands as well.
  13. Test 4 Echo is 40 years old, WOW! Just Kidding.
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