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Did they play The Fountain Of Lamneth or not?


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I'm told by the original sound man, that FoL was played on occasion during the CoS tour when they headlined. Maybe not completely but most likely its true. I do believe the Tour Book history recently released also makes note of this song being played occasionally.


if the 1/10/76 show setlist is even remotely close to being a true set, god did someone miss out not recording that. That would be, the ultimate holy grail, hands down. I can't believe no taper recorded that show when earlier gigs were recorded in Toronto. Probably in a drawer somewhere...I have hope someday that another COS tour gig will be unearthed.....they played enough dates that only one show being taped by a Kiss Taper seems IMPOSSIBLE......




According to "Wandering" most of that tour was just a horrible experience.for everyone involved and a lot of them tried to forget back then, especially since the following tours were much better .Always thought it was the black hole but over the years I didn't think it was this black nearly universally.

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They would've had to play it on the COS tour. I don't think they would've wanted to play the entirety of TFOL and 2112 in one tour, unless you are shortening them down a lot.
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