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I think I'm really starting to get into this band. I started listening to "Time to Pretend" several times, and now I'm listening to more of their stuff. I think they're pretty brilliant for a hipster group, even if the songs do come off as sort of evil. Then again, maybe it's the way I think. :huh:
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I really love kids, however I have not listened to much else because their other hit, electric feel, kind of scares me the other way, but who knows, one day I might give them an album listen.
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Serously, Google their song Electric Feel. It's awesome.

I just you tubed Electric Feel. Sort of had an 80's feel. Not bad, but I wasn't really feeling it. :huh:

Eh I was not big on electic feel either, but you should give them a second chance with kids, it is also 80's like, but it is much more edgy. A bit darker, but yet still upbeat.

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