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Songs never played live

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It would be Nice to See a Reunion Tour with about 6 to 7 songs they've never played Live:


Set 1:


1.Instrumedley: (Working Man/ Fly By Night/ Bastille Day/ A Passage to Bangkok/ Cygnus X-1/ Prelude)

2. Spirit of the Radio

3. Caravan

4. Chain Lightning

5. Cut to the Chase

6. Alien Shore

7. Gangster of Boats (Where's my Thing/ Leave that Thing Alone / Limbo)

8. Freewill

9 Headlong Flight


Set 2:


10. The Big money

11. Subdivisions

12. Distant Early Warning

13. Open Secrets

14. Different Strings

15. Sweet Miracle

16. Available Light

17. La Villa Strangiatto

18. Xanadu


Encore :

19. Limelight

20, Tom Sawyer

21. YYZ


Encore 2:

22. 2112 (Overture/ Temple/ Finale)


:drool: :drool: :drool:

I always wondered why they never played Cut to the Chase or some of the other Vapor Trails songs live

that's because of effects. same thing for songs like Available Light (very overrated song) and Chain Lightning
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Was Kid Gloves done live? pre-album release track?


The '83 Radio City Music Hall 5 nighter pre-warm up for GUP album, a few were debut,Kid Gloves,Red Sector A and I think Body Electric were performed..I had tickets for opening and closing nights.


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