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What's your excuse for a Friday night?


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Sick, and too young to go out yet?



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QUOTE (barney_rebel @ Mar 18 2005, 07:02 PM)

I'm burnt out - need a rest big time. Gotta get up and buy U2 tickets.

I'm a cripple. So all I do is stay at home and have fun on the computer. unsure.gif

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Here's my excuse - pretty lame,


I'm stuck at work at a remote location in the middle of nowhere, 320km (185mi) from the nearest city, 1800km from the nearest big city. It's kind of like being on a moon base or something. Still, there is lots to do here. In fact we had a pretty good jam session last night. It was lots o'fun. Went too late though......I'm already 10 hours behind on my sleep I figure and I've only been here five days and I've got 16 more to go........UGH!!!


Gonna be a grind!

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girl i was gonna hang out with had to work..


either that or she just used that as an excuse because she doesn't want to be seen in public with me..


either way, it sucked

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