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  1. Time to unleash the Yukon Blade Grinder. ..they'll rue the day of this travesty and injustice Nah, leave it alone for now. We need to get this fixed. Maybe me posting for the first time in years will help :P
  2. .............. Not this thread again last post
  3. QUOTE (rush999 @ Jul 2 2011, 08:55 AM) Whats the deal with those 7 guys front row center wearing the red moving pictures cover-alls? They all seemed to know the songs but were in the bathroom half the time.If you know what I mean. at 8 dollars a beer i don't blame them
  4. Not the best performance, still really good though.
  5. QUOTE (lerxt1990 @ Apr 27 2011, 08:50 PM) what would basil do?
  6. I still like Phil Collins era Genesis no matter what anyone says.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQlCKeOEOHg&feature=related
  8. I'm with Tick here. But to the kids credit he's pretty smart in some sense, mostly stupid, rarely anymore do people seem to pay attention to how much change they get back when they pay with money cause we distract ourselves in so many different ways we don't think twice of the 10 or in this case 25 cents we should be getting extra, we just wanna get out and go along our way since it is fairly convenient. Still I realize everyone's still in some hard times and you try and get ahead any way you can but come on kid, ya you work at Mcdonalds but you never know what can happen and stuff like that will continue on in life.
  9. Forgot how amazing some of the solo Phil Collins stuff can be I feel sorry for the man he was an amazing artist who was just doing what he loved and so many people gave him grief for it.
  10. It really is Ghost, I'm not one to say otherwise. I just remember what the forum used to be when we could post like this and get more then 2 responses to 55 views.
  11. No-longer one of the more how would I say it.. prominent members around here as some of the older ones may remember I still do stalk around but that's not the point of this. I don't get how sometimes in life we get these odd/good/terrible coincidences case in fact last year and this weekend: As either none or very few of you know I do go on a separate forum (blasphemy I know) and last year I met someone (online @ that forum) who now is far and beyond everyone else in being my best friend. They live about 4 hours from me and thx to gas prices work and everything we rarely get to meet in person. And we had the chance to meet last year about this same time, so we're both super excited the day comes and her (ya her) grandmother gets admitted to the hospital and ultimately dies the next day or the day after. My friend and I both terribly upset over everything that went on didn't talk for a bit after that due to some stuff that went on, anyways I met them later that summer and it was wonderful. So this year comes around and again we're both super excited to see each other for only the 2nd time now (but based on how much we talk and everything you could swear we grew up together) and we did meet on friday and had a wonderful time it was the happiest I had been in awhile to see them again talk chat just enjoy being around them. Anyways, after not being able to get a hold of em I come back home to see that this time her grandfather died. And I can't help but just wondering why/how this stuff happens like that 2 years in a row? I haven't been able to sleep all day (I work graveyards) or get a hold of em (I gave up now gonna let her cool off for 2 weeks or so) It's almost to the day (about 372 days really) since her grandmother died and now her grandfather too just as I come to visit. In hindsight if anyone actually reads anything I can imagine how silly it sounds to get all upset over something like this when it doesn't "directly" involve me. But in just over a year that I've known this girl I've grown to love her as a friend beyond words and just ya.. Thoughts/comments/trolls?
  12. Avoiding it and really don't care at all.
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