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Info on the new Mastodon album


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QUOTE (Finbar @ Jan 26 2009, 11:45 PM)
QUOTE (Storm Shadow @ Oct 29 2008, 06:17 PM)

The duck might care.

Probably no one else here though. I'm excited at least.  1022.gif

Hey! ohmy.gif I care!


... But I only have Blood Mountain. I have heard Leviathan though! They're both stunning albums!!!

As long as the DUCK cares, all is well with the world!





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i heard a new one on XM yesterday . really f-n good. i just might have to get this


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This recording should be a real winner. The artwork is always outstanding with these guys too. That graphic art company that they use is ze bomb. And, Mastodon has managed to get a bit stronger with each release. They're impressive. And, maybe even a bit more so is the record-buying public. Bands like Mastodon and Lamb of God are a pretty big deal right now, and for a change, that says something good about the American masses.


I didn't think that these kinda bands would go over well with the same public who pushed Nancy-boy bands like Creed and Staind to number one on the Rock charts. But, there still is an imbalance in the force. And, we must tip the scales to balance things. I like when I can help out a fellow music fan with a suggestion or two. It's satisfying to hear them say thanks and go off to check out the new stuff. There's two bands which have a really good chance of appealing to the same set who appreciates Mastodon. A few of you will already know about them.


For fans of Mastodon:





Giant Squid



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no longer going to see them, my dumbass friend didnt mention tickets, and since it being a free show, they are sold out. but yeah, this album is definetly kick ass. The Czar is pretty kick ass. The solo on Oblivion though is just mmmmmmmmmmmmm yummers.
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