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  1. http://www.metalsucks.net/2012/10/02/john-...ness-bus-crash/ Brilliant write up by John Baizley's about his experiences of the whole thing. Pretty nasty ordeal.
  2. Maryland Deathfest always looks great - some fantastic bands playing in 2012, hoping some of them make there way over to the European festival circuit after!
  3. Haha yeah, went over to Hellfest in France and saw all kinds of awesome bands. I've probably gone on about it a load on this forum but it really is consistently the best festival in the world for this kind of stuff, that and Roadburn. Well worth the trip over!
  4. Saw them a few months ago with another of Winos bands The Obsessed - they were both great! As you say, the new album is ace and the new tracks they played all came across well live.
  5. Time Machine by a long way - this one really isn't very much to my taste.
  6. Sounds like they got shaken up pretty bad - a couple of fractured vertebrae and John Baizley's broken his arm and leg - hope they make a swift recovery and are backing touring ASAP - they were really starting to get some decent exposure over here (I guess in a way, as bad as it sounds, this might help them out a little n the long run). Its a shame they had to cut short the tour, they were in fantastic form when I saw them a month or two ago
  7. Agent Orange is probably their best, Better Off Dead is great too. Their newest album In War and Pieces is decent as well, and definitely worth checking out. Great band!
  8. Enslaved are fantastic - haven't released a bad album They've really sorted themselves out live in the last few years too, they've been great the couple of times I've seen them this year.
  9. I haven't, no - will try and check it out over the weekend!
  10. Aye, was a great weekend! Thou, Doomriders, Saint vitus, Yob, Ufomammu, Big Business, The Obsessed, Pentagram, Acid King, Alcest and Sunn 0)) over the weekend - and that was just some of one of the 6 stages! Definitely recommend a trip to Hellfest (in France), its by far the best lineup in the world for this kind of stuff year in year out. Down have started streaming a new song from their upcoming EP. Sounds a lot like you'd expect, really, so it should be a pretty solid release. http://www1.rollingstone.com/hearitnow/player/down.html
  11. Aye, there are fans of just about everything on here. Watched Punk: Attitude today, actually - its a pretty good documentary about the history of punk which mentions Television a few times. Doesn't go into great depth about everything, and skips over some stuff, but as far as music documentaries go its decent.
  12. Haven't been on this forum for a long time - good to see this thread is alive and well! Vitus were ace at Hellfest the other month, the new stuff sounded great. The Obsessed were great too, for any Wino fans. http://www.hellfest.fr/artistes
  13. Aye, sounds like the US one is going down the drain too - lots of smaller bands'll be pretty screwed as Warner Bro's have been downsizing recently and will probably only stick with the money making ones (so Rush'll be fine)
  14. Happy Birthday, man! http://forums.downloadfestival.co.uk/upfiles/smiley/049.gif
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