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It's been nice knowing most of you..........


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People can be cold, and say lots of things online that they would never say to someone else in person. And then there are just plain old differences of opinion.


I have an addictive personality, which takes various forms. And I’ve lost a larger-than-my-share number of friends and relatives (including two of my siblings) as a result of their own choices, or those of other people close to them. I learned to live with that and make peace with it, a long time ago.


I can’t fault anyone else’s sensitivity to that kind of thing, I mean someone else who has had similar experience. We’re all different in how we react to things.


But I agree with everyone here who’s saying don’t let one person, or even two people, spoil the whole community for you.

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58 minutes ago, treeduck said:

Listen, it was nice knowing me... :19::1287::bekloppt::chores003:



There used to be a guy named Justin Wilson who had a cooking show on PBS and one of the things he'd often say at the beginning of his show was "I'm happy for you to see me".

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