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Rheostatics album Whale Music, 1992 - Neil was there.


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There are probably not many Rheostatics fans here (Etobicoke, Ontario band), but I "discovered" that Neil was part of their 3rd album.

I have owned and played the CD only occasionally over the years.

It's a fun and very diverse mix of pop, rock, folk and other creative collaborations between musicians.


Well, on a recent road trip with a non-Rush fan friend, I added to our listening selection and at one point we agreed to go nostalgic - how about some Rheostatics?

He did say at one point, thanks for not playing Rush.

Upon return from my trip I looked over the liner notes and never knew that Neil had played on three songs: Rain, Rain, Rain; Palomar; and Guns.


Cool, huh?

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Neil was my gateway into the Rheostatics in '92. I found out he played on it so I bought it. Turned out I liked the whole album so I got a few more and liked those too. Good band. Wish I had the chance to see them live.
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