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Alex Lifeson guests on Jason Scheff's 2019 solo album 'Here I Am'


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I stumbled upon this December 2019 interview with bassist, singer, and songwriter Jason Scheff of Chicago posted here from For Bass Players Only.


Alex Lifeson makes a guest appearance playing acoustic guitar on the title track 'Here I Am' from Jason's solo album, which is noted here.




As a bonus I found a blog post from Jason here about The Warburton charity golf tournament that he and Alex did recently.

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I'm not gonna lie, I clicked stop at :48 because of being overwhelmed by the bad kind of goose bumps. Good for Scheff, though. My opinion/taste don't mean sh** compared to the fact that he got Lerxst to play on his record. Edited by Ged Lent's sis
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I listened all the way through. It was cool to hear some atmospheric Alex style playing in there, but the song didn’t really grab me. Might be cool for people who like this genre I suppose.


What I really did enjoy was looking at Jason’s blog and website from the OP link. Pretty interesting person on a unique musical path, and I REALLY enjoyed watching his videos playing with Alex and an invisible drummer at the charity golf tournament in 2019. They rocked!!! Alex did great, the invisible drummer botched some fills but didn’t train wreck..., and Jason held is own with bass and vocals. Limelight, Spirit, and Freewill! :) I’m glad I checked it out!!! Thanks for posting!

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