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    A 3rd best Rush experience: My 1st concert ever: Permanent Waves. See OTHER FAVE BANDS for poem about it.

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    probably the one that's playing
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    p/g, PerW, CP, CoS, HYF... srsly, we doing this?
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    Two Front & Lerxst tix at Market Square Arena for p/g -or- Waiting in line for tix for Signals only to find out they were general admission, so waiting again all day on day of & managing third row & Ged, which culminated in ecstatic lights-up bridge-moment during Free Will. "Each of us..."
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    Same venue as the ones below Hard to believe, a 9 buck show When Lerxt told on hammer'd string A Spirit of Radio understanding Which kind this kid'd yet not grocked Natural Science nat'r'ly rocked!
  1. Ged Lent's sis


    If side one had been produced by Terry Brown and sung by 1975 Geddy and side two produced by Peter Collins and sung by 1987 Geddy... somebody might've freaked out and quit the band.
  2. Ged Lent's sis


    Would that I were able. Suffice it to say — (at risk of saying the quiet part loud :oops: and derailing the thread) that while I default to "no", I'd be willing to hear it should someone make it possible.
  3. Like all rankings, it's a challenge because of diverging personal definitions and projected perceptions. I'll get around naming each of these by what I think is the majority standard, which would be the one I think should be more popular, and one I think is too well known or appreciated by naming just one that I thought for years was so overrated that it crowded out better songs and have come to realise had been underrated by me for its compositional quality. Watching the 1997 live video last night sold me on the concept: "Roll the Bones".
  4. He got it right the next time. Besides, almost no one pronounces it right unless they've been told or heard it before. Are you sure that it's not Pairrrt? 'Cus we're really big fans?
  5. I do believe that "Unused Paper Tickets" is part 3-&-a-half of the Rowboatloads o' Regrets pentalogy.
  6. Ged Lent's sis


    I agree. Alex is blahblah blah blah blahBLAH.
  7. How DARE they insert (of Rush) in there..... EVERYONE knows who Geddy Lee is. EVERYONE knows that Geddy Lee is from RUSH. :rage: :rage: :laughing guy: Allow me to date myself with the following dramatisation: We open on Norm Crosby on the stage of his Comedy Shop program Norm: And now it's time for our super surprise mystery guest. In just a moment someone is going to knock on that door.... (knock knock knock)(He proceeds to door) Please welcome our super surprise mystery guest... (opens door) Geddy Lee! (silence) Of Rush! (still silence) Fin.
  8. Ged Lent's sis


    Submitted for your approval, this YooToober translated Lerxt's HoF speech. It's spot on if you ask me.
  9. That's some stellar research, my Long Awaited Froind;-) Not to put too fine a point on it, but it's amusing to me just how wrong I'd had it, what with Bob being the astronaut playing the music, which is the last thing I'd have expected. Still, somehow, my fantasy at that time is the reality I prefer, which lends retroactive appreciation for the console stereo system my parents had in our living room. It was truly a hifi quality to behold that I somehow remained ignorant of, despite it's having been that which led to those many moments of my youth, as when I spun Signals for the first time and marvelled from go on the brand new sound of the opening track, until the end of side 2 when I heard "We enjoyed the music, Bob. Thank ya," and thought, wow. They recorded this song and mission control played it for them! How cool is that? Again, in retrospect, I suppose that's the effect the edit is supposed to give you. Mission accomplished.
  10. Thank you, dream & vapour. Was this in the Signal's tour book? Or did you just happen to read or hear it in the rare interview?
  11. Good find. Thanks for the response. I still wonder because, although the NASA list also references that "Countdown" was used as wakeup calls in 2002 and 2011, the only information I can find about the audio on "Countdown" itself is that was taken from... ...none of which would include wakeup calls. So, either someone played music subsequent to the launch, or uncredited on the track (because "Bob" wasn't on another mission until after the album release) is a wakeup response to either the typical military call of "Reveille" or the morning after the launch, which was (some version of) this:
  12. Since a good deal of what we're reading on this thread doesn't even rise to the level of hearsay, I see no reason not to join in the fun and pile on with my speculative interpretations of what's been posted thus far. So, in roughly reverse chronological order: Maybe Sammy Hagar, still reeling from his manager/confidant's demise, was needling Ray regarding why Rush weren't the next Zeppelin, just to see how Ray'd respond, and sure enough, he mumbled something about Geddy and Sammy thought, what a rat this guy is, and used it in his book. Or maybe Ray misheard "Ged Zeppelin" and said "Well, he's no Plant" and Sammy took license. Or maybe Sammy made the whole thing up. Or maybe all of you citing from memory have it wrong. I'm no Hagar fan and don't have his book, so I couldn't tell you. That Alex once said he hadn't seen John since about 1990, and Neil mentioned on the Presto tour that he'd seen him the previous week, and there's a reference to his being back stage at the Toronto show of that tour, and nobody's said that he was fat and bald, with shaved eyebrows, and jumping up and down with a toothbrush in his mouth, their encounter must have been at least not entirely uncomfortable. I mean, it's not like they proceeded to cash in on his mythos by writing song after song, and even an album-and-a-half about the melodrama of his tenure. Maybe one of Alex' "blahs" was indeed "John". Or maybe a whole section of blahs was a reference this thread. It would seem there is a disconnect between Rutsy's being such an early force in their work ethic, and, then, his alleged health concerns about being on the road. As far as I know, John never said a word publicly about it. So if there were any sour grapes, they very well may be solely the result of our own projections of how we would have felt ourselves. The R&RHoF issue is too rife with questionable choices and lack thereof for me to get too riled up about one or another band member's omission. They could have their own hall of fame.
  13. By now most of you are familiar with the lines: We know who said the words. At least that's easy enough to find. But does anybody know just what music is being referred to? I remember when the album came out I'd assumed they were referring to "Countdown", which cannot be, because it wasn't written yet — unless they used audio from a later mission than the one that inspired the song.
  14. Like others, I wouldn't eliminate any, but if I were to have to, I could place myself in some, if not all, of the shoes of the imagination. Different eyes make different pleas Different views cut out different threes: Keeping Presto, because it was the very first in a long line of albums that led to my not purchasing the next one, which, if you know me, is an astonishing feat of magic: 1. Rush 2. Bowl the Runes 3. Feedback Out of fear of taking a friend who needs some love and slinging the maligned by omission John Howard Rutsey into some inescapable ring of darkness, I'm finding my way to being in the mood keeping the debut so that it's here again: 1. Presto 2. Bowl the Runes 3. Feedback Aaaand, a list assuming that being an EP, Feedback need not be on the list, freeing up an alternative reduction, which involves my faithless belief that anyone is ever going to repair the far cry from a good sonic quality of this caravan of foo-ey productions: 1. Vapor Trails 2. Snakes & Arrows 3. Clockwork Angels
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