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What Rush Song Are You Currently Listening To? v.3


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This morning I am enjoying Rush - Live At Pinkpop Festival 1979 on vinyl record. This live concert was first a bootleg, but it was recently released as a part of the Hemispheres 40th Anniversary box set. It's a great concert, only thing I miss is a full version of the song CYgnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres, which they played on this tour but not on this concert, due to it being at a festival!






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This saturday, I am enjoying Rush - Different Stages on my japanese pressing CD. This is a great live record from my favorite period of Rush. To bad it does not exist on vinyl record, then I would probably listen to it more!






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This saturday evening I am enjoying Rush - Vapor Trails Remixed on the 2013 Europe pressing vinyl record. I am so happy that they remixed this record, it sounds so much better now! One of my favorite modern Rush records since they remixed it.





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Today, before going to work, I am rocking out to Rush - Moving Pictures on a 1981 scandinavian original pressing vinyl record in great quality! This is the only pressing that came with a gatefold. Which is really nice!







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