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  1. I will be ranking every Rush original studio album. Each track will be rated as follows: Awful, Very Poor, Poor, Below Average, Average, Above Average, Good, Great, Superb Each album will be rated on a scale of 1 to 10. Feel free to give your input on each album and discuss why you like/dislike each album. Please keep it civilized and have fun!
  2. Hey everyone, Excited to join The Rush Forum to talk about our favorite 3 musicians! I was lucky enough to see RUSH perform on their 2nd to last ever concert (R40 Tour - Irvine Meadows Amphitheater), and their music has always had a profound influence on me. Limelight was the first full song I learned on guitar, and I ended up learning other songs on both guitar and bass over the years. I have a YouTube channel "GuitarBeastKing" where I post concert videos, as well as guitar/bass covers that I record at home. I take great pride in the guitarists I cover, with the goal for every video to be the BEST cover of that particular song online. So, feel free to check out my RUSH covers! Limelight Guitar Cover: https://youtu.be/UY_yPB2LAvk?si=Vc9pRlOVadPsh8y9 Closer to the Heart Guitar Cover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hh4ug6sdb0M Spirit of Radio Guitar Cover: https://youtu.be/D1BGiTZiHTw?si=i3OF6gowKlrzAeDq Subdivisions Guitar and Bass Cover:
  3. RUSH Take A Friend FLY BY NIGHT Making Memories Rivendell CARESS OF STEEL I Think I’m Going Bald The Fountain Of Lamneth 2112 Lessons Tears A FAREWELL TO KINGS Madrigal HEMISPHERES Every song from this album has been played live. PERMANENT WAVES Different Strings MOVING PICTURES Every song from this album has been played live SIGNALS Every song from this album has been played live GRACE UNDER PRESSURE Every song from this album has been played live POWER WINDOWS Emotion Detector HOLD YOUR FIRE Open Secrets Second Nature Tai Shan High Water PRESTO Chain Lightning Anagram (For Mongo) Red Tide Hand Over Fistu Available Light ROLL THE BONES Face Up The Big Wheel Neurotica COUNTERPARTS Cut To The Chase Alien Shore The Speed Of Love Everyday Glory TEST FOR ECHO The Color Of Right Totem Dog Years Carve Away The Stone VAPOR TRAILS Peaceable Kingdom The Stars Look Down Vapor Trail Sweet Miracle Nocturne Freeze Out Of The Cradle FEEDBACK For What It’s Worth Mr. Soul Seven And Seven Is Shapes Of Things SNAKES AND ARROWS The Bravest Face Good News First We Hold On CLOCKWORK ANGELS BU2B2 Grand Total: 44 Please let me know if this list must be edited.
  4. Found this on the web tonight . Super cool . Alex and Geddy together again. At the South Park 25th anniversary concert , Red Rocks !!!!!
  5. I've looked through the previous game and I thought it looked like a lot fun to play, so I've decided to make a sequel to the game. I'll start it with this, I don't know if this'll be too funny, if funny at all, but I'll at least try. "Argh, Alex! This is the last time I let you borrow my glasses! Thanks to you misplacing them, I can't see a damn thing I'm playing!" That's the best I can do, at least at this moment, sorry if it's not funny.
  6. I guess tribute albums are as close as we'll get to any new music. 1. For Record Store Day this coming Saturday, Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante is releasing an EP of the 5 Rush covers he performed with members of Testament, Suicidal Tendencies and others during the Pandemic lockdown titled "Moving Pitchers". Might be interesting! (from RushIsABand) https://www.rushisaband.com/blog/2022/04/19/5792/Anthraxs-Charlie-Benante-and-friends-to-release-EP-of-Rush-covers-titled-Moving-Pitchers-for-Record-Store-Day?fbclid=IwAR060vp1GKNt4t1ts3UiW_dttNz7r-pQQgc4e1GgilklmjoPdPFmMEKC3B8 2. Magna Carta will release “An All-Star Tribute To Rush” on deluxe 2CD digipak and deluxe 2LP red vinyl on June 24. The release can be pre-ordered HERE or via Amazon as CD and Vinyl. Iconic vocalists and venerated musicians come together on this bombastic tribute to prog-rock superstarsRUSH. The collection contains unique interpretations of tracks from throughout RUSH‘s stellar career, including their biggest hits “Tom Sawyer”, “Spirit Of The Radio”, “Working Man”, “Red Barchetta” and many more. It features performances by Sebastian Bach (SKID ROW), Steve Morse (DEEP PURPLE), James LaBrie (DREAM THEATER), Stu Hamm (JOE SATRIANI), Andreas Kisser (SEPULTURA), Jani Lane (WARRANT),Alex Skolnick (TESTAMENT), Kip Winger (WINGER), FATES WARNING, Billy Sheehan (MR. BIG), Mike Portnoy (DREAM THEATER), Jack Russell (GREAT WHITE), John Petrucci (DREAM THEATER), Jake E. Lee(OZZY OSBOURNE), George Lynch (DOKKEN) and more. I'm not so sure what is up with this one, as Jani Lane is listed and he has been dead for over 10 years. So I guess it's a collection of past Rush performances, put together? Anyway, here is the information. (from sonic perspectives, which is awesome). On this link they list the difference tracks and performers. https://www.sonicperspectives.com/news/an-all-star-tribute-to-rush-album-to-arrive-in-june/?fbclid=IwAR2B9HWy6oHaTZr0vBhVs6531WAO5HpgvSOjhTIclJlVbDrQnHrLXM9djPM
  7. Hi, I just joined this forum yesterday and I was looking for a place to post this topic and I felt this was the best place to put it in. My question is, does anybody go to the website rushradio.net aka Rush Radio 2112 and has anybody noticed recently that the website hasn't been able to load up for a few days, I thought it was just temporarily down, but now I don't know. I just really want to know what's going on with the website.
  8. I want to see people crying like babies with nostalgia over this album. Come on now, bawl like little brats! :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo:
  9. This is it. After this it's all over. No more will there be any doubt. This thread will explain the true differences between Fly By Night and Caress of Steel. Is it miles or is it inches? I know a song about this. Would you like to hear it? do do do do do do do and, one, two, three... They are secrets to each other Each album like a novel that only RUSHIACS have ever read Even joined in bonds of metal brotherhood They are linked to one another by worn out denim threads They are planets to each other Fly By Night is Neptune and Cos is Uranus Each album worlds apart Light years between them and no rocket ship Just between these discs I think it's time for us to advertise The differences that RUSH freaks already know Just between them I think it's time for us to surmise The daylight in between Leave room for COS fans or fans of Fly to crow They are strangers to each other Full of metal goodness, a total heavy riff show Revealing well-constructed themes but they're playing from the heart unlike ELO Just between them I think it's time for us to revise The differences between Cos and FBN Just between us I think it's time for TRF to Baptize Fly by Night or Caress of Steel Leave room for 2112 to blow They are islands to each other Building prog rock bridges on troubled mainstream seas Will one be burned and thrown away? Some fools will not choose, but will probably post anyway Just between us I think it's time for us to analyse The differences between FBN and COS you know Just between us I think it's time for one to be aggrandized and one to be bastardized finally leave no doubt between them Leave room for one of these to glow and the other to eat the yellow snow
  10. Surely even Macca pales in comparison to one of the greatest Rush albums ever made! But perhaps that third question can get some votes for the world's richest rock star. I hear he really needs them! :P
  11. There is unrest in the forest; I hope you'll be okay.
  12. It seems to me this forum gets very excited any time a classic artist who has been dormant or inconsistent for a long time releases something new that actually lives up to their classic material. We've seen it with Judas Priest's Firepower, Styx's The Mission and Crash Of The Crown, Rush's own Clockwork Angels, and more. But who do you think really had the greatest late career revitalization?
  13. This is going to be such a blowout that I'm going to commence a second RPG for the day just so there's hopefully a more interesting matchup.
  14. My unique history revisionist Rush/Aimee Mann-playlist. Background: A guy i lived with introduced me to Rush around 1987/1988 i believe, around the time he switched from vinyl to CDs, and Hold Your Fire was the latest album, so that became my favorite Rush album, as i understand is the case with many Rush fans, the first you come in contact with becomes THE album. I can't actually remember now if he had HYF on both vinyl and CD, or if that was vinyl only, but i think he got it on CD as well, since i listened a lot more to HYF than any of the older albums, which he had on vinyl only. I do remember the first he got on both for comparison, MJ's Bad. He later got A Show of Hands and Presto on CD, and those two accidentally came with me when i moved out, i was not responsible for that btw. But it was a stroke of luck. Listened to them every now and then on my setup, until i picked up Counterparts on CD for something like $4.99 in a sale, and it got me hooked, realized that Rush was pretty great, and wanted more, so i started picking up the back catalogue, think Roll The Bones was my next if i remember correctly. So sometimes in the mid 90's i came aboard and started ranking them as #1, possibly joint #1 together with Depeche, Kraftwerk, Tori Amos and S.P.O.C.K. Edit: ..and Opeth, which i got into right from their debut in 1993, i ordered it on chance, not having listened to it. Talk about a jackpot. Got Spotify through our family, and generally dislikes all shuffle/random playlists, like "This is Rush" and similar, i am an album listener, used the shuffle function maybe once in the 80s when i got my first CD player and then turned it off for all eternity, i don't read chapters in books out of order, or move around the scenes in movies. in addition, if i want to get a grip on an artist or a band, i want to do it chronologically, experience it in the same order like the oldest fans did, sometimes that can be pretty hard to do on Spotify, since album labeled years are out of order or albums are missing, and where do the singles fit in? I basically feel forced to have a bands Wikipedia page in a tab to be able to listen to everything in correct order. Made a complete chronological Joy Division/New Order playlist for a family friend that includes all side project by all members, and finally got around to do one with Rush when Neil passed. But i added a twist to it. Two thoughts merged, after Snakes & Arrows and Clockwork Angels, remarkable albums, not many bands so long into their career can put out such great albums "that late", and i started thinking about what challenges they could put themselves through. Became a fan of Aimee around Magnolia if i remember correctly, at that time not even knowing it was her on my all time favorite Rush song, but when i realized, a fantasy emerged in my head, the first part was that i wanted to see them live with her on stage for the chorus, i would literally die happily moments after if that had ever happened. The fantasy expanded into that they should pick her up as a fourth member and challenge themselves with being a quartet(or they could rename themselves to RushMann), maybe give Geddy's vocals a break(after all, he's almost 90 years old), and revamp some old songs with dual guitars. I still haven't given up on this dream, nothing is holy in my world, and i don't think it is in theirs either or was in Neil's, they started without Neil, and i would love a 20th album. Possible titles would be "20 and out" or "no more book reading". Anything can happen(from my other all time favorite Rush song). So i decided to add everything with Aimee to the playlist, chronologically sorted in-between everything with Rush, and like the JD/NO playlist it also features all side projects, thus Victor, Headache, Til Tuesday, The Both, and collaborations by "all four Rush members". It's not entirely complete yet, some collaborations remain to be sorted in, but I'll get there. Also make sure to have your Spotify apps set up to show unplayable tracks, the list includes at least two albums with Aimee and the original Vapor Trails that are currently unplayable(plus a few collab. songs), minus the last Vapor song, which is available for comparisons with the remixed version. Hope Rush put up the original again, i don't approve of sweeping things under the rug. Hope some of you like the playlist. You can listen to entire Rush albums in order through the list with a free account, which i don't think you can do otherwise? Have since made a few other similar complete chronological playlists including all members side projects with AC/DC, Manowar, Kraftwerk, Creedence, Fleetwood, Marie Fredriksson, Olle Ljungström/Reeperbahn, ZZ Top, Nick Cave(not complete yet, still missing soundtracks), Jason Newsted, Cyndi Lauper, Little Richard, Ted Nugent, Alan Merrill, Loffe Carlsson and Genesis(NOT complete yet, ran out of strength around 1985, but it will be HUGE once complete) and Haken. Also have a complete chronological playlist with everything from my small hometown of Alingsås, Sweden, 40k pop, 25k city center, 3.800+ tracks from 900+ releases by 230 artist/bands from one and the same town, or out of town bands with at least one member from said town. I wish there existed similar playlists for all towns around the world, so you could listen in on everything from cities you have a connection to or sweet spot in your heart. If anyone ever picks up on this idea and put together a complete playlist for their own hometown, please let me know, i will listen to everything in it out of principle. There are actually two progressive rock-bands in my hometown list, Wonderland and Kaleidoreal. And please check out the Legends of Doom-single by Vim Spencer Group, old school metal at it's finest. Other local acts in that list worth a mention are 70's rock by Prophet Laundry, death metal acts Skymning, Arise, Arcosolium, Gravebomb and Puteraeon. Blues band Groznyj, a single by their singer Kerstin Karlsson, one of the finest Christmas songs ever by Queen of Clouds, and for those like me that have never seen any problems with Geddy's voice, check out Arbogast(a later project by the same leader/singer is Sundown Delay), and heavy dark electronic tunes from Myren and GHT, Alingsås/Irish rock band Cousin Bill, surreal experimental "rock/pop" by Svenson and Dieter Schöön, five power metal albums from Fraise, more power by Vandor(female drummer), Cure'ish Hunt(also Tyred Eyes, Winter Took His Life and Rome Is Not A Town by shared band members), the fastest death metal drummer ever in Immersed in Blood/Sgt. Carnage/Cursus Bellum, funk by Mantello, Maiden style heavy metal by Mindghost(actually features Blaze Bayley on a track), old school black metal by Zatyr, and Sweden's runner up band in national country tournament, Andreas Carlsson & The Moonshine Band. Came really close to forgetting a link to the Rush/Aimee playlist! https://open.spotify...3VFsxnR1waxwcxs You can view it even without Spotify, in a browser, but if you do, some tracks weirdly appear to be from another album than the one which is actually added in the playlist, By Tor and Snowdog is one weird example, where that track appears to be from a Retrospective collection, which is not the case in the actual playlist, and this also messes up the four cover pictures of the playlist. The Fancy Dancer single is missing. This is not good. And as i wrote this, i realized i shouldn't force anything on someone, in this case Aimee, so i just created a duplicate complete Rush list without everything Aimee, for those who sadly don't like her. It'll be interesting to see which one gets the most followers in a couple of months or years. https://open.spotify...VSPHq9BPuJLZBOb All the other mentioned playlists are on the Spotify profile behind the Rush lists, for Reverend Time of Alinge, Texas. a.k.a. RushMann.
  15. Woooooooooo Folks this is it! Today is the very first time the random poll generator has chosen a Rush album! And it's a classic! Well I'm expecting this to be the biggest of blowouts.
  16. You know the drill: choose one song from each album that received little airplay, isn't appreciated as much as it should, or even isn't played live as much as it should be. Here's my list: Rush: Here Again Fly By Night: Beneath, Between, and Behind Caress of Steel: Fountain of Lamneth 2112: The Twilight Zone A Farewell To Kings: Cinderella Man Hemispheres: Circumstances Permanent Waves: Natural Science Moving Pictures: (Are any of them underrated?) Witch Hunt Signals: Losing It Grace Under Pressure: The Enemy Within Power Windows: Emotion Detector Hold Your Fire: Lock and Key Presto: Superconductor Roll the Bones: Neurotica Counterparts: Cold Fire Test For Echo: Totem Vapor Trails: Freeze Snakes and Arrows: The Way the Wind Blows Clockwork Angels: The Wreckers
  17. RUSH B: Working Man W: Take A Friend Fly By Night B: Fly By Night W: Rivendell Caress Of Steel B: Bastille Day W: I Think I'm Going Bald 2112 B: A Passage To Bangkok W: Lessons A Farewell To Kings B: Xanadu W: ... uh.. N/A Hemispheres B: Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres W: T H E T R E E S Permanent Waves B: The Spirit Of Radio W: ....Different Strings? Moving Pictures B: Limelight W: The Camera Eye Signals B: Subdivisions W: god why the hell is it so hard to choose a bad song on every albumdigital man Grace Under Pressure B: Distant Early Warning W: Red Lenses Power Windows B: The Big Money W: Middletown Dreams... Hold Your Fire B: Prime Mover W: Tai Shan Presto B: Show Don't Tell W: The Pass Roll The Bones B: Dreamline W: Face Up Counterparts B: Animate W: Double Agent Test For Echo B: Test For Echo W: Time And Motion Vapor Trails B: Vapor Trail W: Nocturne Snakes & Arrows B: Far Cry W: The Way The Wind Blows Clockwork Angels B: Caravan W: BU2B2 sorry if I triggered anyone, It's what I do best :sundog:
  18. There must be a thread balance! Any songs from RTB until the present day are fair game! One Little Victory Dreamline
  19. Post yours! Curious to see what shows up here...
  20. This is it. Some decent competition from Moving Pictures, but it was clearly a race between these two behemoths in the last poll. You can choose only one, which one shall it be?
  21. Sometimes it's hard to admit certain truths to yourself and some of your fellow fans in the Rushverse, but I'm going to try listing a few things anyway. If I missed any hard facts, please do not hesitate in providing your own. Also, if you don't like this post, please do not kill me. You know, because you can go to jail for that. 1.) Rush consists of three guys. That's one for each 1/3 of the millions of Rush fans everywhere. So if they can't talk to you, it's probably not personal. 2.) You really don't have to agree with Ayn Rand to be a fan. By the time the band released Power Windows during the Reagan Era, it was clear that Neil Peart lost that view himself. So don't think that Neil doesn't wish he had a time machine so he could go back and take that dedication off of the "2112" liner notes. He will never live that s**t down, so try to at least not make it worse. 3.) Alex will not stop being Alex, but even he has his limits. Please do not get yourself thrown in jail with your local gang of hardcore freaks as your inmates in order to learn this incredibly important fact. 4.) Yes, Geddy is Jewish. No, it's not a conspiracy. If anything, Geddy came from a long line of people who had to think fast just to not get killed. S**t like that will teach you a lot about life and how to be resourceful, no matter who you are. 5.) If you keep rocking the stage and the whole thing collapses, it really will be a big bummer. Seriously, cut that out before people die.
  22. Alright ladies and gentlemen, I'll start us off. The Spirit of Radio Begin the day with a friendly voice a companion, unobtrusive plays that song that's so elusive and the magic music makes your mullet move NEXT
  23. Here's a link to a quiz that exists, in case you don't know your answer already: http://www.quizfarm.com/quizzes/Rush/Big_Tommy_P/which-member-of-rush-are-you/ I scored as Alex Lifeson, which probably means I'm on an emotional high right now and I had too much coffee again. I'll probably be Neil in a couple of weeks, in which case I'll be on the forum with the iPad in bed while complaining about my life and cursing society. I just wish I could reach a Geddy-style equilibrium once in a while.
  24. On a mission to find everyday glory, we cling to our beliefs. To protect our open secrets, we keep them under lock and key. Donning war paint, armor and sword; we defend our territories. False bravado is second nature; part of our chemistry. We expect something for nothing, neurotica to the extreme. Never daring to explore beyond our middletown dreams. The marathon has to stop at night, no available light to see. Yet as Didacts And Narpets, we hold on to this virtuality. Malignant Narcissism spreads like chain lightning. Half the world has the disease. We hide inside our subdivisions until high water makes us flee. Stuck in limbo in the twilight zone, we stare at the big wheel. Not knowing if we’re losing it, or if what we see is real. The Manhattan project bore the weapon like a mothers only son. The superconductor oblivious, to the damage he has done. We follow the big money reaching in hand over fist. The presentation of a Bacchus Plateau; too tempting to resist. I want to go the way the wind blows, watch the stars look down on me. If there’s a ghost of a chance I’ll take it, at the risk of heresy. I’m going on a headlong flight gonna fly by night. Will I roll the bones? You bet your life! Gonna stick it out. Cut to the chase. Regardless of the circumstances, I’m gonna wear my bravest face. I’m not getting any younger and I think I’m going bald. So like a modern day Tom Sawyer, it’s time to hit the road. I’m finding my way, doing the best I can. Making memories, gonna take a friend. I’m shedding my red lenses Now the future I can see. I’m going to meet my heroes when I get to YYZ I’m here again, and I need some love, won’t you be part of my epilogue We’ll gain some scars, and shed some tears. countdown our lives in dog years. Don’t ignore the vital signs, because entre nous, what you’re doing, I want to do with you. We can dance to the mystic rhythms of Der Trommler, paint the world the color of right. Play games with time and motion and bathe in the limelight. I’m gonna write you an Anthem, a madrigal, an answer to Broon’s Bane… I’ll call on the spirt of radio, to take away your pain. We’ll share a sweet miracle; panacea, one little victory. We’ll keep working them angels overtime, until the next discovery. We can travel at the speed of love, and yet make time stand still. Say a farewell to kings and follow different strings because we’re driven by freewill. Share good news first, and leave the rest beneath, between and behind. Live life outside the camera eye, forget their grand designs. There’s no need to handle with kid gloves you’re not between the wheels. So carve away the stone. You ain’t got to be nobody’s hero. Ceiling unlimited; now’s the time to start to build a peaceable kingdom, closer to the heart. You may call me faithless, because I hold on to my sins. But that’s how it is that I defy; the enemy within. Face up on an alien shore I watched red tide hide between sun and moon. Saw a ghost rider chasing a vapor trail just because he was In the mood. I felt the rays from Cygnus X-1 and drank from the fountain of lamneth I watched the necromancer cast his spell and felt the halo effect. I marveled at the natural science around me, the sea, the sky, the trees. Emotion detector on overdrive. I could feel the whole worlds needs. The spindrift slapped me in the face, letting me know who was the prime mover and presto, I knew then that I had to choose between before and after. O’ Baterista You’ve inspired me to come out of the dark. To leave la villa strangiato and take a stroll through Lakeside park. To spend time in the garden and fill the larger bowl. To take the pass to Xanadu and seek the seven cities of gold. To find a passage to Bangkok and reach the summit of Tai’ Shan. To teach my son the Analog Kid about the Digital Man. To ask the question (where’s my thing?) To hope, to animate. To tell my foes I wish them well and then to turn the page. Clockwork Angels watch the working man, the wreckers and the anarchist. While the new world man and carnies; address the main monkey business. This is an overture, a nocturne, and my soliloquy. A far cry from the things that I was brought up to believe. Like the anagram for “addicts and parents” in this prose, You can jump upon the caravan, or leave that thing alone. Earthshine; An afterimage of life’s lessons; a cold fire that can burn and freeze. A secret touch, like a distant early warning, from an Oracle: The Dream. I’m a Cinderella Man from Rivendell born on Bastille Day In the Temples of Syrinx room 2112 / Red Sector A. The body electric; out of the cradle, running at force ten I’ll keep following this dreamline, until I’m home again. With By-Tor and the Snow dog, my red barchetta, and my friends, where we can be together, for Armageddon, in the end. I’ll stand beside the totem, where I met Dionysus, and watch the grand finale; with no regrets. I’ll send one last test for echo; screaming “please now, show, don’t tell” Then I’ll follow Jacob’s ladder up to heaven? down to hell? The witch hunt will be over, the double agent exposed, and we’ll find out once and for all who was right with what they know.
  25. Not sure how many people know about it, but in Universal Studios Orlando, there is a rollercoaster that lets you choose a song to listen to while you ride called Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. Rush is not on the public list of songs, but by holding your finger on the logo instead of one of the song genres when choosing your song, a keypad will come up and entering 101 will play 2112 pt. 2 for the ride. I was just wondering if anyone knew about it/ actually rode with the song. I was going to, but the ride inconveniently broke down before I got my chance to ride. Can any one tell me if it is anything special, or if you did not know about it, what your thoughts are.
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