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  1. Middletown is one of my top 5 Rush songs, so no contest here.
  2. That's pretty cool of Jimi to take a break from his coma to teach this guy how to play!
  3. http://www.magmamusic.org/en/index.php I know there have to be some fans here so I wanted to make sure everybody saw it! I saw them in NYC last year and it was amazing! They are hitting Philly this year, for apparently the first time since the '70s. I just bought Philly tickets this morning and am debating going to the NYC show as well.
  4. I don't think it's at odds with anything. I think that is true, but that he also probably had to be really pushed into even agreeing to that.
  5. I get the feeling they know and, have all either agreed to address the topic in this fashion for the time being, OR do not like the answer and are being vague in the hopes that he does change his mind.
  6. I think Vapor Trails is great lyrically and musically but I agree about Test for Echo! On my way to work this morning Carve Away The Stone came on and it's been a long time since I heard it. I forgot that it's actually a really good song with an awesome bridge and some really horrible lyrics :( And honestly I've come to the conclusion that some of his later lyrics aren't bad, but just bad in the context of a rock song if that makes sense. (some are obviously just bad though! (wish them well (cough )))
  7. I always think Geddy wrote Different Strings and then check the liner notes and realize Neil wrote it. Or maybe it's the other way around!
  8. When he has the headphones on I believe it means he's playing to a click track. I know they don't typically use one but on songs with extended sequenced keyboard parts, like The Weapon, I think tehy're pretty much required. You can't change the tempo of the keyboard part so if Neil is even slightly off it'd be a train wreck! Nowadays he wouldn't use headphones for these songs because they can run the click to his in-ear monitor.
  9. Jomboni

    Rush ads

    Weird...they play both "Freewill" and "Limelight" in the ad for R40 The commercial for the current tour obviously has to have footage from a previous tour, because it hadn't happened yet! I don't think the people making these commercials are going so far as to make sure any song featured is actually being played on the current tour!
  10. Jomboni

    Rush ads

    This takes me back to when labels spent time, money, and effort marketing bands!
  11. Dave Grohl would be a great fit. And I bet Dave Grohl agrees! If I was Dave Grohl I would put Foo Fighters on hold for a few months to tour with Geddy and/or Alex. My guess is we get a solo album from Geddy, and he will tour for it. I think Alex will be featured very prominently on the album, but it will still be billed as a Geddy solo album. I don't think Alex will tour with him. I can't see Geddy not doing the vocals. He will do just fine if he doesn't force himself out of his current range. I have no insider info, that just seems like a likely scenario!
  12. fraroc, it is very clear, based on the way Geddy & Alex are talking in interviews, FOH Lights' statements about how everything went down, etc., that there is some tension between Neil & the other 2. You're right, there is nothing wrong with Geddy & Alex wanting the band to continue. They have all said all along that "there will not be a bad guy" when somebody decides to call it quits, but that doesn't mean they can't be disappointed, upset, or hurt when it actually happens. They may even be, like FOH Lights said, more upset about how Neil did this than anything else, and again, there is nothing wrong with that. The thing is, it actually effects their lives. It has no effect on you, and they are being a whole lot more mature about it than you are! They're almost behaving like... adults. Crazy, huh?
  13. that IS cool. I just downloaded the mp3 files and put them on the drive hooked up to my car stereo
  14. Do you hate puppies and rainbows too? I don't "collect" boots but it's definitely nice to have a few great sounding recordings from tours they didn't release official live discs for. My 2 favorites that I have are A Desert Passage and The Philadelphia Project (Power Windows tour!)
  15. Tapehead2's philly boot sounds great, and it was a great performance.
  16. There are a ton of great new bands out there today. You just won't hear them on the radio. I have a free Sirius trial with my new car and you don't really hear anything new and original there either. It's out there though!
  17. I honestly thought How It Is is one of the best songs on this vocal wise. And I like the song live a lot better than I thought I would. It wasn't my first choice for a deep cut from Vapor Trails but it's very energetic!
  18. I became a fan during their hiatus so I am obviously glad they got back together. I didn't think I'd ever get to see them, and I ended up seeing them 6 times. With the CA & R40 they pulled out a ton of my "must see" songs, so I have no complaints. And CA has held up for me very well, I think it's their best album since Power Windows. I think this album & the R40 tour is the perfect one to go out on. While Geddy sounded better on this tour than the last 2, he still sounded rough. It's not bad in the moment because everybody is singing along. But it's noticable on the DVD. I still love it but I wouldn't play one of the recent live albums to somebody who wasn't already a fan. The playing is still great from all 3 of them though, and I'd love for them to keep going if he could still hit the notes, or even if he reworked the songs into a lower register. But now, it seems like even doing that is hard for some songs. I don't fault the guy obviously, and I think he sounds as good as can be expected for a 62 year old trying to sing songs from 40 years ago, but at the same time you gotta know when to fold 'em.
  19. The drums sounded muddy on the Sirius broadcast they've been playing the past couple weeks. On the DVD they sound fine. I haven't listened to the cds yet, but right now I am listening to mp3s I downloaded (I'm not sure what the source is - a cd rip, itunes download, whatever) and I think they sound decent on here. The video definitely has the best mix though.
  20. If people insist that I fly over to Europe and sell insurance for a month before I retire I'm gonna be pissed.
  21. The ESL version is obviously better but this is solid. I don't think any performance on this album is the best of anything they've ever done, but everything was solid all around. Of course they are not playing a 37 year old song as good as they were 37 years ago, but nothing on this album is anywhere near the sound of a band that needs to "throw in the towel"
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