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  1. I got my Time Machine program signed by all three, and my Roadshow book signed by Neil from the Sunrise venue. It's now the BB&T Center. May try there again.
  2. Not sure of any reference but as of the S&A tour I heard a guy talking to the Garfield guy and he and the cat had been to over 350 Rush shows. So the guys must know him by now. The white haired violinists shirt said "Havlicek stole the ball!"
  3. I saw a guy walking out wearing one, and his said something like "I got this shirt from someone who used to look like Geddy Lee". I think there was more, but he walked by pretty quickly.
  4. I'm pretty sure the kit spin is intentional, since he got up immediately to play the electronic side. I also loved that Geddy dubbed them the "Clockwork Angels String Section", and thought it was fitting when he said it was time to bid "a farewll to strings". (Their final bow could have been lit for us to see them though. I'm sure they'll have a better handle on these things as the tour goes on.)
  5. The good: Subdivsions kicking it off, the strings and guitar solo on The Garden, Grand Designs and Manhattan Project's returns, AMAZING light show (though anything would have been better than that anemic spider like set up from Time Machine, the most lackluster light show Rush has done), and the sound/tone of the drums, also a big improvement from the TM tour. Actually all of this was great, not just good! The Bad: The strings were too low in the mix except for The Garden and Caravan. They really needed to be punched up, especially for Halo Effect and The Wreckers. This was the loudest they have ever played, and it muddled a lot of the tunes. At first I thought it was to conceal Ged's aging voice, but no, he was on most of the night! Not sure why they cranked it up as much as they did, and hope they dial it down a hair. The encore- I said to my son 'I hope they do 3 songs, and 2 of them are not Tom Sawyer and Spirit'.....and they played ONLY those 2 songs. Sigh. When TS led it off, I had so much hope some 70s oldie was going to end it, (What You're Doing? In The Mood? Anthem?) but no, a wasted opportunity. The Ugly: The Big Money solo, Ged not being on stage to start Caravan, Neil not being on stage to do his first drum part in Halo Effect, the keyboard malfunction, and the Tom Sawyer (lack of) solo. Alex's joke: Two guys were in a bar, and got drunk. One guy threw up all over his suit before going home. He is upset because his wife is going to kill him for getting drunk and ruining the suit. His buddy gives him a $20 bill and says 'tell the wife another patron came up to you and vomited on the suit, but gave you the $20 to clean it.' 'You're a genius' he says, and leaves. Getting home his wife sees the suit and asks what happens. He says "this guy threw up on my suit and gave me $20 to get it cleaned". The wife says "that's great, but there's $40 here." And the guy says "Oh the other $20 is from the guy that pooped in my pants".
  6. Songs I've never seen them do in person: Jacob's Ladder In The End Cinderella Man (would be a great encore opener!) Chemistry Something For Nothing Beneath, Between & Behind Songs they have never played: Cut To The Chase The Big Wheel Heresy Available Light Lessons Take A Friend Before And After Tears Madrigal Different Strings Second Nature The Color Of Right Peaceable Kingdom Nocturne We Hold On
  7. I think I could get from Rush through ATWAS in one day, to start. Any more than that might be pushing it. Maybe I'll try it on my next trip to Virginia, see if I can go longer than that.
  8. Hope it comes to fruition. I would definitely go to one or more of those shows.
  9. That's what makes it sketchy.....
  10. I love the Space Shuttle shaped vinyl single of Countdown I have. It features the red fire hydrant on the reverse side. http://eil.com/shop/moreinfo.asp?catalogid=1824 http://www.popsike.com/Rare-RUSH-SpaceShut...0090418067.html Many other things to choose from, but this comes to mind immediately.
  11. Have not noticed an edit on the dvd before reading this. Now I'll have to check it out. This will always be my favorite issue, especially since I was there. www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_mbYzM8axo
  12. +1 for "Instrumedly". lol. I went with the all epics tour. Would love to hear all those in their (tiny changes so subtle you think they are played in their) entirety.
  13. In viewing this thread, it seems that the issue is that people are taking this: "Geddy's voice is weaker now." as "Geddy can't sing and I hate how the band sounds now." Conversely, others are taking this: "I don't mind how his voice sounds now." as "Ged hasn't changed one bit." The reality is both sides are reaching the middle ground, but from opposite directions. Both sides know his voice is different and not as strong as it was. One side is bothered by this, and one side is not. But each side is pushing their point to the extreme, ie, one side are "haters" and one side "fanboys". I think each side is really in the same spot, knowing Ged has limitations. One side chooses to highlight the downside, and the other chooses to enjoy what it is at this point in time. Personally, I noticed the change in the 2010 shows, especially on the boots. I'm saddened by the change, but I knew it was coming and I take it in stride. I don't assume it's not there, but I don't cringe at any failed attempt at notes higher than he can attain. I think this will be their last go around, and I will savor each show I attend, no matter where Ged's register is at.
  14. I'm hoping they go with the spring release, and another tour of the "sheds" around North America. That would definitely get me out to a handful of area shows and possible road trip.
  15. The set would be a quick hitter of Spirit Of Radio / Limelight / Tom Sawyer, and maybe a Cygnus X-1 teaser at the end.
  16. Wow, sad to hear this. Enjoyed his photos of the band, especially in concert. Condolences to his family and friends.
  17. I got back from a mini vaca to find my tourbook returned from Sunrise, FL and signed by all three guys. Alex even added a "Hey Dan". My Roadshow for Neil has not come back, but may be at the post office. http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y94/ThunderB/Rushtourbook.jpg
  18. QUOTE (Mara @ Mar 19 2011, 09:34 AM) It was Hold Your Fire - the band gave him an advance copy and he stupidly played it ahead of time. He was lucky that ALL he did was alienate them - he could have been fined big-time. Actually I think it was A Show of Hands. He played some cuts on his radio show in Philly before it was released. I remember when I bought this too. Definately was the holy grail of Rush info back then! Just found it last week too. I'll porbably start reading it again.
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