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  1. Why does the president have to say anything? King is getting it from all sides, members of the house, senators, the local newspaper. When asked he hadn’t heard about it yet. Virtue + Did Trump ever actually say “there are good people marching with the KKK”? Not that exact quote, but yes he did say it.https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/08/trump-defends-white-nationalist-protesters-some-very-fine-people-on-both-sides/537012/
  2. In that case, this big book of bass might be more appropriate to go with your pot.
  3. Don't get me wrong. I was not trying to rain on your parade. I was just stating a fact.
  4. The RRHOF wanted nothing to do with Rush before, but now that they have seen how fanatical Rush fans can be, they are taking the opportunity to cash in on it.
  5. That is quite a statement coming from someone that belongs to a Rush forum. Rush fans are notorious for shoving Rush down other people's throats.
  6. I saw this over a year ago. That's how amazing I am!
  7. It will be like when That 70s Show continued on after Topher Grace left. It will fail immediately. The person it all revolved around will be gone. There's too big of a void to be filled. The show is Rick's story and should end with his death. I stopped watching That 70s Show long before Topher left. In fact, I didn’t even know he left until recently. There were some classic episodes in there when I did watch though. You know TWD will continue even if it sucks though. Darryl as the lead. Or Michonne. Or both. I don’t think either actor would be good as the lead though. We can't count Negan out as taking over the lead, you never know?
  8. If you sign up for a free trial, expect to be harrassed by them for the next three years. Just like that time I took the free trial with the Hare Krishna's.
  9. Did they ever perform it live with Geddy? If they did I never heard of it.
  10. His scarf was what stood out to me also. It looks like hours of preparation went into that scarf.
  11. :goodone: Thanks so much! That makes sense. I just couldn't figure out today why tickets were already on sale. I like Stub Hub as well. We have used it a few times in Pittsburgh when hearing about a sports or concert event too late for the original sale. Just try to order the tickets as soon as they go on sale because these resellers are going to be grabbing them up as fast as they can for a band like the Stones.
  12. what is insane is how close they get to the rocks and trees. All it takes is one slight miscalculation and your dead
  13. I did a search for this but could not find it posted here.
  14. Very good article, Rod. Your tone comes across just fine.
  15. I thought the same thing It's a long story, it all started the summer of '69....
  16. It is not, it is juvenile!!!! You really don't have any sense of humour at all, do you? It was too predictable to be funny. I new what this thread was before I clicked on it. Anyone with an IQ above that of an amoeba surely knew that, it wasn't that part that was meant to be funny.....bloody hell. I didn't read all of the posts in this thread. Why so serious? lol
  17. It is not, it is juvenile!!!! You really don't have any sense of humour at all, do you? It was too predictable to be funny. I new what this thread was before I clicked on it.
  18. Rush could just start wearing makeup like Kiss does and tour and just say it is Neil on drums.
  19. I don't think they would have been more popular. I believe that Geddy's voice was a huge part of their success. My first time hearing Rush was from their debut album and the power and uniqueness of Geddy's voice was what got me hooked right away. I think their are a lot of Rush fans who experienced the same thing.
  20. wow, that makes 2 of us on this website who like melvins I think you'll see after some time here that squeaky clean sterility is all most people here want in music, unfortunately I also like squeaky clean dishes.
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