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  1. Sorry to put this here but I'm looking to give these away to someone who would actually use them. The tickets are at willcall so they can't be sold (or else I would have listed them on stubhub etc). I got them in the LiveNation class action. :/ So, who wants 3 free tickets? Just DM your full name and I'll have the name changed at willcall. You have to be there in person to claim the tickets an hour before the show. PNC is in holmdel NJ. The person with the best story of wanting to go gets them. I know Bryan Adams is meh, but someone here might like them. Enjoy rushies.
  2. They never tell you until that morning who you get with these things. I'm guessing 3 courses 18 holes on the 1/54 estimate since I counted 47 celebs (unless they stack the shotgun with 2 per tee...so it could be as low as 1/47 odds). Either way, call it a 2% chance you get Big Al.
  3. I would do this if I had a foursome to join...my handicap is the same as Big Al's so it would be fun to try and beat him. :) Of course you have to pay about $1k and only have what looks like a 1/54 chance of playing with Al, but some of the other celebs would be cool too...Lindros, Graves, lots of hockey guys it seems...but it's all for charity anyway. Probably a fun day for some lucky group. Alex Lifeson is one of the many Canadian celebrities that will be participating in the Smilezone Foundation's second annual charity golf tournament at Rattlesnake Point Golf Club next month on Monday, July 14th. http://www.smilezone.com/
  4. I think he reads our PMs just for fun when he gets bored. :o Nope, can't read PMs here. We mods, however, CAN read your minds... Thanks to all for the kind words. 30,000 posts....that's a lot. How did I have the time for 30,000 posts? I'm waiting for Ted Knight to walk in on us and say this: That's a lot of posts I'm sure at least a few hundred are worth reading. Ha. Congrats. :P
  5. Did we ever learn who the girl dancing to YYZ in the GuP DVD was? :P
  6. On ebay Canada with 24 hours left..current bid is $6,200. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Alex-Lifeson-RUSH-Original-Kidney-Foundation-of-Canada-A-Brush-of-Hope-/360772118997?pt=Art_Paintings&hash=item53ffb1a9d5&_uhb=1 Sorry..this looks like a repost, but I didn't see the link in the other thread...mods can move this if needed.
  7. Today you can ignore the setlist spoilers and enjoy your own personal discovery of the setlist, but pre-Internet almost nobody knew what was coming next, so everyone erupted when the first notes of a great song were heard. Those are the best memories I have of the 80s shows.
  8. QUOTE (eshine @ Oct 27 2012, 01:01 AM) Holy Shit! I can hardly believe it! I am the lucky recipient of these tix - my fellow Rush fanatic Sister and I are coming from Chicago!!!! This is a dream come true - I have been following Rush since 1985 and have never experienced front row seats. The closest I've ever been for Rush is 7th row way off to the side for the VT tour. byoungjr, you are one class act !!!! - I hope all goes well with you and your family on the shore - hopefully Sandy will lose some steam. Please know that you just made a couple of lifelong fans incredibly, ecstatically happy. These tickets will be enjoyed more then you will ever know - and I will pay if forward whenever I can. Three cheers for byoungjr!!!! Such a warm and fuzzy story. Have fun at the show. Yeah, admins should delete that pic, let's not have this good story turn negative at all.
  9. QUOTE (Broncos730 @ Jun 19 2012, 07:43 AM) Scott this is Rushchick Rushchick this is Scott.. They are strangers to each other, full of sliding panels, an illusion show. Acting well-rehearsed routines or playing from the heart? It's hard for one to know
  10. Got to wish him a Happy Birthday in person in 2010. That was fun, and better than anything else I coulda said in the 15 secs of a M&G anyway. Happy B Day, Al. What you chose not to play inspires me more than what anyone else could and did play....if that makes sense. Ha.
  11. http://oberin.com/modules/PNphpBB2/files/rush_cake1_250.jpg
  12. The biggest waste of your money is your $150-$200 per month cable bill. You probably can get 30 digital channels for free with a $20 antenna, not to mention your increased productivity from not watching TrashTV like TeenMom and Jersey Shore all day. So there is $2k to spend per year on high priced concerts, or other activities you might enjoy. You are never gonna be 65 years old telling stories of the episodes of Flip This House you saw in 2012, but you might have some good memories of seeing Rush, the Who, the Stones, etc to share. Disclaimer: I can afford cable, but been cable free for 4 years on principal.
  13. My cover band got paid to be the resort band for a week on the beach in the Bahamas. All expenses paid, and all you can eat/drink. Was 75 degrees and sunny every day and i met some great people. It was so easy we are doing it again in September.
  14. QUOTE (treeduck @ Jun 25 2012, 02:58 PM) It's better than Grace Under Pressure which has some tunes that don't appeal to me so much like The Body Electric, Red Lenses and The Enemy Within... The body electric is one of Alex's best solos from the 80s. I don't think there is a bad song on GUP really. PW is a tad light for my taste in parts... Still, meh on the new album...Its in my car CD and I'm only on song 5...hoping for some better songs in the remaining bunch. On a side note, I really like the last song on my fav headache, just heard that is week. That's a good song.
  15. Is it me, or did Dave's psycho fan have some blackass toothes? I heard those old Dave Navarro PRS signatures are really nice, and they sorta look like someone's Gibson 355 that we know.
  16. I was in afterimage for a short time. I think they are a very good rush tribute band in Philly. They are playing the rusty nail in early Feb. I probably will stop in to see them. http://www.afterimageband.com/front.html Certainly not a huge female following for Rush tribute bands, but the music is always a blast to play.
  17. How many gold and platnium albums did Rush have before GNR was even around? Another Joke..
  18. I heard Alex wrote it as a rap song... Yo, Yo don't look back Dis ecomony is whack The man don't cut us no slack And our kids are high on da crack. Word, alex word. ;p
  19. I'l have to bring my camera tomorrow AM. Every morning after I pass the "One Lane Bridge" sign, I see the signs for 412 S 212 N 212 S....which because they are together really look like 412212212.... So close...too bad that group of signs are 200 feet from the "One Lane Bridge" sign....that would be just the baddest avitar if they could all be in the same picture. Damnit..
  20. Doesn't anyone have a plate that says "Rutsey"? "TaiShan"?
  21. QUOTE (1-0-0-1-0-0-1 @ Apr 29 2011, 10:25 PM) QUOTE (D3strukt @ Apr 29 2011, 11:09 PM) Err, well i'd post it in SOCN. But really, If people get that pissed about beliefs and all that stuff. Eh what the hell. Permission to post in SOCN? Also, it is a system that my friend and I have been thinking up over the past 6 years. No kidding. You have a big batch of Kool-Aid all mixed up and ready to go, too? I laughed-ed.
  22. Rush saves trapped miners. Awesome. Someone get 33 second rows seats for these guys (first row reserved for the spoiled rich obnoxious tweens in chile, of course).
  23. QUOTE (lerxt1990 @ Oct 11 2010, 06:10 PM) We must protect the Chileans.
  24. Well, my item came back from Tampa unsigned, but I understand why...no biggie, hope they at least read my note though. I like how the concert pics frame jobs are turning out, if there is another tour after a break, I think I'm going go that route. My phone cam stinks but my friend got some nice ones. Fun stuff.
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