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  1. We need someone that bought 2112 when it hit record stores and they kept their receipt to set the actual release date to rest.Somehow I remember snow on the ground when I bought it...but snow lingers into April so....
  2. In the Limelight studio promo vid at the very end of song when Neil is doing his caveman drum fills his headphones are just about to fall off but was edited out...why wasn't it left in?..it would've been cool to leave it in and pan to Neil at the end readjusting himself with a "whoops" smile on his face.
  3. Did anyone go see Rick Beato Live? I think it was just last week,supposedly it was sold out... The Gramercy Theater in NYC He's really making a name for himself with his YT channel getting top tier rockstar interviews now...I'm sure it beats sitting in a dark dingy studio trying to produce /dealing with a band about to explode,the next big thing ;) Although he doesn't like to admit it,his bread and butter is YT...can't see that book generating a whole lot.
  4. I have my doubts these are all his guitars. He’s still making music. Right,don't think anyone said "all of his guitars"...in an auction setting people won't bid "crazily" on a 2015 Les Paul Axcess that Al played once or twice...the guitars in this auction are considered to be the iconic ones played on Rush's classic albums.
  5. Good for Alex,it's all for charity even better.We all come into this world with nothing we will all leave with nothing.I don't see the '68 Gibson 335 sunburst,which I can understand,that was his first "real" guitar he had it in the Come on Children movie.That guitar is considered The Lifeson guitar,he gets a pass on keeping that.
  6. Watched him on and off the past few years and only if I'm really interested in the topic... just don't get where he finds the time to do these videos and hold down a full time job,surely he finds time to take out the garbage.Lately he's been reaching for new topics to talk about...here's some topic recommendations..."Albums that were released on the first full moon of the Month" or "My top 50 3rd favorite albums of all Time"...That Hudson Valley Squares is unwatchable,really...anytime there is more than one guest on it's an automatic NEXT!
  7. I don't know,it's hard to fathom what's going to happen a year from now let alone a 100...hopefully people in positions can get their act together soon...but we won't go down that road here ;)
  8. Radio City Music Hall, opening act Marillion. I was there. This is correct. So, WE HAVE been in the same room together! That was a five-night stand at Radio City, and I don't remember which night I was there. It probably wasn't the same night as you as I didn't smell cigar smoke. ;) I was there for opening and closing nights...the booing was lame, really...I remember a female sitting behind me screaming for The Police,that would be the band,don't know why...stoned out of her gourd perhaps .. a scream that just pierced ones ears I finally turned around and told her to shut the f up
  9. Pinball Machines?...hey!...what do I know?..again,where's the money in this? From my experience with them is that they are a big pain in the butt!!...you know,sorta like owning a boat...you know what they say about owning a boat..."bust out another thousand" These things are not going to sell like hot cakes so it's a real head scratcher
  10. Someone's got to be the taste tester for all that beer going out...seriously, sitting and from that angle it's not the most flattering.It gets harder and harder to keep that size 32 waist
  11. Ha...I was there for opening and closing nights...so,you were part of the booing gang?...never understood the booing for a opening act...we all sat through an opening act..right,we're there for the headliner, but just to be respectful doesn't cost you anything ...I'm sure Rush got a bad vibe from it.
  12. Sir Gawain atGK missed it's calling by about 4 years...on a basic level that title is a stick in the mud,so outta place with the PeW album theme...by 1980, Rush were "streamlining" their music, they were done with that epic length progressive rock boat anchor.I think Neil at this stage still had one foot in the mid 70's writing style.I can almost guess that Geddy put a kibosh on that title.Sir Gawain and SoR? ugh!...
  13. I remember the day picking it up at the local record shop...man,I should've bought two copies and saved one for the 40th anniversary Man,reliving the opening of a new copy all over again...I wore out the cassette copy of ATWAS and the St.Louis live radio broadcast tape.
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