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  1. One week after my 14th birthday, Feb 25th 1979, Municipal Auditorium (3000 seats, maybe?), Austin, Texas, Hemispheres tour (April Wine opened).
  2. Interesting interpretation. I'd shy away from terms like "unmistakable" and "no doubt about it" given that, as you correctly identified early on, "here is an abstract image".
  3. Come on, be specific! Which albums would someone have to pay you to spin with no skips?! :P VT, S&A and CA -- for me there are more skips than plays on those three.
  4. Not even Bytor from ATWAS??? It's close.
  5. How bout "In The End" on ATWAS? It's a great performance, but I like the acoustic intro.
  6. I can think of only two songs Rush where I prefer the live version to the studio: What You're Doing, and Armor & Sword.
  7. I'm with the OP. I can't stand it when people mispronounce Nell's name.
  8. A trend I've noticed is that you post random questions once in a blue moon about subjects pertaining to the R30: 30th Anniversary World Tour video. Hopefully you can be more active and contribute something to the forum. Uncharacteristically mean spirited of you RFF. Honestly I think we don't get enough new Rush threads anymore (though I'm very guilty of perpetuating the problem by making non-Rush threads every day). The fact that he's asking anything at all is positive for discussion, not to mention this is an interesting question. And on top of all that, while technically a trend needs a minimum of two data points, I think it's a bit premature to talk about trends of someone who has, as of this writing, a total of four posts, two of which are in this thread. pasqua, you go right on asking questions.
  9. Hey, thanks for asking the question! I learned something!
  10. JARG

    Rush and Rand

    Not all lyrics are autobiographical or written from one's own perspective... Indeed. Demonstrating that you understand a point of view does not necessarily mean you hold that point of view.
  11. JARG

    Rush and Rand

    I view the influence favorably. Like Peart, I, too, was enamored by Rand's philosophy in my formative years. I've always liked that Rush has been a "thinking person's" band, making literature cool for a segment of the population that generally eschewed intellectual pursuits in favor of the carnal and banal (though even there, the debut album had its place).
  12. One of the drummers in one of the bands I was in (Dave) had a background in jazz, but was a huge Peart fan nonetheless. I remember us listening to Burning For Buddy, and Dave said, "Peart swings like a rusty gate". But year, I think Neil liked the allure of being a swing drummer and approaching the kit with a different mindset, emphasizing feel and improvisation and finesse over a his usual approach in Rush.
  13. http://youtu.be/6la0o3Jf4LM
  14. JARG

    Where did you start?

    I first heard Rush in the summer of '76 when a friend and I were walking though the town square. A friend of my older brother's pulled up next to us in his car to ask where my brother was, and he was playing 2112 on his car 8-track player (the song was just starting). It didn't do a thing for me. About a year later I was only way home from school when my brother was playing By-Tor and the Snowdog on the home stereo. I walked into the house right at the section where Neil does his big drum fills, and I was mesmerized.
  15. I agree, but neither of them have much of a wow factor for me, considering the source. Background music for youtuber drone videos. Really?......."what you got?"..I don't think they were put out there to knock you off your chair........well,to be sure, making music starts out noodling around in the studio...I don't know just guessing You seem to have taken my opinion as a slight against you personally. It wasn't. As far as "what you got", here's my most recent contribution to SFC's output: https://sloppyfootcowboys.bandcamp.com/track/dissonance
  16. I agree, but neither of them have much of a wow factor for me, considering the source. Background music for youtuber drone videos.
  17. You shall henceforth be know as Alph. Alpha. Sure if you want to spell it out, but Alph for short. :) That way you and that Alf dude can pal around.
  18. You shall henceforth be know as Alph.
  19. The Sly & The Family Stone song? :lol:
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