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  1. JARG

    A new Lerxst solo!

    It's nice to hear Alex playing within his limitations rather than trying to shred like he used to. David Gilmour taught the world that phrasing and note selection can be just as impressive as fast runs (and often way more emotive). Yay for Alex remembering what he already knew.
  2. Wow wow wow! Radically different bass tone for you! Excellent song all around, very Rushlike, and the mix is really good, too. Are you still doing the mixing/mastering?
  3. JARG

    About damn time!

    I requested this way back in Oct.
  4. Top 5: Moving Pictures, Signals, Permanent Waves, Test For Echo, Power Windows Bottom 5: Snakes and Arrows, Clockwork Angels, Hold Your Fire, Counterparts, Rush
  5. Feb 25th, 1979, Municipal Auditorium, Austin, Texas. "Tour of the Hemispheres" April Wine opened. Municipal Auditorium was probably about a 6000 seat venue. It was insanely loud.
  6. For sure during Tom Sawyer, but I don't see it in Overture.
  7. It's possible (but unlikely) that Neil flubbed the kick during that section, but the rest of the performances (his included) were considered "keepers" and so they just chose to mute the kick mic during mixing to hide the flub.
  8. Saw the show last night. Great concert.
  9. My god, I hope they don't play a Rush song at the Taylor Hawkins tribute. That would as bad in taste as the Foos playing a Foos song at a Neil Peart tribute.
  10. I saw him several years ago when he toured The Wall. Amazing show. Gonna' see him again in Sept.
  11. I personally think they should have just come out, given a wave or two to the audience, hugged their on-stage friends, and then exited stage left.
  12. Looks like they had a good time, but my god, that was rough.
  13. Before And After is 2nd only to Working Man for most indispensable song on the album. But yes, Take A Friend could easily have been replaced with a good song, Garden Road, for example. As for early Rush covers, they're pretty hideous, so I'm glad they didn't make it onto the debut.
  14. It was cool in the sense that for the Rush fans who put a lot of stock in what the RRHOF does, they got their moment in the sun.
  15. It has its moments, but those moments do little to clean the many layers of shit from it.
  16. Not only the worst of the MCU movies (to date), but the worst by a huge margin.
  17. He’s acquainted with the Boston Dawsons. The reason he didn’t survive the sinking of the Titanic is because he only had one life to live.
  18. JARG

    The GeFilter

    I expect this thread will some day disappear. Once Tinlador builds the GeFilter, he can go back in time and not create this thread.
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