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  1. I am staggered at the lack of knowledge, the lack of audience empathy and the lack of story telling by the Auctioneer. The prices are insanely low- the 1957 Gold Top and a few others went below market value. The Auctioneer wheezed, coughed and spluttered- he needs to stop dodging salads, give up smoking and learn about his products- things like 'This Hentor is a rare guitar' - yes, there's ONE of them. And 'someone has autographed the case' - yep, that's Lerxst's sig you idiot. Totally unprofessional and I have written to the owner of the Auction house to vent: Dear Darren, I am sorry but I am forced to write to you and please don’t take this personally. As someone with a real interest in collecting guitars, I cannot believe the low prices I am seeing and also just how unknowledgeable your wheezing and coughing auctioneer is. There’s no product knowledge, there’s no salesmanship, no story telling of the items. An example is the Hentor Sportscaster – your auctioneer ‘Not many of these’…. NO! There’s literally one, and Alex virtually built it himself- where’s the back story, where’s the temptation? As you know, you have to open the deep pockets of the well-heeled and there’s been no real attempt to describe the deep heritage of the instruments he’s selling and absolutely ZERO product knowledge. I know Alex was hoping for $1m for the White 335 and with stronger story telling, I believe it would have made a lot more. I spoke to him personally about this. As I type, many Rush fans in my social circle and on Facebook are saying the same thing- that there’s no back story, no product knowledge and that the wheezing, spluttering and coughing from the fat auctioneer are rather low rent. No wonder these are not making anything near what they should. If you believe I’m wrong, watch the David Gilmour auction and the genius, polish and professionalism of the auctioneer and team there. It was a brilliant event- one were I walked away with one of the CS NOS Strats. If your team don’t know the back story then I do and I’ll write it out for them next time. Anyway, nothing personal but this auction is disappointing and a terrible conclusion to the history of these amazing instruments. Best Regards
  2. It was an Ibanez AD-230. He can get the same effect via the hold delay patch on the GForce.
  3. Absolutely and very respectfully disagree. It was my gateway drug song into Rush. Still find it an incredible demonstration of the band's ability.
  4. Under-rated- the Camera Eye. Alex's best solo, albeit brief.
  5. Thinking about this- I'm gonna try and do C-Numb in the style of Alex and post it. I'll need to think about this- harmonic minor feel needed.
  6. I've seen a few of these but this guy has absolutely nailed this. It drips Floyd and MK in one piece. Bravo.
  7. Got Ghost Rider off my other half! And also, from my Mum- she's on a fixed income and she bought me a plectrum making punch last year and she bought me a load of 0,58mm plastic stripes this year for the punch - even my favourite right gauge- I don't like super rigid pics Oh and 2 tickets in Block A Row N for the Eagles in June from my other half.... And a Boss DC2-W Dimension Stereo Chorus Pedal (similar to TC210 that Lerxst loves)
  8. The sublimely talented, ridiculous showman that is... Tommy Emmanuel.
  9. So I guess I'll re-start the Christmas Day bidding with an A for.... the utterly exquisite genius of rhythm guitar and riff Mr Carlos Alomar....
  10. The utterly exquisite Snowy White.
  11. Bless him...nothing compares to the R40 wig though. I'm considering a book of short stories for next Xmas "The Incredible Adventures of Alex Lifeson's Hair"
  12. :) Not that I'm a big follower of Al's guitars beyond the ES 335/355's and that gorgeous gold Les he played during Anarchist on the CA tour.... BUT.... I was kind of disappointed that he didn't drag out the actual Hentor Sportscaster (from the P/G days) for R40. I figured a retrospective tour would bring out that model. Oh well. I know he's bought the original 1957 GT that he used on R40 at the Forum off Ged now.
  13. Huge Bowie fan here, staggered Alladin Sane so high. Station to Station, Low, Dogs for me.
  14. Just completed the seven episodes of Dopesick on Disney +. the story of Oxycontin and Purdue Pharma. Absolutely scary, with a brilliant performance by Michael Keaton as an addicted doctor and the whole US Opioid addiction - we in UK knew very little about this as Oxy never got prescribed here (only for terminal cancer) 9/10. Really recommend it.
  15. Hi, just a couple of points on this old thread: The 2112/Hemisphere R40 Guitar isn't a 59 or reissue- it's Alex's 1972 Norlin era honeyburst. It weighs about 11lbs! The '355' in burst on Working Man is a 1968 Norlin era 335.
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