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  1. We all know that SOCN is TRF's designated cesspool. To those of you who do not have SOCN access, if you would like to continue to talk about political issues, consider sending me a PM asking for cesspool access. Otherwise, we -- meaning all of us -- should try and keep politics where it belongs.
  2. https://www.epiphone.com/en-US/Electric-Guitar/Alex-Lifeson-Les-Paul-Custom-Axcess/Ruby
  3. Would have been interesting to see what Eddie did with that. I'm kinda glad we didn't see that happen as the original is top notch, and I generally hate Motown covers.
  4. Mine too. I'm not a huge fan of any of the remakes that VH did after that, though "Where Have All The Good Times Gone" is pretty good.
  5. I hear you. Like a lot of guys back then I had a big crush on her, and she has a flawless voice. Your devout allegiance is well justified. But in the case of "You're No Good" I really like what VH did with it.
  6. Motown songs should be left alone. Those songs are all about melody and groove, and any of the remakes I've heard completely missed the point.
  7. Yep. Even though it's basically The Kinks' version turned up to 11, it still wins easily. And unlike "You Really Got Me," Eddie took Linda Ronstadt's "You're No Good" and turned a pretty good song into something different, and something way better.
  8. When did this formerly harmless thread turn into a satellite location of SOCN?
  9. Just to clarify my comment on Mellencamp's vocals in this song, I'm not saying his vocals are more impressive talent-wise than Benatar's -- they're not -- but they fit the music perfectly. His band is going pretty good in this tune. Benatar sings her ass off like she always does, but the music behind her is blah.
  10. This song and Rain On The Scarecrow are the only songs I like from Mellencamp. I too put him in the same category as Springsteen. I'm not a fan of most of the "heartland folk-rock" genre. As far as vocal talent, yes, Benatar takes Mellancamp to school every day and twice on Sunday. But her superior talent doesn't make her version of this song better.
  11. I heard the Tracy Chapman version again about a week ago, for the first time in decades. I had a whole new appreciation for the song, for both the writing and Tracy's performance. The lyrics meant something coming from her. Luke Combs didn't need to remake it. Should have just left it alone.
  12. Benatar does a fine job of singing in her version, and Neil Geraldo's guitar solo is typically weird and cool, but the music is kind of dry and sterile. Not much attitude there. Benatar would've had to come up with something miraculous to beat Cougar's version. The opening jam, the snarly guitars, the vocals. It's not even close.
  13. Just came home with a pint of Haagen-Dazs Chocolate. Just plain chocolate, as God intended.
  14. Folks, a whistleblower reached out to me and informed me that the next song on hi_water's list is Hemispheres, and he's been stalling for the past week because he fears the outrage and the backlash. Understandable.
  15. Foo Fighters guitarist Christ Shiflett sits with Alex to talk about his Limelight solo.
  16. Either one of them alone would be fun, but nothing beats an interview with both of them. Maybe Rick could serve soup.
  17. Not a terrible song. The backwards guitar solo is pretty cool. I probably would have ranked it somewhere in this vicinity.
  18. We're almost at the point when we can say RIP print media.
  19. I've liked this song ever since it came out in the '80s, and I hated most of the new wave stuff back then (I've come around on some of it in recent years). Obviously the bass was the big draw with this song. John is pretty well locked in there.
  20. I watched a good chunk of that. Corpuz was steady the whole day, especially on the back nine where she was throwing darts on her approaches and dropping putts. Hull made it very interesting with that eagle and all those birdies. Hataoka however just tanked on the back nine.
  21. This is one of the better songs from VT. The contrast between the verses and the choruses, and that killer pre-chorus riff. This is ranked too low.
  22. Here's the uncut sequence. The guy is ballsy.
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