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  1. The video title gives it away -- "AI Rush cover." If I did a blind listen to this, I would think some fan or tribute band vocalist did this, one that sounded a little like Phil Collins.
  2. I like it a lot. For years I had High Water ranked near the bottom, right next to Tai Shan (that's a death sentence for any Rush song!). I never gave it more than a few listens. I gave it a spin yesterday, for the first time in decades, and it's actually much better than I remembered. It's still not a top-100 song for me, but it's nowhere near Tai Shan anymore.
  3. I don't have that song ranked quite that high, but it's not far behind this. It's a solid tune and not surprised to see it in someone's top-10.
  4. I took statistics in college, and got an A. Reading this post of yours confirms how little I've retained from that course after all these years.
  5. That calls for an expanded sneak preview: 163. 164. Half The World 165. Anagram (For Mongo) 166. Second Nature
  6. Yeah, it's worse than a blockage. I've never experienced dysentery, but thanks to Second Nature and Anagram, I don't have to.
  7. Of all the songs on VT, as far as the mixing in the original release, this song suffered the most. It sounded like a cacophonous brick wall with so many layers of loud guitars battling to be heard. But I still liked the song, and the remixed version has raised my level of appreciation for this underrated deep cut. I have this ranked much higher.
  8. After further analysis, after a refresher listen...holy shit, those two songs sound so much worse than I thought. To have a level of loathing and revulsion for a song actually grow with each listen is actually kind of impressive. Sneak preview of my list: 164. 165. Anagram 166. Second Nature Never have two songs been so firmly entrenched in the bowels of a rankings list.
  9. I agree with that confidence vs concentration comparison, it's a great point. But that live version of Xanadu gets my "height of their powers" ranking not only because it's a great song, but also because of that concentration, mainly the multi-tasking. Alex and Geddy both playing doublenecks (and not just to show off -- all those necks are serving the song). Both are playing lots of notes on their Taurus pedals (check out 4:50 in the video below -- you don't see him, but Geddy is playing those synth melodies with his foot) Geddy at times is singing, playing bass and playing notes with his feet (6:10 below). Neil uses every piece of percussion in his arsenal, and again, all in service of the song. Watching Alex switch back and forth between guitar necks and making it sound seamless -- that takes a shitload of practice (7:50). It's impressive to hear the boys pull off Natural Science live -- it's a top-10 song for me -- but performance-wise I think Xanadu was on a different level.
  10. Completely agree with you about the lyrics. But I tend to be music-first, so songs with good lyrics and boring music usually to fall away for me.
  11. I finished my list a few weeks ago, but when I say "finished" I mean I had every song in a slot where I thought they should go, figuring I'd be moving some songs around later after further analysis, especially those that I hadn't listened to in a while. Or in the case of a few, listened to only once. Ever. My first listen of those few songs never led to a second one. One thing these lists that you guys have been posting has done is made me go back and listen to some of these forgotten songs, and yeah, a couple of them that were ranked very low got moved up a bit.
  12. For me, the height of their power was the ESL concert video version of Xanadu. As far as showcasing what they could do as a trio, it is perfection.
  13. I still like P/G, not sure what a different producer could have done to improve it. I listened to DEW and Afterimage the other day and they still hold up.
  14. Sbarro is pretty awful, for the record. It's shopping mall and airport terminal pizza. Very doughy and bland.
  15. You should be able to fold a slice of pizza. As opposed to eating it out of a bowl with a spoon like in some cities.
  16. I don't think you need to be a musician to provide valuable insight on these songs. You're a fan who's been listening to these songs for years, and knowing what time signature a song is in doesn't matter as much as knowing that the band's unique way of constructing songs makes those songs more interesting than those of Bon Jovi.
  17. Dreamline was the first song I heard from RTB and I liked it a lot, and much like Show Don't Tell from Presto it got my hopes up for the rest of the album.... Yeah, no.
  18. Not sure if you've already touched on this, but doing the last ten one song at a time might be fun. But I'd get it if you stuck with the current formula. Your list compares pretty well to mine. Meaning we generally like and dislike the same types of songs. On the other hand, if TheAccountant posted a list I suspect it would be my list turned upside down.
  19. This is one of the few gems from RTB, and I have it a little higher on my list. I've always liked it, but when they played it on one of the recent tours it really came to life.
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