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  1. Presto to Clockwork Angels is the weakest part of the Rush discography, but still 3.5 stars. I feel like there is an age thing here. I have been a fan since around when Permanent Waves/Moving Pictures were released and look back at the 70'-80's as their best work. From other posts, it seems that younger fans have more affection for later albums released when they were young. Curious what others think
  2. I pray this is sarcasm.... I vote for Master of Puppets by Metallica
  3. caspag

    Worst Rush Album

    Vapor Trails is really poor. I would be hard pressed to name three good songs from the album..
  4. Not the best from either band...I like older stuff for both, but Mindcrime
  5. CA is definitely ranked too high. It is a good album, but it is not nearly as good as Signals Also surprised the first album is ranked so poorly....
  6. As I watched TSS, I was struck by how lucky I was to have an older brother who shared his love of the band with me and how many people all over the world felt the same way.
  7. We all love Rush and of course would love for them to play live again or come out with new material. This is not selfish...Howeve all good things must come to an end and we need to accept it is over...
  8. I am going to Puerto Rico in February. Having been there a few times, I am happy to report it is beautiful and much warmer then here in the frigid, snowy Northeast US....
  9. caspag

    Worst Rush Album

    I have always thought Hold Your Fire was really weak....
  10. Moving Pictures by a nose I am 46...
  11. Movie was surprisingly good for a cheap money grab
  12. Unfortunately I was a little too young to seem them in the '70's. My first show was Power Windows in April 1986. I will always remember how LOUD the boys were...Good memories
  13. 2016 made me feel old (I am Gen X) with many 1970-80s celebritiess passing on. At least Rush music will live forever :smoke:
  14. I always thought Signals was a great album that spoke to me..especially Subdivisions In the high school halls..in the shopping malls conform or be cast out!
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