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  1. Love how nobody works the last two weeks of December
  2. What case can you make, other than personal bias for the exclusion of Iron Maiden? None. Maiden should be in, no questions asked. Many posters have said the RRHF is BS. I agree. There is no argument that can be made against Maiden that makes sense to me....
  3. It is 12 Fahrenheit with a feels like of -5...I need a beach :-)
  4. I got a Passage to Bangkok...somehow it seems right based on the description.....
  5. Nina Simone? Really? I must not know what rock and roll is.... I think Radiohead is totally overrated, but they certainly deserve to be in ahead an artist who is not rock and roll and who many (the majority?) of people have never heard of....
  6. I chose HYF Snakes & Arrows Vapor Trails All of these albums contain some good songs, but measured against the Rush catalog they do not measure up. On a tangent, I have always hated how the boys played Tom Sawyer whenever they appeared on TV. I understand it is very popular, but I think it is one of the weaker songs on MP (a superb album).....Wondering what people think....
  7. Kate Bush seems to have tremendous success in the UK, but I never heard of her (I live in the US) Not sure that is HOF worthy....
  8. The trains actually ran close to on time....It's the little things :)
  9. I remember going to the store the day PW came out and my friend buying the vinyl album while I bought the cassette tape. I rate it an 8/10. A really rocking tune and seeing it performed live on the PW tour in '86 was great (my first Rush show!!!)
  10. The Founder.... Thought it was very interesting...
  11. I give it a 7....not one of the top songs on Signals, but solid
  12. Back to work after a lovely vacation in the sun....hard to complain, but still sad....
  13. caspag

    Fly By Night

    A true classic. I need to give it a listen this week to celebrate :dweez:
  14. 4 Stars...one of the best songs on S&A
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