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  1. I can not decide, but that's probably because I'm not the biggest fan of them.
  2. That's not very hard to achieve. Another pointless comment by our resident dirty hippie. And, another brainless statement by our Redneck Gearhead..... Redneck??? I’m NYC born and raised. I currently live in the shadows of skyscrapers. My baseball team has won 27 world championships. The greatest pizza in the world is at my doorstep. Just a jab because of the dirty hippie comment.... :codger: I've been to NYC, cool place. I never got a NY pizza though. The local pizzeria makes one called a "Bold Fold", NY style crust and extra spicy pepperoni. I like that one with onions and green peppers, and DOUBLE Pepperoni. :pizza: Pepperoni....! :drool: Tbh ew, Pepperoni is gros imo
  3. Change the shirt to an R.E.M. shirt and we are good here folks. Banyak untuk orang cinta R.E.M.?? Tak banyak, sedih :(
  4. Can't see the image, what movie is it?? He's been in a lot of great movies honestly and is a great actor!!
  5. At school on 80's day, wanting to go home so I can see my best friend and avoid anxiety via the pep rally in a few minutes. I love you Sylv.
  6. Used to be a member there, no opnion though on the place.
  7. I noticed that but I did not at all care for his performance Jadi jelek, apa omong kosong musik tak delik orang dan teman. Sekarang oke jika kamu suka dia dan dia musik.
  8. What would happen? magical wonders??
  9. All amazing cites and countries, even some I have visited (like Barcelona, Munich, Brussels, U.S. etc etc) and places like San Diego where I have lived before. Keep the wonderful replies coming folks!! Oh and vaportraller, saya ingin, tapi saya keraguan bahwa akan di sana di Jakarta kapan saja segera :( Saya harapan jadi meskipun suatu hari nanti, mungkin. Terima kasih banyak, halo apa kabar!? Kamu oke, baik, atau buruk?? Saya oke tbh, saja marah ke Duolingo orang, shadowbanned untuk kehidupan. :( bagaimapun jadi hanya penasaran berapa kamu adalah (cinta bawah kata, yang kata apa)!! :) Cinta Jakarta, dan Indonesia. Berdoa untuk Indonesia dan Seventeen juga, maaf jika kamu tak mau ke. Saya tak berdoa tapi menjaga mereka di saya pemikiran, selalu. Maaf, belajar Bahasa Indonesia tapu tak baik ke ia.
  10. I played all percussion instruments in the "Pit Band" my Junior and Senior Years in HS. That was one of the Best times in my life! The guy who played electric Bass was a friend starting that first year, We did "Bye Bye Birdie", and the Senior Year we did "Annie Get Your Gun". I bet you'll have a BLAST! I Did! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. My best friend always makes my day, but also knowing that in 18 days I will again be on stage for day one of preforming in the pit band (as drummer) for the Grease musical the school is puting on this year!! I love this movie and the 2nd one as well but tickets were 80 bucks for all 3 nights for my ma, dad, and brother to come see. It's gonna be worth it though, trust me!! :cheers:
  12. The more the better, and CP has too much history to just dismiss them. Meh, they don’t have me. EGO much? I provide valuable content that you can't get over there. CP provides a 'less safe' environment that some prefer. Content and knowledge are one thing, and everyone is grateful (or should be) to those who provide it. However, an environment with looser rules is appealing to some. Myself included. I never could color inside the lines. ;) I got banned there after one warning so I tbh imo wouldn't call it looser. Been banned from 5 websites including TRF for a week and it isn't fun tbh. I have a very hard time believing that. Unless you personally attack someone, you can get away with basically anything. If you did personally attack someone, you deserved to be banned. It was because I had access to the "adult" thread. Hmm. If you were given that but weren't an adult, then whoever did that is the screw up, unless you gave them false info. I'm sure if you wanted to re-join (if it ever becomes available) they'd take you. I said in my profile I was 16 soooooooooooooooo... They probs would but tbh I would rather stay away from having lots of accounts on places. Too cluttered atm.
  13. Have you been there before? If not, how can it be your favorite? An old, good friend & former co-worker of mine moved there 5-6 years ago and seems to like it. I have never been, but I have seen videos and pictures, tons of videos and pictures!!
  14. I missed you. Good that you're back. I noticed you became a different person. Iya??
  15. For me, gotta go with Jakarta Indonesia. How about you guys!? I wanna go to Jakarta so badly I'd do almost anything to go there!! :heart:
  16. RnB?.........Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, BB King etc are RNB.......since when did that term get mixed up with hideously over produced super smooth acts? Whatever she is I prefer to anything you just posted. genre labels have really gotten out of hand in some cases. For instance, alternative used to make sense in the throughout the classic rock era, especially once it picked up in the 80s. Even into the grunge era alternative still made sense as grunge was a revolution of bringing the underground above ground, and alternative was still alternative to something. Nowadays though, if Imagine Dragons and Coldplay can be classified as alternative, I'm pretty sure the term has lost all real meaning. Same probably goes for rnb. It used to refer to one very specific style of music, now it refers to another which is in many way very unrelated to the former. It seems like new styles should have another option than being labeled under genre classifications that don't apply to them. If BB King and Beyonce are both RnB, or if Coldplay and The Velvet Underground are both alternative, something has gone wrong with the genre system, no matter which artists you like and which you don't. VU ain't alt, alt is stuff like R.E.M., The Lightning Seeds, Suede, The Ocean Blue, Pixies, etc etc. Alt is Indie pretty much.
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