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  1. Given that only 3 songs on the debut really stick with me, I am unsure how many covers would have saved that. The best thing about the debut may be the drumming of John Rutsey.
  2. While he was not a major character in it, I much enjoyed his role in Wes Craven's 1985 film Chiller. RIP.
  3. I think it would have made more sense for them to give this a different name. Then again, I am not a Pantera fan (I am not convinced they were that much different than Led Zeppelin in a very real sense).
  4. This is the truth. I am sorry to hear this. Off to listen to Yes today.
  5. Teams are weird. So are fanbases. That move would not surprise me.
  6. I am not convinced it was coke doing the sudden increase in temps, but rather a desire to play all the material they wanted and get it done in 2 hours or less. They were that quick every night it seems.
  7. I am excited about Mathieu leaving. It helps the Chiefs. A lot.
  8. Be prepared to at least make seasonal adjustments. This could be more noticeable if you like really low action on your guitars. Ask me how I know.
  9. What I don't like is that it seems this was being advertised as a complete show when it isn't. At this rate, if Rush continues these reissues I will likely assume we will never get a complete show outside of AFtK.
  10. So we have a mish-mash of both nights then?
  11. Too bad. Push Comes to Shove is the best song on the album.
  12. Fine with me. I asked for it as a Father's Day present, so I can wait.
  13. I seem to recall this now that it is mentioned. I also forgot he was in Some Like it Hot.
  14. https://deadline.com/2022/04/nehemiah-persoff-dead-obituary-actor-yentl-gunsmoke-was-102-1234995573/ He was pretty good in Alfred Hitchcock Presents and the Twilight Zone. Gotta give it up to 102.
  15. I like this choice. What I heard did nothing for me, but good for him for pursuing music in the manner he wants to.
  16. You did not disappoint. I did not expect an answer.
  17. Unfortunately I do not have them saved but I can think of at least 2 that have been shot from 2015 to the present. IIRC, there is also a brief moment in Time Stand Still where you can see Geddy without the glasses on.
  18. I look forward to the answer of question 18!
  19. 78jazz

    3rd runner up

    IMO the 4's are easier to sell than the 8's (i.e. 7/4 versus 7/8. You can at least tap a toe to 7/4. 7/8 would lose a lot of people in a hurry. This is one reason why the section after the second chorus of The Spirit of Radio works).
  20. 78jazz

    3rd runner up

    IIRC, Solsbury Hill is in 7/4 and there a lot of Tool songs that have odd meters in the entire tune. I can deal with 7/4; I think that lick could have been much more interesting than what it is. The trouble with "Xanaconductor" besides Superconductor being bad is that was a very odd choice so late in the program.
  21. 78jazz

    3rd runner up

    I think that song is an uninteresting attempt at hard rock and odd meters.
  22. 78jazz

    3rd runner up

    A lot worse IMO. I like Tai Shan and Virtuality. Quite a bit. One tune I have yet to see mentioned here for all-time worst Rush tunes: Face Up. It starts off with a fantastic intro and then left turns somewhere that I do not like. Face Up may be the worst Rush song ever for me. Trouble is, about half of that album is bad.
  23. I suspect Zelensky has bigger problems/concerns/desires than wondering if he is invited to the Oscars.
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