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  1. I once saw a family with two small kids. I was amazed that the kids could fall asleep during the show with the noise and all. I guess it gets kind of annoying when there's a small child on the dads shoulders blocking my view, but I don't mind when older kids go to the concerts. I actually think it's pretty cool when older kids go to the concerts. I'm glad they like good music.
  2. Maybe they will wait until 2015 and then do a big anniversary tour. It would be a year late, but late is better than never. I think I'd be happy with that, they deserve the rest. I'm still pissed they're not coming to California on the second U.S. leg of this tour!!!
  3. Loomis here! I think there are a lot of Rush fans in the Sacramento area (I know quite a few), Just not that many on this forum
  4. I really love that ES-355. I don't have the Gibson custom version of it that was sold a couple of years back but I hear it's has some problems. I think Gibson should just make a reissue of the 1976 (or at least thats what I think the year is of Alex's) ES-355 and have alpine white as one of the colors or at least have alpine white as a color option for the next ES-355.
  5. I really liked Contents Under Presure. It's a definitely worth a read. This book looks interesting though, I might have to get it.
  6. If Geddy were singing lyrics that weren't in such a high range, he would probably sound better. In the 70's when they wrote these songs, I don't think Geddy ever thought to himself "One day I'm gonna have to sing these songs when I'm like 60 years old." He probably figured they'd be long gone as a band by then. I think Geddy can sing remarkably well for his age and how high the vocal ranges of these songs are.
  7. It's certainly not their best album but it is not the worst. I really like it, I think it's a really good album. I don't see how someone could absolutly hate it but hey, everyone gets their opinion.
  8. I love the older stuff but I just don't think Geddy should sing them. Geddy actually said he has songs that he won't sing no matter how much the fans want to hear them (no offense to the fans). I think the reason why he won't sing them is because he really can't.
  9. I've never done a meet and greet before but from what I've heard from people who have is that most of the meet and greet is a long lecture given by the meet and greet manager. Then you get about a minute to shake hands with Rush and take a picture. This whole process takes about an hour. I've also heard that if you have the option to sit front row or do a meet and grett, do the front row seats, it's much more worth it.
  10. Looks like we're just gonna have to wait until next tour. I would totally got to Portland, Salt Lake City, or Denver to see them but I just can't get out of my plans that over lap the tour dates.
  11. I can't believe their not coming to California!!!!! Their are so many Rush fans in California!!!!!!! I'm not going to pay 3k to Rush perform 3 songs at the Rock and Roll Hall of fame Induction either!!!!!!!!!!! I Love Rush and I trust their desisions, but really? This is not a smart move from a fan point of view as well as a buisness point of view.
  12. I know, it's pretty frustrating. When I first saw the tour dates for the summer I was like "WTF!!!!! You've got to be kidding me!!!!!!!" Well I know they'll come to California next tour, so it looks like we're just gonna have to wait until then.
  13. WHY AREN'T THEY COMING TO CALIFORNIA Kind of strange they wouldn't come here, there are a lot of Rush fans around here. I would go to maybe Portland, Salt Lake City, or Denver to see them but I don't think it's gonna happen becasue I already have plans that I can't get out of. Well at least I got to see them last November.Well looks like I'll just have to wait until next tour. Every one who is going, hope you have an awesome time :haz: . Long live :rush:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I also want to hear some pre- MP suff, especially Cinderella Man. But Geddy said he won't play some songs (no disrespect to the fans). I fear those songs include some songs like A Farewell to Kings and Cinderella Man, both I would love to hear because I love those songs. I think we have a bigger chance at hearing The Trees. I would love to hear Between Sun and Moon and some other Counterparts stuff but I don't won't them to get rid of The Pass and Bravado. I think they shouldn't play Far Cry and Maybe Subdivisions becasue this is the third tour they've been played (not that I don't like those songs). I don't consider those songs to be songs they kind of have to play like Tom Sawyer and Spirit of the Radio.
  15. Agree with you except I do believe Ged could sing Fly By Night. It's not like Finding My Way where the voicals are waaaaaay up there. Doubt they will, but I remain hopeful for that song. Besides, it's one of my girlfriend's fav Rush songs so I'd like her to see it done live too. Oh, and they did By-Tor on the VT tour IIRC so a chance you'll get that one. I think Geddy could probably be able to sing Fly By Night if he really tried but it would be a challenge for him. I agree, they played By-Tor on the Vapor Trails tour so I think they might play that one.
  16. If you look up "A Farewell to Kings" on youtube, it will come up with a live video of them perfroming that song from the Farewell to Kings tour. If you go to the Artist link, there is also a live performance of Xanadu from the same tour.
  17. I remember having a similar experience. I was at a 49ers game a couple of months ago and its was getting towards the end of half-time and some of the players were on the field warming up. I was just sitting there in my seat and then all the sudden, the opening of Limelight comes on and I looked at my brother and said "RUSH!!!!!". I'm not sure if they play Limelight a lot at Candel Stick Park for 49ers games or not. Still, it was pretty awesome.
  18. I agree, I really hope it's not Tom Sawyer, they should end with 2112 in its entirety.
  19. I don't think they will play much from the pre-2112 era because it's hard for Geddy to sing like that now. I would really like to hear some pre-2112 stuff like Anthem, Bastille Day, Fly by Night, In the Mood, Finding my Way, By-tor and the Snowdog just to name a few. I would really like to hear them in their entirety but if they get played, it will probably only be in medley form like on R30. Besides pre-2112 stuff, Hemispheres (at least the prelude), A Farewell to Kings, Jacobs Ladder, some other stuff on 2112 besides the title track, like Something for Nothing. I would also like to hear some stuff from the 80s. I think they covered Power Windows really well on the CA tour but I would like to hear some stuff from Signals (Digital Man, Chemistry, New World Man,...), Grace Under Pressure (Distant Early Warning, Between the Wheels, The Body Electric...), and maybe Mission from Hold Your Fire. Some stuff from the 90's and the 2000's like The Pass, Show Don't Tell, Ghost of Chance, Roll the Bones, Bravado, Animate, Between Sun and Moon, Cold Fire maybe, Test for Echo, Driven, Ghost Rider, One Little Victory, The Main Monkey Buisness, The Larger Bowl, Armor and Sword, Headlong Flight, The Anarchist, Carnies, And The Garden, maybe some more stuff from CA. Thsi is way to big for one setlist, but just some of the stuff I'd like to hear.
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