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  1. You all are crazy.... Mink. He wrote the part. He emotes the part. It's like when Paul Gilbert starts playing What You're Doing. Sure he flashes brilliance and solo's all around the the riffs Alex created. But Alex IS the part. Ben Mink nailed it perfectly. Dinklage played it incredibly well. But Mink is the legend that created that haunting piece and that is what makes the song the song.
  2. http://www.rushbackstage.com/images/products/RU/R4/RUR4MTEDOG095_000.jpg?preset=details This is on Rush's website at their backstage club store...
  3. God can this thread just be completely evaporated?
  4. Eddie http://randomstory.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Eddie-Van-Halen.jpg Meth??? Are you sure???? OK....you may be right!http://www.dezinfo.net/images2/image/06.2009/rockstarscolledge/1006.jpg
  5. Have you been smokin' too much of the ganja?
  6. Here is the best version on YouTube I have seen:
  7. I think you are right. That is what I hear as well.
  8. I don't know why this is such a huge deal...BUT IT IS...I have never been so affected by a song played live before. This is truly a beautiful song lyrically and musically. One of their best. I was watching live last night on Periscope and when Geddy started to announce this I was so shaken I could barely type on my phone to my friend that they were doing it... A lot of banter came about after they did not play this on the Clockwork Angels tour with one of the violinists. These guys, as hard as it is to believe, must have read/realized the missed opportunity, saw how important this particular song is to the fans, and went to work on this plan. What a moment. Man, I love these guys.
  9. did you say PIE? Did someone say PIE? Did you really say PIE?? Yes, I said "PIE". A slice of sundae pie actually. oh, i am verklempt. Drunk on Losing It and the thoughts of pie.
  10. Still totally shook up from that last song.... :cheers:
  11. They need to include all the bloopers as an Easter Egg on the DVD with commentary from the band.....
  12. not well done Gotta wonder what is going on there.....
  13. Well if you all have read the Rolling Stone Article, the flubs (and there have been a shit ton of them) may be courtesy of Mr Ganja!
  14. If Geddy sings anything like he did in Columbus, he wouldn't need autotune. Best I have heard him in over 6 tours.
  15. Geddy sang the best I have heard him in many tours in Columbus. Thanks Geddy! Here's to all who joined me in Columbus! :cheers:
  16. ......excuse me I'd like like some bread please.... No Soup for You! It's kind of like this. Nothing to sign, move along, get in line, keep moving along, photo snap, exit quickly. Don't stop to chat, don't ask questions, keep moving at all times, do NOT ask them to sign ANYTHING. This is what the director of the meet and greet says to you when you are lining up to be brought in. All that being said, it was beyond wonderful to tell them thanks for everything and have a great show. I would have loved to say in a loud voice, "Oh this is bullshit man, I thought I was gonna meet the drummer guy back here!" but I don't think anyone would have laughed but Alex and Geddy. I didn't want to take a chance... Alex Lifeson IS the reason I play guitar to this day. I met my hero and the guy that "taught" me to play guitar and that is something I will treasure until the day I die...
  17. This thread has been quiet for a while, but I have to say that episode 8 of Season 5 might have been the best episode of the series, or certainly near the top---just incredible really! I felt like it was more of an epic movie than a TV show. So very well directed. Better "dead" action that The Walking Dead. or World War Z or hell, any Zombie movie or show that I have ever seen.
  18. Agreed. Mine just came today. Lots of artwork, but also a lot to read. It's probably 1.5 inches thick. Yep. Got mine. Well worth it. I am half way through and loving every minute of it.
  19. I have always liked the chords and bass line in Neurotica. The song has a cool vibeica. It gets goingica quite wellica. Then something happens that makes it weirdica. I have never been quite able to put into wordsica what it isica. But somethingica happensica that kindaica makesica meica notica likeica itica forica someica reasonica asica muchica asica someica ofica theica otherica songica onica theica albumica
  20. There is more than that as the difference...The signed LP Axcess there are only 50, the top is the absolute pinnacle quilted maple available (7A rating), no serial number other than the one hand written by Alex himself. The other 200 guitars have actual serial numbers printed on them , have lesser quality tops (5A rating--still awesome) and no signature and no COA included with the instrument. That's it. There will never be any others made of this Ruby quilted maple top. Not only rare, but highly playable--for players and fans. An investment piece to be sure.
  21. http://cinetropolis.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly-1.jpg
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