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  1. Anyone know if Rush has played private functions?
  2. Lets say a person has a large amount of money to hire Rush to play a private show... Besides contacting their management, do you think they would do it?
  3. My son took it well. He was happier that we saw R40! We can see him (Steve Miller) next summer... he does Wolf Trap every year. I was more bummed about losing out on the experience than burning $500. It's only money.
  4. JFC!!! I had 3 tickets in the 3rd row to see Steve Miller last night... Son has been wanting to see him since he was 10. We all thought it was tonight. Just shoot me now.
  5. Call me a 'fanboy' or a 'fanatical'... after having seen them literally countless times since 1976 I am always in such bliss seeing them live that warts and all, they are just plain A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
  6. As long as you don't have lawn seats, no worries. If you do, just enjoy the warm shower... bring a towel!
  7. Surely, you're kidding about "tuning problems".
  8. Well... shit happens. But the guitar tech probably ended up with a sore ass later on.
  9. Sorry, but I wont be one to hold my phone up all night this Saturday to capture a periscope session. But I'm kind of selfish like that when it comes to a Rush show.
  10. I've been smoking weed for over 40 years and I can attest that it does not affect memory.
  11. Hotlanta tonight, then Greensboro, then HERE!!!
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