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  1. *Technically* the front row tickets I won off the radio were free... But, I think $65 for Rochester, NY in 2002 sounds about right; it was only my second Rush show.
  2. QUOTE (losingit2k @ Jul 25 2012, 12:12 PM) QUOTE (iluvgeddy05 @ Jul 25 2012, 11:55 AM) can we stop these now? Why? These things are funny, they aren't hurting anyone? You're not a midget are you? Come on iLuvGeddy05, It's much better to laugh than to cry! I'll take this over the numerous negative Rush Threads here any day. They are creative and humours. At least I think so. I say give us more Yukon Blade Grinder Reports. Since we're not getting anything out of the RUSH camp on the set list and probably won't until opening night just like on The Time Machine Tour. They are funny the first one or two times, yes. But it gets old really fast. I don't come on here nearly as much as "back in the day" (things like this are probably why), so when I do, I want to get the most bang for my (imaginative) buck. Not every single thread is going to be serious and true, I realize, but if I am looking for information on tours, songs, anything NEW, I don't care to click on and through dozens of fake threads to find what is real. Waste of my time.
  3. QUOTE (Gompers @ Jul 24 2012, 08:37 AM) No. I am not shitting you. Zac Brown is great music.
  4. I received my shipping notice for my tickets and I believe in the past, they arrived in a flat cardboard envelope that was quite large. Naturally, I was expecting the same type of situation... Not this time. I just opened a piece of mail that has only a return PO box on the envelope, my address and nothing else. Umm, I could have easily thrown this away thinking it was junk mail. Good thing I didn't, right? So, just a heads up...you might want to check you mail more carefully after getting your shipping notice!
  5. They are garbage, but I tune in occasionally. Like a previous poster said, it's cheap entertainment, akin to reading a trashy novel on the beach, or watching Jerry Springer. Actually, reality shows like this really are the modern day trash talk show IMO. Sorry the OP may think less of his wife because of what she watches on TV For the record, I have a masters degree and work for an Ivy league institution. Technically I shouldn't be watched such trash, but hey, it happens. I don't let show schedules dictate my life, however.
  6. <----- warning: has not read entire thread I personally think the "cotton-mouth" sound is due to mixing and sound effects to make him sound this way. Someone mentioned 7 cities - which is quite echo-y but I'm sure it was done on purpose for effect. They don't record any record nowdays as it sounds in the studio, ya know He's quite clear on The Garden, which is the closest to that pure "musical instrument" sound as you get on this record.
  7. This is nothing new from Neil. See: Mission lyrics.
  8. QUOTE (Rushchick10 @ Jun 21 2012, 02:35 PM) Backwards messages in Clockwork Angels No, you're not crazy. I was thinking the same thing, and a buddy brought this to my attention. For those who choose not to listen, it is clearly Geddy saying "Pratt is Dead." Just scared the crap out of my cat as I played this off m iPad
  9. QUOTE (Workaholic Man @ Jun 21 2012, 03:35 PM) Sorry to be difficult, but.... Clockwork Angels The Anarchist Carnies This this, and this!
  10. On the contrary, this album finally clicked for me after this past weekend, which was crappy for me.
  11. Is there a thread already like this? No? Good, there is now. (There is? Well, sorry...) For me, Rush hits home runs when the lyrics and music click. Here are my favorite lyrics off each song: Caravan: In a world where I feel so small, I can't stop thinking big BU2B: The price of what we're winning is the same as what we've lost Clockwork Angels: Every pleasure, we bow and close our eyes. Clockwork angels promise every prize Anarchist: everything from "I lack their smiles and diamonds" to "Missing part of me that grows around me like a cage" Carnies: How I prayed just to get away...sometimes the angels punish up by answering our prayers Halo Effect: How shameful to tell how often I fell in love with illusions again 7 Cities: A man can lose himself in a country like this - rewrite the story, recapture the glory Wreckers: Gather everything they can score 'til their backs won't bear anymore (runner up: "All I know is memory can be too much to carry") Headlong Flight: I wouldn't trade tomorrow for today BU2B2: The bright glow of optimism abandoned me somehow Wish Them Well: Thank your stars you're not that way...turn around and say goodbye (runner up:" even though you're going through hell, just keep on going - let the demons dwell") Garden: The measure of a life...so hard to earn, so easily burned. What about you?
  12. We are fortunate to have a small farm and we raise our own beef cattle. We know what our cows eat and we like it that way. Buying organic other types of meat is pricy, but I try to do it as much as I can. Same with dairy products, especially milk. Eating horomone injected food is unnatural and kinda nasty. I'm not a perfect eater, but trying to eat mainly whole foods has made a big difference in how I feel. Chicken patties are not food IMO. Ground up chicken waste parts mixed with chemicals and tan food coloring is not my idea of a yummy meal
  13. I have to jump on The Garden is Overrated bandwagon too. It's a beautiful song. Many have admitted tears to listening to it. For being an emotional person myself, I haven't felt any tears yet... Maybe it's the lyrics are too aware for me, and the fact I'm 29 that adds to the disconnection, but it's not happening for me. I do LOVE listening to it, but I'm not moved by it yet.
  14. I typically like seeing the setlist before going - mostly because if there is an oldie but goodie on there I have not listened to in a while, I can go back and "study" it before the show But really, there are some songs and albums I hardly listen too (Caress of Steel) and it's good to revisit them before hearing them live. But, I am attending opening night for CA, so unless there is a set list leak from insiders, I won't know it until I hear it. The only other time I did not know the setlist was my first show ever, on the Vapor Trails tour. I reserved that surprise experience for that time. It was easier to avoid in 2004 too... Ever since then, I peak to see what it is. Last tour, I was in line with my Marathon sign and I spoiled it for the person in front of me who didn't want to know any of the songs being played. Whoops!..
  15. QUOTE (liddybuck01 @ Jun 19 2012, 11:31 AM) QUOTE (Kelly D @ Jun 19 2012, 11:05 AM) QUOTE (ALifeson85 @ Jun 19 2012, 11:48 AM) Hell no...i buy tickets as soon as I possibly can. Why risk getting stuck with shitty seats, just because you wanted to "wait" and see what the setlist is going to be? Well, in some cases you can still end up with a great seat (if you're willing to pay)! Waaayyyy back in 2008 I found a 3rd row aisle seat, Geddy side, for the Mohegan Sun show on Ticketmaster the day of the concert! if i can scrape up the money by then, this is what i'm hoping will happen. i must be one of the few Rush fans that is poor I'm poor because of Rush
  16. Overrated: Wreckers. Underrated: Halo Effect. Why? Mainly, the song is only 3 minutes long, which mirrors the lyrics of being in love with illusion, fading fast. Music that goes with lyrics and vice ver = damn good song. Runner up: wish them well.
  17. Anarchist Carnies Seven Cities of Gold Clockwork Angels Next and close behind are, in order I believe: The Garden, Halo Effect, Wish Them Well, Wreckers, Headlong Flight, BU2B2, Caravan, BU2B.
  18. The lyrics make clear and perfect sense to me, so the perrsonal connection I have makes me love the song.
  19. QUOTE (Kelly D @ Jun 11 2012, 11:07 AM) QUOTE (iluvgeddy05 @ Jun 11 2012, 10:55 AM) QUOTE (GeddyRulz @ Jun 10 2012, 09:00 PM) Second choice: during intermission - although it's crowded. Not if you're a lady Although, the ladies room is getting more and more crowded these days... I can only recall a few times where there was a line for the bathroom (before and after the shows, mind you)- in Manchester, NH in 2008 (the bathroom only had about four stalls) and at Red Rocks in 2010! NYS Fair last year was about a 6-stall ladies room and there was a line - that was the only time!
  20. QUOTE (GeddyRulz @ Jun 10 2012, 09:00 PM) Second choice: during intermission - although it's crowded. Not if you're a lady Although, the ladies room is getting more and more crowded these days...
  21. Seeing as I barely drink (or eat) at Rush shows, I don't bathroom breaks. That is what intermission is for.
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